The Next Generation of Next Generation Learning

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The Next Generation of Next Generation Learning. Projections gone mini. The Pico PK301 A 120" Image Built-in Media Player with 32GB Micro SD Slot WVGA (854 x 480) Resolution 1.5 hours (normal) or up to 5 hrs (optional High Capacity) battery life Wide AV compatability. The Worlds gone 3D. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>FUTURE TECHNOLOGIES</p> <p>The Next Generation of Next Generation LearningProjections gone miniThe Pico PK301A 120" ImageBuilt-in Media Player with 32GB Micro SD SlotWVGA (854 x 480) Resolution1.5 hours (normal) or up to 5 hrs (optional High Capacity) battery lifeWide AV compatability</p> <p>The Worlds gone 3DGaming has started the ball rollingMovies dominated by 3D this yearSport being televised in 3DSky launching a 3D channelOpenGL becoming a dominant standard120Hz display devices becoming more common3D ProjectionEducation can take advantageMore immersiveMore engagingAdds form and scale to 2D imagingTransforms applications like Google Earth</p> <p>Anaglyph 3D</p> <p> Cheap glasses, content is easy to create, technology has been around for decades.</p> <p> Quality is very poorPassive 3D</p> <p> Passive glasses are relatively inexpensive Very high quality, large displaysProjectors costly, must be aligned perfectly, special silver screen</p> <p>Active 3D Projection</p> <p>Frame 1Frame 2Frame 1Frame 2</p> <p>Frame 1Frame 2 Can be used as a normal projectorExcellent image and colour quality Low hardware costCost of glasses</p> <p>3Ds Possibilities for EducationThe gimmicky wow factor is not enoughSoftware and content the key</p> <p>AppreciateTheArtsTour the worldvirtuallyDissect a frogVisualizemoleculesGet a close look at the Sciences</p> <p>Simplify geometry</p> <p>Tour the universevirtually</p> <p>What you need for 3D</p> <p>3D Capable Projector (120Hz)Optoma EX542-EDU</p> <p>Good spec PCIncluding a quad buffered graphics card capable of supporting Open GL</p> <p>3D Viewing SoftwareStereoscopic Player or similar</p> <p>10SENAssessmentCreativityHigh levels of engagement and the ability to visualise concepts to give a deeper understanding could potentially have an excellent effect on SEN students.Projectors by essence are display devices rather than teaching tools. 3D projectors however may provide immersive environments where practical abilities could be assessed.Its an interesting development in imaging, which may produce more creative end result3D cameras are already here, and software is being written with greater 3D contentnothot11Creating your own 3D3D Photography3D printing on Fujifilms lenticular paperImmediate 3D reviewvia rear lenticular LCD</p> <p>3D PrintingA whole new world of design technology possibilitiesInnovative, high quality activitiesCreates working modelsFull colour option</p> <p>Curriculum ideasGears and linkages and custom fixingsCasings for textiles projectsParts for larger a-level projectsJewelleryWatch cover and strapShelf supportsBoard game shapes / tokensLight key fobLaptop lightArmatures / belts / buckles / zip pulls for textile productsHandlesModel which can be used as a pattern for aluminium casting or silicone toolingModels which can be printed on using the "pictaflex systemCreating your own 3D print contentAuthoring through softwareUsing a 3D ScannerDownload 3D drawings</p> <p>New Ways to Harness Creativity Across the CurriculumChroma Key TechnologyInnovative and relatively inexpensiveInvites creativityAdapts existing video technology</p> <p>Chroma key commonly referred to as blue screen or green screen is the technique for combining two images, in which the coloured background from one image is removed (or made transparent) to reveal another image behind it. Used for decades in feature film, video and television production, the process remained largely unchanged until Reflecmedia launched their Chromatte cloth and Litering in 2002, followed by the ChromaFlex, Chromaflex EL and BaseMatte.Whereas traditional chroma key involves a complex professional studio setup with a large blue or green screen background, Reflecmedias innovative range of flexible, portable, safe* and easy to use products mean that with minimal lighting and technical expertise almost any location can be used as a virtual studio at a fraction of the usual costs providing endless creative possibilities for digital content creation in the classroom.</p> <p>YrWall Interactive GraffitiNew way of interactingIn tune with student cultureAllows creativityGives students a voice</p> <p>More writing on wallsIdea PaintMaking best use of wall spaceAny wall becomes a Learning SpaceCollaborative and Inclusive</p> <p>Immersion RoomsImmersive Environments360 degree viewingFloor Interaction</p> <p>Immersive RealityThe next levelBody ControlTrue Virtual Reality3D environment</p> <p>Quick Recap: What do we sell?</p> <p>Whatever wethinkis good</p>


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