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The Market Leader of Alloy Steels in Pakistan

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Text of The Market Leader of Alloy Steels in Pakistan

Peoples Steel Mills LtdThe Market Leader of Alloy Steels in Pakistan
T h e M a r k e t L e a d e r o f A l l o y S t e e l s i n P a k i s t a n
Peoples Steel Mills Ltd., a world class alloy and special steel manufacturing plant located in Manghopir Karachi and spread over an area of 100 acres was set-up by the Government of Pakistan in 1975 with japanese assistance.
In order to keep pace with emerging technologies, the plant was upgraded in 1996 through a comprehensive balancing & modernization programme with the technical assistance of VAIS, INTECO and Bohler of Austria. The plant is now equipped with modern melting, refining, degassing, electro slag re-melting and necessary casting, rolling and forging facilities with an annual capacity of 70,000mt. Product quality is assured through modern material testing facilities and well trained staff.
The plant has the capability to produce Steels according to all major international quality standards and to date has manufactured more than 300 steel grades.
Peoples Steel enjoys the highest market share in the alloy and special steel market of Pakistan. A diversified base of more than 200 customers includes high profile illustrious end users in automotive, defence, machinery construction, special/ high rise buildings, transportation and engineering sectors in Pakistan. Components manufactured from our steels are also supplied by our customers to renowned European automobile manufacturers.
In addition to manufacturing/ supply of quality steels Peoples Steel is also extending expertise in the following fields:
Material Testing & Analyzing-Chemical, Mechanical, NDT, Metallography, Failure Analysis.
Industrial Projects & Services-Plant Fabrication & Installation.
Seamless Pipe Manufacturing-Pipes/ Tubes upto 300mm diameter are expected to be available in near future.
Peoples Steel Mills Ltd. is committed to the achievement of customer requirements and expectations and to continuous improvement in productivity, quality, service, technology and costs.
The commitment to quality is demonstrated by:
The achievement of quality assurance standard, such as ISO 9001 and unwavering focus on customer.
The development of knowledgeable and motivated work force with a positive commitment to professional excellence.
The setting of SMART objectives whereby continuous improvements in performance against agreed goals can be readily measured.
The development of new and improved products designed to meet customer requirements and expectations.
The emphasis on prevention rather than detection in the drive towards Total Quality Management.
Manufacturing at PSM
T h e M a r k e t L e a d e r o f A l l o y S t e e l s i n P a k i s t a n
The steel types manufactured by us are broadly classified as:
Special Carbon Steels
Stainless/ Surgical Steels
Steels for Special Applications
URL: | Email : [email protected]m
Always ensuring the right quality, Peoples Steel has the ability to produce materials according to all major international standards and grades to date, we have produced more than 300 steel grades according to:
We also manufacture material according to customized specification.
GOST and several others
T h e M a r k e t L e a d e r o f A l l o y S t e e l s i n P a k i s t a n
URL: | Email : [email protected]
Peoples Steel material meets the demanding and stringent quality requirements of world class automobile manufactures. Components manufactured from our steels are used by leading OEMs in Pakistan for the prestigious brands.
Components manufactured from Peoples Steel material are also supplied through vendors to renowned international automobile brands of USA & Europe.
FIAT (AI-Ghazi)Atlas Honda
Peoples Steel is serving more than 200 customers across Pakistan.
In order to be acknowledged as the alloy and special steel supplier of 1st choice, we ensure deliveries on time every time.
An intelligent production planning and supply chain management system guarantee convenient and on time deliveries to all the customers irrespective of the order volumes.
Stocks of fast moving products are maintained to facilitate production schedules of prestigious brands through just in time supplies.
Melting is done in two 15 tonne capacity Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) and refining is carried out in Ladle Furnaces (LF) with Vacuum Degassing (VD)/ Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization (VOD).
Melting & Refining
Highly refined ingots in rectangular, round and square sections are produced by bottom pouring technique. Ingot sizes very from 500 kg to 14,000 kg depending on steel grade and initial stock size requirement. Ingots can be slowly cooled, stress relieved or annealed.
Ingot Casting
Secondary refining is achieved through Electro-Slag-Remelting (ESR) unit, capable of producing 315 to 720 mm diameter ingots having highly uniform structure for critical applications.
Secondary Refining
The (2+1) strand Continuous Caster specifically designed for alloy steels is equipped with soft secondary cooling, two stage magnetic stirrer and other special features for the production of 110 to 230 mm square/ round billets and blooms.
Continuous Casting
Forging facilities comprises of one to three and half tones hammers, mechanical presses, re-heating and heat treatment furnaces. The weight of forging can vary from 5 to 1500 kg.
