The seven wonders of

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The seven wonders of . Irkutsk Gubkin Murom Galati Tampa. THE END!. The Seven Wonders of Irkutsk. The Wonder of Nature The Wonder of Architecture The Event Wonder The Wonder of Sport The Wonder-Person The Wonder of Arts The Wonder of Science. The Wonder of Science. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The seven wonders of

    Irkutsk Gubkin Murom Galati Tampa

    THE END!

  • The Seven Wonders of IrkutskThe Wonder of NatureThe Wonder of ArchitectureThe Event WonderThe Wonder of SportThe Wonder-PersonThe Wonder of ArtsThe Wonder of Science

  • The Wonder of ScienceMIVAL is an organosilicon biostimulant having no analogs. It was created in 1972 in the city of Irkutsk by Academician M.G. Voronkov and Professor V.M. Diakov. It can be used for effective healing of superficial wounds, trophic ulcers, burns, decubitus, for bone tissue transplantation, etc.

  • The Wonder of ArchitectureUnfortunately the chronicle doesn't give the name of the church's builder but its austere proportions, elaborate decor, ornate windows and the ornamental lines of its cornices testify to the great taste and talent of its builder. The Church of our Savior was the first stone building in Irkutsk constructed in 1710. This church is a masterpiece of old Russian architecture. This is one of the most beautiful buildings in Irkutsk.

  • The Event Wonder In December 1825, a secret society of young officers staged an uprising in Saint Petersburg. The uprising, ill-conceived and badly led, was a disaster. Over 3,000 of the soldiers were promptly arrested. Of these, five were hanged. Over 120 of the conspirators were exiled to Siberia. They became known as the "Dekabristi", the Decembrists. The house which the Volkonskys built in Irkutsk in 1844 still stands. It accommodates the museum of Decembrists.

    Major-General Prince Sergei Volkonsky (1788-1865), a hero of the 1812 campaign against Napoleon, a participant in the Decembrists' uprising was exiled to Siberia.

  • The Wonder of Arts Denis Matsuev has given brilliant performances around the world with orchestras such as Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Houston Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Symphonieorchester Bayerischen Rundfunks, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Filharmonica della Scala, Leipzig Gewanhaus, Orchestre National de France, Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse, Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, Budapest Festival Orchestra and others. Denis Matsuev was born into a family of musicians in the city of Irkutsk in 1975. He began piano studies at an early age and made his debut at the age of nine. When he was 16 he moved to Moscow to continue his professional training at the Moscow Central Specialized Music School. He graduated from the Moscow Conservatory and went on to win the International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow in 1998.

  • The Wonder- Person Nikolay Ohlopkov was born in Irkutsk in 1900. In 1917 he started to work in Irkutsk theatre as a furniture decorator.In 1918 he became an actor of this theatre. His first production, in 1921, was a May-Day spectacle in the central square of Irkutsk, of which he was author, director, and chief actor. In it can be seen the beginnings of that original style of production which, after four years with Meyerhold, 19237, he was able to develop more fully on his appointment in 1930 as Artistic Director of the Realistic Theatre. He worked in different theatres. In 1943 he became director of the Theatre of the Revolution (later the Mayakovsky Theatre), where his revivals of Ostrovsky's Fear in 1953 and of Shakespeare's Hamlet in 1954 were much admired. He was also a teacher in the State Institute for Theatre and Cinema.

    The Drama Theatre in Irkutsk was named after him

  • The Wonder of Sport Irkutsk bandy club Baikal-Energy gained 5 victories this year. The players of the club are talented young men and their fans are proud of them no matter if they win or not.

  • The Wonder of NatureAlmost in the centre of huge continent of Eurasia in the form of a narrow blue halfmoon there is lake Baikal.The world's deepest and oldest lake is so big that it would take all of the world's rivers a whole year to fill it and one fifth of the world's drinking water is stored within its shores. Lake Baikal stretches in a Southwest to Northeast line over a distance of 728 kilometers. Its average width is 50 kilometers. It has a maximum depth of 1,741 meters and is 25 million years old. Throughout the milennea it has developed a rich flora and fauna with 1,500 species endemic to the lake, the most famous of these being the Nerpa (seal) and the OmulThis is a seal pup

  • The Seven Wonders of GubkinThe Wonder of NatureThe Wonder of ArchitectureThe Wonder- Person The Wonder of Arts The Event WonderThe Wonder of ScienceThe Wonder of Sport

  • The Wonder of Nature

    The law of protecting nature demands preservation of landscapes, which are very science valuable. And one of these national parks is Yamskaya Steppe, which is situated in Gubkinsky district. It is a national biological museum.

  • The Wonder of Architecture Near the fountain you can see two volumetric flower-beds in a form of birds which people call the birds of happiness. This place many people call the avenue of love and like to walk here or to take photos near the fountain or with birds. One of the central streets of our city is Lazarev Street. On Lazarev Street there is one of our city fountains. It is very popular especially with children.

