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1. - steels and low alloy steels 2. - resistant steels at low temperatures or high

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Text of 1. - steels and low alloy steels 2. - resistant steels at low temperatures or high

  • 1. - steels and low alloy steels 2. - resistant steels at low temperatures or high 3. - stainless steels and refractory 4. - plated steel 5. - copper and copper alloys 6. - aluminum and aluminum alloys 7 - plastics (PVC, textolit, polyamide) FIELD OF ACTIVITY

    Metal construction with or without mechanical processing for metallurgical and naval industries, equipment and pressure recipients, metal boxes production. SC AUTOIMAGINI IMPEX '94 execute any spare parts and machined parts in limited existing technical possibilities. Our company can handle these types of materials:

  • About Us..SC AUTOIMAGINI IMPEX '94 SRL was founded in 1994 to start trading profile. Since 1995 gradually moved to the production of welded steel construction. Currently our company has a total of 50 employees of which 23 workers and 20 support staff. Management: - Mr. Laurentiu Varga - General - Single Shareholder of the Company - Mr. Mircea Popescu - Workshop Leader - Mr. Gheorghe Petre - Quality Inspector SC AUTOIMAGINI IMPEX '94 SRL has flexibility in execution of the most different and complex equipment for metallurgy and steel industry, cement industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, power industry, machine building industry, construction and civil engineering. Oriented to the satisfaction of customer requirements, our company is always concerned to develop and deliver products of a higher quality level. Staff in manufacturing sectors is average age, experienced and good knowledge in the execution of metal constructions and metal cutting. This is supported by specialist staff who successfully combines experience and creativity to achieve best execution and control technologies products.

  • Products...Equipment for steel industry : - Roller Ways - Transport Carts - Transport containers - Equipment for calibrating pipes Equipment for different types of ships : - Naval jets - Stembox - Receptacle - Pipes support for transmission mechanisms Metal construction for industrial buildings and gas stations - Spare parts and sheet metal processing machines (bending, guillotine)

  • ProductsNaval industry...

    Naval Nozzels

    Application: ship propulsion system, inside, rotates ship propeller. Materials carbon steels, stainless steels, duplex steel. Features - maximum diameter 3600mm - maximum sheet thickness 25mm - maximum weight 16.000kg Execution any type of construction required under the project beneficiary.

  • ProductsNaval industry...


    Application ship propulsion system. Materials carbon steels Features - maximum diameter 3500mm - maximum height 3000mm - maximum sheet thickness 80mm - maximum weight 16.000kg Execution any type of construction required under the project beneficiary.

  • ProductsNaval industry...


    Application ship propulsion system. Eases replacement of worn parts during cruise. Materials carbon steels in combination with stainless steel. Execution any type of construction required under the project beneficiary.

  • ProductsMetallurgical industry...

    - roller ways - transport trolleys - transport containers

  • ProductsEnergy industry...

    Cases Chambers

    Application Industrial heating systems Materials carbon steel, stainless steel Execution any type of construction required under the project beneficiary.

  • ProductsCivil & Industrial construction...

    Southern Metal Market structure Treatment plant seeds Decathlon store metallic structure

  • ProductsParts and subassemblies...

  • Technologies...The largest share of the manufacturing process in our society is a welding process. SC AUTOIMAGINI IMPEX '94 SRL has approved welding procedures for the following welding procedures: - manual electric welding - electric semi-automatic gas protective environments Approvals were made according to the company following qualifications: ASME , DNV ,GL ,TUV, BV. SC AUTOIMAGINI IMPEX '94 has qualified staff who is authorized to perform welding work according to the following qualified companies : ASME , DNV , GL , TUV,BV ,for welding of carbon steel with carbon steel, carbon steel welding stainless steel and stainless steel welding stainless steel Welded joints are checked on demand by non-destructive testing methods. Non-destructive inspection methods are applied: - magnetic powder - penetrant liquid - ultrasound Non-destructive inspections are performed by authorized companies with whom we have agreements on cooperation. In the company can run up to the hydraulic test pressure of 25 atmospheres.

  • Machine Tools...Cutting Machine - Automatic gas cutting machine for plates with thickness up to 200mm, with the program and / or photocell - Manual plasma cutting machine for plates with thickness up to 35mm - Mechanical band saw for cutting round, profile or diameter plate / side, up to 250mm - CNC cutting machine type OXITHOME Tools for manufacturing products - Plate rolling machine with four rollers with 2000mm width and thickness of the sheet up to 35mm. - Electric welding machines manually - Semi-automatic welding devices for welding in inert gas Tools for mechanical processing - Lathes machining diameter between 400 and 1000mm and lengths from 1500 to 10000mm. - Vertical lathe for parts with a maximum diameter of 1500mm and maximum height of 900mm. - Radial Drills up to 80mm diameter hole. - Universal milling machines, CNC - Flat and circular grinding machines - Crankshaft grinding machine. - Drilling and boring machines (bohrwerk) Pinol diameter between 80 and 100mm Lifting Equipment - Overhead Cranes for 8to, 5to, 3to - Forklift with lifting capacity at a height of 3m 5to.

  • Certifications...SC AUTOIMAGINI IMPEX '94 SRL has a quality assurance system EN ISO 9001:2000 The quality of SC AUTOIMAGINI IMPEX '94 SRL primarily aimed at achieving customer satisfaction by preventing nonconformity at all stages of production activities, installation and post sale services.

  • Portfolio...The main customers of these products are the following companies : - DANIELI - Italy - ROMENERGO - Romania - DOOSAN_IMGB - Romania - VAI CLECIM - Austria - SMS DEMAG - Austria - VERMEUELEN - Netherlands - STENTOR - Romania - IPROLAM SA - Romania - UZINSIDER SA - Romania - UPETROLAM SA - Romania - METALVORDEN - Romania- AMTECH - Franta

  • Contact...AUTOIMAGINI IMPEX '94 SRL Legal form: Company Commercial Address : Str. Runcu Nr.36 Sector 4 Bucharest Phone: 004-021-3191592 , 004-021-3347778 Fax: 004-021-3191594 , 004-021-3345372 E-mail: [email protected]:

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