Redefined: FBC Starkville May 2016

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  • R E D E F I N E DF B C S TA R KV I L L E M AY 2 0 1 6


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    T H E YO U N G SE A S T E R I N V I T E

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  • 5A M OT H E R ' SS TO RY

    MAY 2016



    CO N T E N T S

    P U E R TO R I COM I S S I O N 15

    FEATURES4 First Word from Tom Jenkins

    7 Youth Summer

    17 The Young's Easter Invite

    19 Lydia's Kitchen: Korean Beef Bowl

    OUR CHURCH FAMILY20 Upcoming Events

    21 Calendar

  • 4 M AY 2 0 1 6 | I s s u e 1 7

    ave you heard? There is a presidential election coming up! The whole world knows and is watching to see what happens in this great democratic action of our country. Have you wondered what God thinks about our current

    election? Maybe youre the kind of person who feels that God and politics dont mix. Do you leave Christ at the door when you enter the voting booth? Do you feel that maybe Christianity doesnt have a voice in our election this year? We have a great article for you to read and consider: Whats so great about this years election? Austin Fortenberry has written a thought-provoking article for us on page 11. Read it and be encouraged!

    Spring Break was a whirlwind of activity for our Church. Weve heard some excelent reports from Canada and we have a first person report from Puerto Rico by Melanie Story on page 15. In addition to Spring Break, the Easter passion week snuck up on us all by coming early this year. We had some wonderful services for our Mid-Week Worship and Easter Sunday morning. Read about how Mark and Renee Young used cookies to create some very special invitations for families in their apartment complex. Are cookies a universal language?

    Finally, Redefined always offers the latest news and updates to our Church calendar and events. Get informed about our Summer Study, Summer Youth Events and plenty of other ministry opportunities in May, June and July.

    Summer is about to be upon us, and its a great time for all of us to Gather, Grow, Give and Go!


  • F B C S TA R K V I L L E . C O M 5

    A Mother's StoryMotherhood is a special job awarded to many

    women who do far more than the word entails and are recognized far too little by those these women love most. Motherhood is a special bond that brings women from different backgrounds together under one common goal-to raise children who love Christ

    and will follow Him. From expecting her first child to becoming a grandparent, a woman learns more about herself in motherhood than she ever dreamed. Motherhood is uniquely special for each mom. The days can be extremely long, but somehow the years are incredibly short. If I were to ask 100 moms what motherhood means to them, we might get 100 different answers; however, there is a common thread woven throughout each answer selflessness. Every mother must put her family first, and this often comes at the expense of her own wellbeing-forgetting to eat, forgoing her own bathroom privacy, being too rushed to shower, losing countless hours of sleep, doing without small luxuries to buy new soccer cleats, and crying with a child over hurt feelings and heartaches. Motherhood is special, and it is a role to be celebrated.

    As an expectant first-time mom due in August, Sharla Lazenby is most excited about watching her baby grow. She said, I am excited to see the amazement on my sons face when he experiences something new. Sharla already understands the huge responsibility of motherhood. She commented, I think it will be challenging to balance a career and family without feeling inadequate or comparing

    my parenting techniques to other parents. This is a pressure all moms face.

    As a new mom myself, I personally have found motherhood fun because there is so much change in a short period of time; however, I have been overwhelmed by it at times. I am grateful for a supportive church family and an incredibly patient and understanding husband as we make this life transition together.

    Kristin Edelblute sees this life transition as the evolution of motherhood. She says, There is no instruction manual. There is no one perfect way to be a good mother. Each situation is unique. Kristin has three elementary-aged children. One of her favorite quotes sums up motherhood: .being a mother is learning about strengths you didnt know you had, and dealing with fears you didnt know existed. Overcoming those challenges and dealing with those responsibilities are what make all mothers into their own kinds of superheroes.

