Presidential Succession

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Presidential Succession. Presidential Succession. Scheme by which a presidential vacancy is filled 25 th Amendment Order is: 1. Vice President 2. Speaker of the House 3. President Pro Tempore Followed by the 15 cabinet members in the order in which the offices were created. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presidential Succession

Presidential Succession

Presidential SuccessionScheme by which a presidential vacancy is filled

25th Amendment

Order is: 1. Vice President2. Speaker of the House3. President Pro TemporeFollowed by the 15 cabinet members in the order in which the offices were createdVice PresidentPresides over the Senate

#14 O

Joe BidenSpeaker of the HouseLeader of the House of Representatives

#15 N

John BoehnerPresident Pro TemporePresides over the Senate in the absence of the Vice President

#16 B

Patrick Leahy4. Secretary of StateDeals with foreign affairs

Negotiates with foreign representatives

Advises the President on foreign affairs

#1MJohn Kerry

5. Secretary of the TreasuryPrincipal economic advisor to the President

Helps create domestic and international economic policies

#2CJack Lew

6. Secretary of DefensePrincipal defense policy advisor to the President

Responsible for forming defense policies


Chuck Hagle

7. Attorney GeneralHead of the United States Justice Department

Chief lawyer for the U.S. Government

#17 KEric H. Holder Jr.

8. Secretary of the InteriorResponsible for policies involving federally owned land

Wildlife refuges, National Parks

#18 LSally Jewell

9. Secretary of AgricultureResponsible for policies involving food and agriculture.

Helps farmers

#4 J

Thomas Vilsack

10. Secretary of CommerceConcerned with business and industry

Develop foreign and domestic commerce

#5 A

Penny Pritzker

11. Secretary of LaborEnforces and suggests laws involving unions, the workplace, and any form of business to person relations

#6 PThomas Perez

12. Secretary of Health and Human ServicesProtects the health of all Americans

Improve the health, safety, and well-being of Americans

#7 IKathleen Sebelius

13. Secretary of Housing and Urban DevelopmentUrban housing matters

develop and execute policy on housing and cities

#8 QShaun L.S. Donovan

14. Secretary of TransportationDevelops plan for a fast, safe, and efficient transportation system

#9 R

Anthony Foxx

15. Secretary of EnergyCreates policies involving energy production and regulation

#10 GErnest Moniz

16. Secretary of EducationFormulates federal funding programs involving education

Enforces federal educational laws

#11 E Arne Duncan

17. Secretary of Veterans AffairsDeals with policies involving veterans benefits

#12 FEric Shinseki

18. Secretary of Homeland SecurityCreates policies to help protect America and its citizens

#13 H

Jeh Johnson