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THE STARKVILLE DISTRICT NEWSLETTER · PDF file3/3/2016 · THE STARKVILLE DISTRICT NEWSLETTER ... Bishop James Swanson Sr. will be the guest speaker at the morning ... Cedar Bluff

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    Your Connection to the Starkville District of the Mississippi Conference of the United Methodist Church

    Friday I March 18, 2016

    P . O . B o x 1 3 2 9 , S t a r k v i l l e , M i s s i s s i p p i 3 9 7 6 0 ( 6 6 2 ) 3 2 3 - 0 1 9 8 ( 6 6 2 ) 3 2 3 - 0 0 8 6 ( f a x )

    CONNECTIONSRESIDENT BISHOP:Dr. James E. Swanson, [email protected]

    DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT:Rev. Embra [email protected]

    ADMINISTRATIVEASSISTANT:Tammy [email protected]

    COMMUNICATIONSASSISTANT:Gwen [email protected]

    DISTRICT HEALTHCOORDINATOR:Carolyn [email protected]

    LAY ACADEMY DEAN:Rev. Sarah [email protected]

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    CELEBRATIONSContinued on page 5...

    SWANSONContinued on page 7...

    THANK YOU to all of thechurches that have paid 100percent of their apportion-ments already this year. Wewant to continue to uplift these churches and the ones whoare on target to having 100per-cent paid by the end of theyear. The Starkville Districthad the highest percentage ofall Districts in Conference inpaid Mission Fair Shares in2015 and has had an increaseover this same period last year.Thank you so much for yourfaithful work and ministry.

    Dr. Embra JacksonStarkville District


    Bishop Swanson to speak at Louisville FUMC


    By Gwen Sisson

    Bishop James Swanson Sr. will be the guest speaker at the morningworship service at Louisville First United Methodist Church on April 3.

    It is an honor for us to host the outstanding Bishop of theMississippi Conference, and we hope many of you will take advantageof the opportunity to hear this man preach God's Word, said Rev. MikeChilds of Louisville FUMC.

    Swanson will be the guest speaker at the morning worship service,set for 11 a.m. in the Christian Life Center (CLC) building at LouisvilleFUMC. There is a ground floor entrance from the parking lot behindthe church. The public is invited to attend.

    The CLC will serve as the temporary sanctuary for First UMCLouisville, at the church begins a new renovation project at is anticipat-ed to last 10 months.

    "I love Easter because it is such a fun and happy day! My familyhides money in a few of the Easter eggs, and we all race to findthe eggs with dollars in them, but it is also a very special daybecause Jesus died for me. I know how powerful He is and howmuch He cares for me. I know that Jesus will always be here forme no matter what!" - Kayla, 16 year old resident at the Methodist Children's Homes

    Holy WeekCelebrationsadd meaningto the season

    Churches throughout the world will becelebrating one of the most important daysof our Christian year.

    In the Starkville District of the UnitedMethodist Church, Holy Week and EasterSunday will be a great time for churches toshare the love of Christ in a special way.

    At St. James UMC in Columbus, Rev.Brenda McCaskill invites the community toHoly Week services, including:Holy Thursday at 7 p.m. there will be aFeed the Soul Worship Service withMinister Cycelia Matthews of VisionKingdom in Columbus, as the guest speak-er: Refreshments will be served. On Good Friday at 7 p.m. there will be aworship and Communion Service, and theguest speaker will be Pastor John Cox,Pleasant Grove Full Gospel Church of PlumGrove. Rev. McCaskill invites all to comeand be blessed by the LORD.

    In Winston County, there will be a serviceevery night of Holy Week at a differentchurches though out the county. A pastor

  • P . O . B o x 1 3 2 9 , S t a r k v i l l e , M i s s i s s i p p i 3 9 7 6 0 ( 6 6 2 ) 3 2 3 - 0 1 9 8 ( 6 6 2 ) 3 2 3 - 0 0 8 6 ( f a x )



    CEDAR BLUFF & SILOAMContinued on page 5...

    The presentation for theOrder of Dickson Award inmemory of the late Rev.Bernard Crump will beheld March 22.

    The United MethodistFoundation and theStarkville District willmake the presentation tothe Crump family at 6 p.m.March 22 at AldersgateUMC in Starkville.Lindsey Chapel, Plair,

    Jones Chapel in Tibbee,Rockhill and St. Paul UMC in West Point made contri-butions that allowed the Starkville District to nominatethe late Rev. Bernard Crump into the Order of Dickson.

    Aplaque with Rev. Crumps picture will be engravedand placed on permanent display in the MississippiAnnual Conference offices.

    For more information about the Dickson Order, go to

    Order of Dicksonpresentation set

    for March 22


    Cedar Bluff/Siloam UMC charge getting off to a good start

    Maben UMC hosted Mississippi Conference Treasurer, David Stotts, who brought awonderful message about Stewardship. After lunch in the fellowship hall, Stottstalked about the administration of finances. It was a learning experience for all ofus. (Photo submitted)

    By Rev. Raleigh Richter

    The charge composed of Cedar Bluff UMC inCedar Bluff and Siloam UMC in the Ivy Villagearea near West Point, had a fruitful ending to the2015 church year and continuing that fruit into thenew 2016 year. My wife and I are blessed to be apart of this joyous journey and to see what God cando in the midst of people who are willing.