    Becky Armstrong, a mother of a middle schooler and a high schooler, echoes Sharlas enthusiasm about seeing her kids accomplish milestones in their lives. To her, motherhood is nothing short of a privilege and an honor. Becky said, Being a mother was something I always knew for sure that I wanted to be, and I feel so very blessed to have this opportunity; many times I am overwhelmed by the tremendous responsibility and sometimes just the day-to-day challenge, but blessed. I have to remember to savor the time I have with my kids, even the harried, stressful, and frustrating times.

    B Y R E N E E YO U N G

  • 6 M AY 2 0 1 6 | I s s u e 1 7

    There is no denying that motherhood comes with challenges and obstacles with each child with which the Lord blesses us. Learning to rely on the Lords strength is key, and to be patient through the storm is essential.

    Jan Robinson, a mother of two college-aged boys, recalls that even though her boys lived in the same house, were raised by the same parents, and were brothers, their learning styles and expressions were extremely different. Her eyes were really opened to the unique gifts God gave each of her sons. Jan explained, Often times I felt like a failure or that I was not a good mom because I could not help my kids in the way they needed. I think I learned that its okay to not be a Supermom all the time, and its okay not to have all the answers.

    Experience may make parenting easier, but becoming a grandmother may make motherhood even sweeter. Norma Gardener, mother of Kristin Edelblute, says that she loves being a grandmother because she gets the joy of the children without all the responsibly. As a grandmother, she has tried to be involved with the grandkids by being supportive, but not interfering with how Kristin wishes to parent. Norma said, I have always been awed about what a great mother Kristin is to the kids, and often I hope some of that came from me. It has been a blessing to watch my own child grow up and go through different stages in life. It has made me look back on things and made me wonder if I had enough influence on my kids.

    RENEE YOUNG is a science educator at Starkville High School. She and her husband Mark have a 5 month old son named Ezra. You can connect with her on Twitter @noodlenay42 or on The City.

    Whether it is expressed or not, our children recognize and value our responsibility as mothers. Though they may not like our discipline at the time, or our rules in the moment, we have the unique responsibility of molding our children. Lauren Ware, a college student, says that her mom, Kim Ware, is her very best friend: My mom truly means the world to me. Shes so selfless, patient, understanding, and encouraging, and if I could be half the woman she is one day I will truly be winning. She always puts others first and always sees the best in people. I know we do not tell her enough, but we are truly thankful for the sacrifices she makes for our family.

    Below are a few bible verses from these mothers that have helped them parent or encouraged them in their journey of motherhood.

    Sharla leans on Philippians 4:6. This verse has provided strength for her after facing a miscarriage in her first pregnancy. It has helped her not worry about circumstances in this pregnancy.

    Kristin sees Ecclesiastes 3:1-11 as a great reminder that even though being a mother is forever, there are different seasons of motherhood like the one she is in now.

    James 1:17 and Psalm 139:14 are two verses that are dear to Becky. Both remind her how precious children are and how precious her children should be to her.

    Proverbs 22:6 illustrates what Jan tries to do in her household. She tries to use every opportunity in her marriage and home, regardless of difficulties or trials, as an opportunity to teach her sons about the Lord.

    Sharla Lazenby

    Renee & Ezra Young

  • F B C S TA R K V I L L E . C O M 7

    Youth Summer 2016B Y N E I L T U L LO S

    ummers for teens in the not too distant past were a time when they were looking for something to do. Outside of a family vacation and maybe a sports camp, the other 10 weeks or so of the summer were fairly vacant. That type of summer would be unrecognizable to many teens today. As our culture has changed, we as a church

    have also adjusted our methods of how to disciple teens during the summer months.

    We have begun to offer a variety of summer events rather than doing just one or two primary events. We have several events that are three days or less that will hopefully allow teens to better work around their busy schedules. We will, however, still have a mission trip and a leadership camp that are each five days in length. Each event has a unique purpose designed to engage teens and to help them grow in their relationships with Jesus and with one another.

    Vacation Bible School is becoming a major event for our teens. It is a week where you will find teens serving at almost every level of VBS. Theyll be leading in classrooms, recreation, crafts, and just about everywhere else. We have many teens who, due to their work or spor