The Gilwell Gazette Dew Point at 45 Precipitation => .Remember Baden Powell’s idea that The Senior

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  • The Gilwell Gazette All The News Thats Fit to Print!

    Today: High of 65 F, feels like 69, Dew Point at 45 -> 41, Humidity 50%, Winds: W 6 mph, gusting to 10 mph, Precipitation => 10%

    Tonight: Low of 43 F, feels like 42, Precipitation => 10%, Winds: NW 2 mph, gusting to 7 mph

    Volume 13-C No. 6 Day 6 Issue Monday, June 3, 2013

    Well, here we are day SIX!.. a bitter sweet day for me. While I am

    glad to celebrate the success of Part One of your course, it is with

    a heavy heart knowing that I may never set foot on Gilwell Field

    again. You see, for me, as Scoutmaster, I Can Staff No More!

    I will try not to cry because there is no crying in Wood Badge!

    However, I am a HUGE sentimental sissy!

    Today brings a close to Part One of our Course, C4-440-13. To-

    morrow begins Part Two: the practical application phase, utilizing

    the skills you have learned; Your Ticket!

    For the next 18 months, you will work your ticket with diligence

    and with confidence. Practice the skills youve learned over and

    over. Use your notebooks to refresh your knowledge. Call some-

    body when you need help, when you are leading others; walk

    with sandals, for you still have much to learn! Most importantly,

    remember your values!

    It has been my pleasure to have brought you through this process

    with the help of what I believe is the best WB staff ever assem-

    bled in one place! It is my hope that you will tell everybody about

    Wood Badge and encourage them to participate in this mountain

    top experience!

    Until we meet again, my friends!

    Wood Badge Course C4-440-13

    Greater Cleveland Council

    Course Directors Note


    Todays Schedule

    WOOD BADGE C4-440-13

    Day Six: Monday June 3, 2013


    Participant Breakfast

    7:00 AM Camp Breakdown Return from Overnight Experi-ence

    Stage Gear on Road by Gilwell

    Gilwell Field Assembly 9:15 AM

    Load gear into vehicles 9:50 AM

    Servant Leadership (Steve/Paula) 10:20 AM

    Break 11:00 AM

    Patrol Leaders' Council Meeting (6) 11:10 AM

    Closing Luncheon

    Introduce Guest 11:40 AM

    Introduce next Course Director 11:55 AM

    Meal 12:05 PM

    Guide Presentations 12:45 PM

    Leaving a Legacy (T) 1:10 PM

    Break 2:20 PM

    Summary Session (T) 2:35 PM

    Closing Gilwell Field Assembly (8) 3:25 PM

    Break down rest of camp (All Patrols help requested)

    3:55 PM

    Final Goodbyes / Patrol Meetings 4:55 PM

    Headed for Home 5:10 PM

    NOTE FROM THE SCRIBES TO C4-440-13 PARTICIPANTS: We hope that you have

    enjoyed the Gilwell Gazette as much as we have enjoyed your articles without

    YOU we would not have a Gilwell Gazette. Thank you for your journalistic efforts.

    We have only published a few of the many thousands of photos that we have tak-

    en over the six days of Wood Badge. However, check out the Greater Cleveland

    Councils Wood Badge Web site for copies of the Gazette and more photos.

  • Wow! This weekend sure went fast, can you

    believe that today is the last day of your Wood

    Badge practical experience?! From today on,

    YOU will have control of YOUR goals. So,

    utilize the tools you have been given, the skills

    you have learned, and nurture the new friend-

    ships you have made to help you succeed in

    completing your ticket items and especially in

    helping you to succeed as a leader in your

    scouting position.

    At the end of Weekend #1, the Staff and Ser-

    vice Patrol sincerely appreciated everyone

    pitching in to help tear down camp. Likewise,

    later this afternoon, after the closing of Gilwell

    field, please assist the Service Patrol and Staff

    in closing up camp. Remember, a Scout is

    helpful - this way we can all leave at a reason-

    able time. We thank you in advance for your


    It has been a pleasure for me being your Senior

    Patrol Leader (SPL) for your Wood Badge

    Course C4-440-13. I hope that during your

    course, you have learned about the roles and

    positions that the youth and adults have in a

    Boy Scout Troop. You now understand what

    the Patrol Method means along with what a

    Patrol Leader Council accomplishes in their

    unit. Remember Baden Powells idea that

    The Senior




    John Hogan

    Page 2 The Gilwell Gazette Volume 13-C No. 5

    The Wood Badge Trading Post

    Last Chance to Check It Out!