  • The Wonder- Person Anatoly Alekseevich Kretov is a wonder-person of Gubkin. He is the head of administration of Gubkinsky city district. He is the Doctor of Economics, the professor. He is the author of numerous publications and scientific articles, the member of an editorial board of the Encyclopedia of administrative knowledge in section Municipal science. A.A.Kretov's contribution to development and modernisation of an infrastructure of territory, care of improvement of quality of a life of the population has received the appreciation from his fellow countrymen and the experts who have carried out a rating of heads of municipal areas of Chernozem region

  • The Wonder of Arts On June 6, 1999 a monument to the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin was opened in Gubkin. It was devoted to the 200th anniversary of the poet.Immortal light of your creationsThe image of your muse is gracefully divine.It sharpens my imagination, I find love in the heart and soul of mine.The Sun and you are very much the same Both shine your light for every howling soul.However, you are the quintessenceOf all what angels call a pearl!People usually fall in love with Pushkin and his works at first reading. When we read Pushkins poems we get absorbed in the music of his poetry.

  • The Event Wonder

    In 1996 the building of an Orthodox Church, the biggest in Russia for the last 75 years, was completed. The new church was built according to the best traditions of the ancient church architecture. Its total area is about 2,000 sq. meters and it can hold more than 2,500 people.Cathedral of Transfiguration of the Saviour, the second-largest by size after the Temple of Christ Saviour, is a symbol of reconciliation of the people of different countries and creeds, Temple on the Blood which has immortalized in hearts the offspring memory about perishing on this long-suffering ground during the World War II.

  • The Wonder of ScienceLebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant (LGOK) is well known not only in our country but abroad.LGOK is one of the largest enterprises in the world. It has developed in an unrivalled way. In fact it has expanding its production facilities, improving the quality of its product applying the latest technologies. Today it has practically realized a model of substantial development of society with economy and social care. Up to now it has created a powerful building materials basis to produce bricks, crushed stones, expanded clay aggregate and gravel.

  • The Wonder of Sport

    Shepljakov Alexander was born on the 3rd of March in 1991.

    Shepljakov Alexander is the Master of sports on track and field athletics, the winner of Winter Superiority among juniors of the Central and Northwest federal district in the city of Oryol, Superiority of Russia among juniors, III summer Games of pupils and the European Olympic festival on track and field athletics in Serbia (Belgrad).

  • The Seven Wonders of MuromThe Wonder of NatureThe Wonder of ArchitectureThe Wonder- Person The Wonder of Arts The Event WonderThe Wonder of Achievement The Wonder of Sport

  • Not far from Murom there is a lake which is called Svyato ("Holy"). The lake is very big and beautiful. There is a legend that a church sank in the deepest place of the lake and made its water holy and very clean. The Wonder of Nature

    People say that the image of the Virgin appeared in the water of the lake two years ago. Many people saw it and took beautiful photos.

  • One of the most beautiful monasteries in Murom is The Savior Transfiguration Monastery. It was built in the 16th century and renovated in 2002. The Wonder of Architecture

  • The Wonder-PersonVladimir Kozmich Zworykin who invented television was born in Murom on the 30th of July, 1889. A three-storied stone house, where he spent his childhood and youth still remains in our town. This house is a history- art museum now.

  • The Wonder of ArtsThe wonder of music in our community is the senior choir of our musical school. Its famous because they sing brilliantly. The choristers have beautiful voices and the choir has a marvelous sound.

  • The Event Wonder

    The day of Family, Love and Faithfulness appeared last year on the initiative of Muromers. People began to celebrate it in honour of St.Peter and Fevronia Muromskie. They became saints because of their great love and faith to each other.The symbol of the holiday is a camomile.

  • Our school has won a grant of one million rubles as one of the best schools in Russia twice.The Wonder of Achievement

  • The Wonder of Sport

    Aleksey Prokurorov was born in Murom. He was a skier. He broke many records in skiing.He was: - an Olympic champion(1988), - a silver medalist in relay race, - a participant in Olympic games 1992, 1994 and 1998, - the world champion in 30 kilometers race in 2001. We are proud that he was our fellow citizen. We are awfully sorry that he died in a car crash last year!

  • The Wonders of GalatiThe Wonder of NatureThe Wonder of ArchitectureThe Wonder-Person The Wonder of Sport

  • The Wonder of Nature

    At the end of the 2860 km travel, springing from the Black Forest mountains in Germany and ending at the Romanian Black Sea shore, the river Danube forms a Delta which is a true natural heaven. This amazing wet region hosts over 300 species of birds, and the 1150 species of plants cover a big variety, beginning with the lianas from oak forests and ending with water lilies.The Retezat Mountains are some of the most beautiful in the Carpathians and include Romania's first national park. Retezat National Park is a natural reserve area, included in Unesco patrimony. Here can be found 1190 of the 3450 plant species of Romania, of which 130 have the "endangered" or "vulnerable" status.

