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district 324c6, district newsletter, issue II

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lions clubs international, district 324c6, district newsletter, issue II

Text of district 324c6, district newsletter, issue II

  • DGs Diary22-10-2010 Visited Hyderabad Janani and

    completed the DGs Official Visitand participated in Charter NiteCelebrations at Janani Blood Bank,Secunderabad.

    30-10-2010 Completed the DGs Official Visit toHyderabad Manjeera andHyderabad Sebari and was theChief Guest at their Charter Nites

    14-11-2010 Stirdes Walk-Hyderabad Cosmo17 & 18-11-10 Joint Multiple Councils meeting at

    Chennai21-10-2010 Inner Cabinet Meeting at JVN

    Gardens, Hyderabad21-10-2010 Inauguration of 6 new clubs

    sponsored by HyderabadSerilingampally

    22-10-2010 Visit to Lions Eye Hospital, Narsapur.22-10-2010 Inauguration of Bus Shelter at

    Shankerpet22-10-2010 Visit to Lions Eye Hospital,

    Kamareddy22-10-2010 Visit to Lions Eye Hospital, Medak22-10-2010 Visit to Lions Eye Hospital, Bodhan22-10-2010 Inauguration of 2 new clubs at


    Condolence:Lion Sarangadhar Sepuri, Hyderabad GreaterAnandLion A Narayan Rao, SiddipetLion D Sambasiva Rao, Hyderabad Godavari

    Money Matters1. Dollar exchange rate for November 2010 is Rs 44.482. Clubs under financial status quo: Dichpally and Kuntala

    Diamond3. Clubs with International dues outstanding for 120 days

    (as on November 5, 2010): Armoor Sreeman, Bichkunda,Chevella, Hathnoora, Hyderabad Green City,Hyderabad Rajendranagar, Hyderabad Residency,Jugdevpur, Nirmal Arts, Nizamabad Kalyani, NizamabadSeva, Pitlam, Siddipet Sripriya, Toopran, ZaheerabadDisha

    4. Dues payable: Charter Member admission fee US$ 30;New Member admission fee US$ 25; Annual dues percapita US$ 26.17 for members reported in November;Annual per capita for family members reported inNovember US$ 13.09; District Dues Rs 600/-.

    5. Clubs and members who owe payments toward districtdirectory advertisement chargers are requested tomake payments immediately. Bills have already beensent.

    6. Demand drafts toward international dues should bedrawn in favor of Lions Clubs International and madepayable at Mumbai. Send a photocopy to the district.

    7. Demand drafts toward district dues should be drawn infavor of Lions Clubs International, District 324C6 andmade payable at Hyderabad.

    8. There are incentives of Rs 5,000/- from the district and Rs5,000/- from our district governor Lion Dr G Babu Rao forlions volunteering to become Melvin Jones Fellows.

    9. Clubs with outstanding district dues cannot be includedin the District 324C6 Group Insurance Scheme.

    10. Weak Clubs with less than 20 members: Armoor Sreeman,Bheemgal, Dubbak, Hyderabad Sri, Hyderabad GreenHills, Hyderabad Koti, Hyderabad Quest, HyderabadRajendranagar, Kotgir, Prashanthnagar, Toopran.

    m nagaRAJU


  • Dear Lion Friend,

    If we both exchange one rupee, weboth have one rupee each;

    But if we exchange one good thought,we both have two good thoughts.

    --- Swamy Vivekananda

    By the end of October, clubs in our district havetaken momentum of Administration and ServiceActivities. We have achieved a net growth of 323and extended three more clubs and the total hasgone up to 18 new clubs. Clubs are also performingmega service activities. But it is unfortunate that 2clubs Kuntala Diamond and Dichpally have beenkept in status quo. Friends, let us join hands one toone and once again take the district to the top ofthe world.

    Senior Citizens DaySenior Citizens Day was celebrated at AV College,Hyderabad. It was jointly conducted by Districts324C6 and 324C2. PDG Lion Manohar Rao took allpains in making the programme a grand success.As every year, Lion Dr. G Babu Rao hosted breakfastand lunch to all the participants.

    MERL SeminarA seminar was organized for the club officers on 3rdOctober 2010 at Sri Krishna Grand Hotel, Miyapur,Hyderabad. Eminent speakers from our district suchas Lion OP Tibrewala, Dr TVP Chary, Lion PBasaveswara Rao, Lion Dr Ramakrishna Reddy, LionMamidala Srinivas, Lion Sunitha Anand, Lion KJanardhan Reddy, Lion V Srinivsas and Lion AAmarnath Rao spoke on the topics allotted and

    made the seminar useful to the participants. Morethan 200 PSTs attended the seminar.

    Orientation for New MembersAn orientation programme on lionism wasorganized for new members on 3rd October 2010at Sri Krishna Grand Hotel, Hyderabad. Vice DistrictGovernor Lion D S Kumar from 324C8 and VDG LionJitendra from 324C2, Lion S Ravinder Goud, LionLalitha Kameswari, Lion S S Sham Kumar and DistrictCabinet Treasurer Lion m nagaRAJU were thefaculty. About 200 members from different newclubs attended the highly interactive sessions of theorientation.

    Bright Light Award to our District GovernorHurrah! Our District Governor Lion Dr. G Babu Raohas qualified for the Lions Clubs International BrightLight Award. He is one among the 27 DistrictGovernors in the entire world to qualify for thisAward. It is presented to District Governors whoachieve positive membership and 5 new clubsduring the first quarter.

    Mega Multi Specialty Health CampThe clubs of Swarna and Shanti Region (jointlyconducted a Multi Specialty Mega Health Campat Neela Camp Village in Nizamabad District on24th October 2010. It was an unprecedentedmassive success. More than 2500 patients fromNeela and other surrounding villages benefitedfrom this camp. 4 major hospitals - NarayanaHrudayalaya, Apollo, BBR and Bodhan Lions EyeHospital - with a large contingent of nearly 50specialist doctors and other technicianscontributed to the success of the camp. Membersof the newly extended Bodhan Rural Lions Club,Programme Coordinator Lion M Raghavender Rao

    and Region Chairperson Lion K Samrajyamproved their enthusiasm by putting in their bestefforts to ensure the success of the camp.Special accolades should go to the zonechairperson and the inspiration behind thecamp Lion Sambasiva Rao for his commitmentand contribution. Hearty congratulation to eachand every club of the two regions!

    Three Cheers to Hyderabad SuvarnaNewly chartered Hyderabad Suvarna Lions Clubconducted a blood donation camp andcollected 179 units of blood. Heartycongratulations to all the fine members of theclub. We hope this club will continue the sametempo in the future as well.

    Great News! Fly to DubaiThe District Governor has announced acompetition for membership growth.Any lion who extends 3 new clubs with a total of75 members will be sent to Dubai to attend theISAAME Forum. Competition period: October 16,2010 to November 15, 2010.

    InsuranceThe personal accidental group insurance policywill be covered only to the members of the clubswho clear their international and district duesbefore 15th November 2010. So we request theclubs who have not paid the dues to clear themimmediately. Delayed payment will deny clubmembers of this attractive facility.

    Staff MeetingStaff meeting for RCs, ZCs, ZMAs and Inner Teamwill be held on 21st October 2010 at 4:30 pm atJVN Garden, Serilingampally, Hyderabad.

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