    Dont forget to stop by the Wood Badge

    Trading Post. Linda Gray can still take or-

    ders for custom Wood Badge clothing. Show

    your pride in Wood Badge Course C4-440-13

    with your critter and name displayed with

    the Wood Badge symbols on a jacket or


    scouting is a game with a purpose. Estab-

    lish your goals, lead change, be part of (or

    create) a high-performance team, dont be

    afraid to face problems head-on. Yes, you

    now have the resources to accomplish your

    goals, my friends.

    Its in your hands now .. make a differ-

    ence.. leave a legacy.


    We sincerely thank to our Venturing Crew members for help-

    ing with LNT and Round Robin Games: Will Hayes, Brad Har-

    vey, Jessica Onion, Jared Doe, Mallory Martin, and Justin Doe.

  • Linda

    Chaplains Corner

    Linda Gray


    Congratulations, and Thank You to the

    Chaplains Aides for such a great worship

    service yesterday. Thank you, participants,

    for sharing with us in your service. We

    hope you enjoyed the discovery to learn

    more about the faiths of the people around

    you as you incorporated those beliefs into

    your worship service to make them ones

    that we can all relate to, no matter how we

    revere our God.

    Your final thought, as you prepare to leave

    and work your ticket back to Gilwell: St.

    Paul wrote these words to his young friend,

    Timothy, I have fought the good fight, I

    have finished the course, I have kept the

    faith. (II Timothy 4:7)

    You have come to the end of the practical

    course of your Wood Badge Experience. Do

    you feel good about having completed this?

    What do you think is your biggest accom-

    plishment these past two weekends?

    Some of these accomplishments are physi-

    cal, some mental, and hopefully, some spir-

    itual. There has been frustration and fun

    Page 3 The Gilwell Gazette Volume 13-C No. 5

    but you have done your bestyou have run

    the race. You now have a better understand-

    ing of yourself, your Wood Badge Patrol, and

    your Unit back home. Now it is time to look

    forward to Friends, Family, and your Scouts.

    You have changed and matured. You are now

    an even greater gift to them.

    How will you help them do their best? How

    will you help them win their race? This is the

    purpose of your Wood Badge Ticket items.

    Farewell my friends and enjoy the journey

    ahead where ever it may take you!

    May the Great Scoutmaster of all good Scouts

    be with us until we meet again.

    Success in training the

    boy depends largely on

    the Scoutmasters own

    personal example.

    Thought for the day from Lord Baden-Powell

  • Page 4 The Gilwell Gazette

    Critter Corner

    Beaver PatrolNews Around the Dam

    As usual, we are busy as Beavers. Tickets done,

    presentation ready and having so much fun! The

    campfire program was really awesome! Thanks to the

    Fox Patrol for putting everything together. The Pa-

    trols also did a great job on skits and songs. We do

    remember why we enjoy Scouting...FUN!

    Looking forward to seeing all the awesome presenta-

    tions today from our fellow Patrols. Good Luck!

    Beaver Patrol: We dam it all!

    Bobwhite Patrol

    What a nice dry night in the Bobwhite camp (at least in our tents!). Sat-

    urday night we had a feast with fellow Bobwhites John Hogan and Sal

    Messina, and we are looking forward to dinning with the Antelopes on

    Sunday evening. We learned a lot of great information from the patrol

    presentations and found them to be very entertaining. We cant wait to

    see what great things the staff has planned for our final day!

    Volume 13-C No. 5

  • Page 5 The Gilwell Gazette

    Critter Corner

    Eagle Patrol

    Our Eagle feathers have dried after yesterdays rains and we have continued with their high-flying ways.

    This mornings prayer service was peaceful and a welcome change from this mornings controlled chaos of the conservation project.

    The Eagles are quite pleased to have their presenta-tion complete and OVER. We hope our volunteerism ideas help you to creative with your service projects.

    So far, WB is going well for the Eagle Patrol. Our group is easy going and capable. We enjoy each others company and the sharing of ideas. Our only hitch to our flight is that on of our Eagles spent the day n the Health Lodge may he be high flying again very soon.

    Fox Patrol

    Twas a night dark and stormy, And the tents were way too warmy. Our bellies were full of a Cajun delight, Which we shared with other Foxes that very night. The morning broke sunny and clear, Reminding us of why were here. In service to others, our tasks we perform, Keeping faith, honor, and fellowship the