  • The Wonder of ArchitectureIt was built by Prince Stephan the Great. He is famous for building dozens of churches and monasteries all over Moldavia. The Putna Monastery houses the tombs of Stephen nowadays, a place of pilgrimage and several members of his family. The Putna monastery is a Romanian Orthodox Monastery, one of the most important cultural, religious and artistic centers established in medieval churches and monasteries all over Moldavia;

  • Ion Creanga (born on March 1 1837, in Humulesti, died on December 31 1889, Iasi) is one of the classics of literature alongside other Romanian writers like Mihai Eminescu and Ion Luca CaragialeWell-known for his fairy tales and stories, John came up in the history of Romanian literature, mainly because of his autobiographical work "MEMORIES OF MY BOYHOOD" .His Memorial House is a place of pilgrimage for lots of children all the year round.The Wonder- Person The spell of the Memories of My Boyhood lies in its picture of village life and traditional customs, and in its recording of Moldavian speech patterns in the last century.

  • The Wonder of Sport

    Nadia Comaneci is a Romanian gymnast, winner of three Olympic gold medals at the 1976 Summer Olympics, and the first ever gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10, in an Olympic gymnastic eventNadia was the first Romanian gymnast to win the all-around title at the Olympics. She also holds the record as the youngest Olympic gymnastics all-around champion ever; with the revised age-eligibility requirements in the sport, it is currently impossible to legally break this record.

  • The Seven Wonders of TampaThe Wonder of NatureThe Wonder of ArchitectureThe Wonder-person The Wonder of Arts The Event Wonder The Wonder of Science The Wonder of Sport

  • The Wonder of Nature

    The water sources in Tampa are lakes, ponds, oceans, and rivers. Florida has many animals. A few of these are the bottlenose dolphins, which we have a video for. Dolphins. Another famous Florida creature is the Manatee Florida is known for its fine beaches, which attract tourists from all over, even from Europe. The beaches are made of fine sand, rock or shells.

  • The Wonder of Architecture

    University of TampaYbor CityYbor City

  • The Wonder- Person In Tampa, Florida there are so many people that are inspirational. The one person I am going to talk about is my uncle, Rich, he is a pilot. His license allows him to fly one of the bigger planes like a 2008 CESSNA 172SP. Second, he travels all around the world, including visiting countries, such as Spain. Third, he works hard and has a good work ethic that I look up to. He is a great uncle who works hard and enjoys his life, so he is an inspiration to me. In other words, I want to have fun in life, but at the same time work hard. All in all, my uncle is a great and inspirational person.

  • The Wonder of Arts The Tampa Bay Performing Arts center is a 9 acre performing arts complex on a river. The Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center is the largest performing arts complex south of the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. From 1987 to 2007 the Performing Arts Center has welcomed 10 million guests. The Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center can accommodate musicals, dance, opera, shows, pageants, conventions and meetings. Many of the shows performed there were Suessical, Wicked, Avenue Q, Phantom of The Opera, Frost Nixon, Rat Pack, Lion King, and more.

  • The Event Wonder Gasparilla comes only once a year. The Gasparilla Parade has people that are participating in it throw beads and spectators have to catch them. The people dress up in very colorful pirate outfits. The main theme is based on Jose Gaspar, a fictitious pirate who invaded the city long ago. Gasparilla has a day parade, a night parade, a childrens parade, an art show, and many activities and there are different celebrations for about four weekends.

  • The last tool we use identifies the nitrate inside the water. Both nitrates and phosphates act as nutrients for the lakes algae. Too many nitrates or phosphates in lake water can cause algae blooms which can result in fish kills.Another testing kit we use identifies the amount of phosphate in the water. This is another key part to a healthy lake.LAKEWATCH ToolsThese are some of the tools used to test Lake Lipsey water

    This D.O. kit tells us what the Dissolved Oxygen in the lake is. This is important in order to make sure there is enough oxygen for the fish.

    This test kit tells us the pH of the lake. This is very important when identifying a healthy lake.The Wonder of Science

  • The Wonder of Sport

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (often shortened as the Bucs) are a professional American Football team based in Tampa, Florida the largest city in the Tampa Bay Area. They are currently members of the Southern Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL). The team, along with the Seattle Seahawks, joined the NFL in 1976 as an expansion team. They played their first season in the AFC West as part of the 1976 expansion plan. After the season, they switched divisions with the Seattle Seahawks and became part of the NFC. The club is currently owned by Malcolm Glazer and coached by head coach Raheem Morris.

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