Hammer Forging
The 1700 mt hydraulic press equipped with reheating furnace and auto manipulator is used for the processing of heavy forging/ critical parts upto 12 tonne.
Press Forging
T h e M a r k e t L e a d e r o f A l l o y S t e e l s i n P a k i s t a n
Ring rolling facility equipped with re-heating and annealing furnace is used for the production of rings upto 2,200 mm diameter.
Ring Rolling
The mill can roll round and square section sizes from 12 to 80 mm, flats from 50 to 110 mm width and 6 to 20 mm thickness. The shop is also equipped with auto-controlled pusher type reheating furnace and roll cutting/ grinding facilities.
Bar Rolling
Radial forging is the state-of-the-art technique to manufacture profiles upto 200mm. The facility is equipped with reheating and annealing furnaces and auto manipulators.
Radial Forging
Plates width up to 1500 mm and thickness down to 8 mm can be rolled from flat ingots. Round and square section sizes from 100 mm to 200 mm can also be produced. The Blooming Mill is also equipped with auto-controlled re-heating furnace and roll cutting/ grinding facilities.
Blooming & Slabbing
URL: | Email : [email protected]
URL: | Email : [email protected]
PSM has so far produced more than 300 steel grades of International Standards (May also produce other steel grades, as per customer’s request)
Heat treatment furnace parts, grate, fitting, door, fan, super heated suspension, valves, spindles, bolts, nuts, rivets and tubes and tubular components in petroleum industry.23 AISI 310S max.
0.08 max. 1.50
22.00 --- --- 1.4841 (H 532)
Armour plates for tanks, military vehicles and bullet proof applications.10 PSM 3 Armour
0.27 0.33
0.2 0.4
0.3 0.6
max. 0.02
max. 0.015
0.70 1.1
0.3 0.5
Plastic moulds, backers, bolster & die holders. Also suitable for applications like rails, shafts and wear strips.AISI P20 0.28 0.40
0.20 0.80
0.60 1.00
max. 0.030
max. 0.030
1.40 2.00
0.15 0.40
0.15 0.35
0.60 0.90
max. 0.040
max. 0.050
--- --- --- max. 0.35
Parts of general engineering, autombiles, vehicles axles, coupling parts & shafts spindle etc.
Generator shafts, worm gears, wheel puller bolts where parts must resist wear and also be tough with good machinability.
Special constructional steel which develop high tensile and fatigue strength as well as toughness after heat treatment.
Parts requiring toughness & core strength e.g. gear, shafts for automotive & general mechanical engineering.
Average size Cog wheels, arbors & gears for vehicles etc.
Parts of large cross section requiring toughness and core strength e.g. gears, crank shafts, shafts for aircraft, truck and for general mechanical engineering.
Highly stressed components of automobiles, vehicles and general mechanical engineering.
Automotive connecting rods, crankshafts, knuckles, rear axle and trailer axle shafts, oil industry, bits, core drills, reamer bodies, drill collars, tool joints, piston rods, aircraft, shapes, tubing and pump parts.
Highly stressed components of large cross section e.g. air craft, automotive & machines propeller/ gear/ crank shafts, connecting rods & landing gear components etc.
11 SUP-9 (JIS-G 4801)
0.65 0.95 --- --- max.
0.35 --- 1.7176 AISI-5160 Leaf springs for autombiles/ heavy duty vehicle/ railways. Torsion bars and Coil springs.
13 AISI 304 max. 0.08
max. 1.00
max. 2.00
max. 0.045
max. 0.030
14 AISI 304L max. 0.03
max. 1.00
max. 2.00
max. 0.045
max. 0.030
15 AISI 316L max. 0.03
max. 1.00
max. 2.00
max. 0.045
max. 0.030
16.00 18.00
2.00 3.00
10.00 14.00 --- ---
Dyeing, sulphite, pulp, wood, dairy equipment, chemical and rayon industries.
Aircraft Exhaust stacks and manifolds, pressure vessel, large mufflers for stationary diesel engines, expansion bellows, stack liners & fire walls etc.AISI 321 max.
0.08 max. 1.00
12.00 Ti >5xC 0.70 DIN 1.4541
Lathe and plaining tools with eminent cutting strength and toughness.22 AISI T4 0.70 0.80
0.20 0.40
0.20 0.40
max. 0.030
max. 0.030
3.75 4.50
0.70 1.00 --- ---
Cutlery, knives, sword and valve parts, etc. SUS 420J2 0.26 0.40
max. 1.00
max. 1.00
max. 0.040
max. 0.030
12.00 14.00
max. 1.00
max. 1.00
max. 0.040
max. 0.03
16.00 18.00
max. 0.75 --- --- ---
1.4125 (N 695)
Excellent toughness and suitable for bath nitriding. High-performance cutting dies and punches, shear blades for cutting, thread rolling dies, deep drawing, measuring tools, plastic molding, extrusion and pressing tools etc.AISI D2 1.40
1.60 0.30 0.50
(Co 0.6 max) 1.2379 (K 110)
0.030 0.02519
Heavy duty hot work dies, mandrels and tubes for hot extrusion. Die casting equipment, hot shear blades and plastic molding dies.