    Siloam was able to pay 100 percent of its missionfair shares, when it seemed at first that would notbe possible. But through encouraging messages onbeing an Extravagant church, God moved andGods people worshiped in their giving.

    Cedar Bluff church through their fall festival wasable to support a local ministry by presenting thePalmer Home for Children in Columbus, a checkgift in the amount of $1,200 to support their min-istry needs to the children they take in on their cam-pus.

    Cedar Bluff prepared several dozens of fruit bas-kets that were delivered to local shut- ins and elder-ly in the community.

  • P . O . B o x 1 3 2 9 , S t a r k v i l l e , M i s s i s s i p p i 3 9 7 6 0 ( 6 6 2 ) 3 2 3 - 0 1 9 8 ( 6 6 2 ) 3 2 3 - 0 0 8 6 ( f a x )


    The Lowndes CountyCluster UM Mens Dinnerwas held March 14 atColumbus First UMC.They had dinner, music,fellowship with guestspeaker, Stan Murray,who entertained thecrowd with some of hisbest stories as an SECfootball official. Rev.Embra Jackson andLamar Dumas, the dis-trict UMM president,were also in attendance.(Photos submitted)

    Bill Darnell and Andy TentoniJustin Harris, Lamar Dumas, JasonMcCoy, Chris Latimer and Bill Downing

    Hal Smith, Rev. Embra Jackson and DavidNelson

    The Night Crawlers Mike Chain, Mark Bean, Hoot Wilder, Bobby Shannon and Rev. Tony Proctor.

    Si Thomas, Bill Downing and Justin Harris pre-pare to enjoy a great meal.

    Guest speaker, StanMurray, former SEC foot-ball official.

    Lamar Dumas, Duff Jeffers and Bill Darnell prepareto enjoy a great meal.

  • P . O . B o x 1 3 2 9 , S t a r k v i l l e , M i s s i s s i p p i 3 9 7 6 0 ( 6 6 2 ) 3 2 3 - 0 1 9 8 ( 6 6 2 ) 3 2 3 - 0 0 8 6 ( f a x )


    Summer camp registation deadlines approachingThe early-bird deadline for Methodist

    Summer Camping Experiences for children isApril 8.

    While most children in the Starkville Districttend to go to Camp Lake Stephens in Oxfordbecause it is a little closer to home, theMississippi Conference of the UnitedMethodist Church has three additional campswithin the state.

    According the the Mississippi Conference ofthe United Methodist Church website forYouth and Children Camping Ministries,Mississippi's United Methodist camps andretreat centers are places where good news

    continues to be proclaimed, lives continue tobe changed, disciples continue to be formedand the world continues to be blessed,accord-ing to Rev. David Carroll, chair of the camp-ing committee.CAMP LAKE STEPHENS

    Camp Lake Stephens near Oxford has wel-comed campers of all ages to the piney woodsof north Mississippi for more than 60 years.Thanks to the CAMPaign fundraising effort,the camp features 24 cabins, a worship centerother facilities. For those willing to step outon a limb, Lake Stephens also offers high andlow ropes courses.

    CAMP WESLEY PINESWesley Pines, located in Gallman, has pro-

    vided opportunities for quiet reflection, spiri-tual growth and meaningful fellowship on its266-acre campus since 1961. Wesley Pines ismore than a camp-- it is also a conference andretreat center. The Durr Wise Center has ameeting hall, kitchen and accommodations forup to 96. The smaller Rodney Smith RetreatCenter can host a variety of events. WesleyPines is open year-round. Its facilities alsoinclude a one-mile prayer trail, rappellingtower and swimming pool.

    SUMMER CAMPSContinued on page 7...

    Starkville UMCs Men of the Master perform at Eupora FUMCs Lenten Lunch on March16. (Photos by Gwen Sisson)

    Men of the

    Master perform

  • P . O . B o x 1 3 2 9 , S t a r k v i l l e , M i s s i s s i p p i 3 9 7 6 0 ( 6 6 2 ) 3 2 3 - 0 1 9 8 ( 6 6 2 ) 3 2 3 - 0 0 8 6 ( f a x )


    MARCH 25-28 District & Conference Offices closed inobservance of Easter HolidaysAPRIL 1 District Youth Lock-In at 7 p.m. For moreinformation, contact Diane Lemmon at(662) 803-9836.APRIL 3 Bishop James Swanson will speak atFirst UMC Louisville at the morning wor-ship service, beginning at 11 a.m. Thepublic is invited to attend.APRIL 4 Calling All Clergywomen of theMississippi Annual Conference. BishopJames Swanson Sr. invites you to join himfor an informal time of conversation held inthe Metro Jackson area. More details willbe announced later. Spread the word!APRIL 5 Retiree Paperwork DueAPRIL 9

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