AISI H1321 0.32 0.45
1.2344 (W 302)
0.30 --- 1.3505 (R 100)
Ball and roller bearing parts e.g. balls, rollers, needles, cones, rings and discs upto 30mm finishing thickness for service temperature upto 200°C.
Note: Elements given in ( ) are optional.
C Si Mn P S Cr Mo Ni Cu Others SR. NO.
T h e M a r k e t L e a d e r o f A l l o y S t e e l s i n P a k i s t a n
“Clean” and Vacuum Degassed Steels
Non-metallic inclusions in steel can lead to internal defects resulting in poor quality products. In addition to product consistency and performance, fatigue strength and tool and die life also correlate strongly with clean/ degassed steels.
Peoples Steel employs state-of-the-art melting and reflining techniques to manufacture steels with low levels of non-metallic inclusions, residual elements and well controlled gas contents.
Non-Metalic Inclusions
T h e M a r k e t L e a d e r o f A l l o y S t e e l s i n P a k i s t a n
In addition to in-house use, PSM also extend the Material Testing/ Inspection and Failure Analysis including third party inspection to other process industries in the field of petro-chemicals, fertilizer, steel and railway etc.
To meet the stringent quality requirements and adherence to the international quality standards Peoples Steel has strong quality assurance system and employs state-of-the-art metarial testing and analyzing facilities as follows:
Chemical Analysis
Material Identification
Mechanical Testing
The projects are also undertaken on Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) basis.
The Industrial Projects & Services Division offers:
Plant Fabrication
Field Erection
Maintenance Repair
Pressure Vessels Repair & Alterations.
T h e M a r k e t L e a d e r o f A l l o y S t e e l s i n P a k i s t a n
Peoples Steel Mills also produces high temperature refractory products. Peoples Steel’s refractory division is equipped with rotary kilns, screw friction press, ball mill, crushers of various types, mixers and gas fired furnaces along with refractory material’s testing facilities such as Cold Crushing Strength (CCS), Refractoriness Under Load (RUL), Quantitative XRF, Bulk Density, Apparent Porosity and Wet Chemistry.
Presently Peoples Steel offers following refractory material for sales:
• High Alumina Bricks • High Alumina Castables • Dead Burnt Magnasite
• Calcined Bauxite • Tap Hole Repair Mass Magnesite Hot Gunning Mix Lime
URL: | Email : [email protected]
SEAMLESS PIPE MANUFACTURING To meet the diversified requirements of Oil & Gas, Fertilizer, Power generation, Automotive and other engineering industry, Peoples Steel Mills have undertaken the project for the manufacturing of special/ alloy steel seamless pipe & tubes and the products upto 300mm diameter as per ASTM, API, DIN, BS and other international quality standards expected to be available in near future.
T h e M a r k e t L e a d e r o f A l l o y S t e e l s i n P a k i s t a n
Concast Billet: Square Round Length
: : :
: :
: : :
: : :
: :
: :
Radial Forging: Size
Ring Rolling: Outer Dia Inner Dia Thickness Height Weight
: : : : :
Shafts Dics Length Weight
: : : :
62 60 58 56 54 52 50 48 46 44 42 40 38 36 34 32 30 28 26 24 22 20 16
688 654 615 577 543 500 475 451 432 409 390 371 353 336 319 301 286 271 258 247 234 222 210
746 697 653 613 577 544 513 484 458 434 412 392 372 354 336 318 302 286 272 260 248 238 222
85 81 78 75 72 69 67 64 62 58 56 54 51 49 47 44 42 41 39 37 35 34 32
--- 320,000 300,000 282,000 266,000 245,000 233,000 221,000 212,000 200,000 191,000 182,000 173,000 165,000 156,000 147,000 140,000 133,000 126,000 121,000 115,000 109,000 103,000
--- 2,206 2,069 1,945 1,834 1,690 1,607 1,524 1,462 1,379 1,317 1,255 1,193 1,138 1,076 1,014
965 917 869 834 793 752 710
Rockwell ‘C’ (HRC)
Brinell 3,000kg (BHN)
Approx Tensile strength
Manghopir, Karachi – 75890, Pakistan. Marketing: (92-21) 36770116-18, 38205510 Office Cell: 0334-3961404 PABX: (92-21) 36770126-28 Fax: (92-21) 36770112, 35206764 Email: [email protected] Website:

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