The “D’s” Coaching Manual - “D’s” Coaching Manual Created by: ... Shweta Soni and Shanika Ware put this coaching manual together. ... APE Teacher/Student

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Text of The “D’s” Coaching Manual - “D’s” Coaching Manual Created by: ... Shweta Soni and...

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    The Ds Coaching Manual

    Created by: Coaches Kelley Humphries, Shweta Soni and Shanika Ware

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    Table of Contents


    History of Wheelchair Basketball..4

    Team Philosophies...5

    Coach Biographies..8

    Ds Team Roster..11

    Player Profiles.12

    Assessments and Results.15

    Practice Schedules25

    Wheelchair Basketball Drills...33

    The Ds Playbook..37

    Tournament Flyer and Pamphlet38

    Rules for 1st Annual Inaugural Wheelchair Basketball Tournament..39

    The Ds In Action..41

    Coach Wares Reflection..43

    Master Contact List..44


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    Coaching is a method of directing, instructing and training a person or group of people,

    with the aim to achieve some goal or develop specific skills. There are many ways to coach,

    types of coaching and methods to coaching. My coaching staff and I are three very different and

    unique individuals with various coaching styles. We complemented each other very well and

    worked together like a true coaching staff. We supported each other in all endeavors and projects

    that we all had going on for the team. Communication and dedication are two characteristics that

    I can use to describe everyone on the coaching staff. Furthermore, the Ds team is a collection

    of great talent and enthusiasm, which was an awesome extension of our staff. Our team and staff

    worked hand-in-hand to get this team up and running. Also, there is a great atmosphere between

    the coaches and the players and I enjoyed working on this manual with my fellow coaches.

    Kelley Humphries, Shweta Soni and Shanika Ware put this coaching manual together.

    These are the three coaches for the Ds wheelchair basketball team. We as a coaching staff

    have collaborated together to recruit players, create practice times/schedules, draw up

    offensive/defensive plays, establish a team philosophy, and perform various assessments of basic

    skills for wheelchair basketball.

    The manual will include all of the items listed above and some additional drills that I

    have researched on my own for the team to utilize if necessary.

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    History of Wheelchair Basketball

    World War II veterans in the USA originally developed wheelchair Basketball in

    1945/1946. At the same time, Sir Ludwig Guttmann developed a similar sport named Wheelchair

    Netball at the Spinal Rehabilitation Hospital at Stoke Mandeville, Great Britain, to the aid of

    rehabilitation of war veterans. When the US Wheelchair basketball team, the Pan Am Jets,

    competed for the first time at the International Stoke Mandeville Games in 1955, there were no

    backboards owing to the British sport Netball. This was amended for the following years games.

    Since then, the sport has developed worldwide and was introduced to the Paralympic Games.

    Since then, the sport has developed worldwide and was introduced to the Paralympic Programme

    in Rome on 1960. Wheelchair Basketball is designed for athletes who have a physical disability

    that prevents them from playing stand-up (on their feet) ball such as the inability to run, jump,

    or pivot. The International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) is the world governing

    body for Wheelchair Basketball. The rules for wheelchair basketball are similar to those that

    govern running basketball and do vary among the various divisions and classifications.

    Presently, some 25,000 men, women and children with a physical disability, now play it

    in more than 80 countries.

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    Coach Sonis Philosophy

    I believe to coach any game you yourself have to know it. As I had never played

    basketball before I had to understand it first before I could coach. I got to learn more about

    basketball by watching matches and going for wheelchair basketball tournament and of course

    from my friends and coaches Kelly and Shanika.

    I feel a sport should be played for fun and healthy competition and should never have

    always win attitude. But at the same time players should follow rules and should be dedicated

    towards the sports. They should enjoy what they are doing keeping discipline in mind.

    Any successful team has one common thing Team Effort.

    Our team had three coaches and six players; we all worked like a team, had fun and got

    maximum output. Key to any successful coach-player relationship is communication and

    patience. With effective communication you can convey players what they should do and ask

    them about their feedback. With patience you give players their space and time to develop a

    particular skill.

    Assessments and feedback were my goal as a coach. With proper assessments we can tell

    which player needs to improve on which particular skill and giving such specific feedbacks

    improves and makes them take a step towards perfection.

    Working together as a team all throughout the practice sessions and mastering the skills

    and not just winning a game I think makes my team a WINNER!!!!!

    1, 2, 3 GO Ds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Coach Wares Philosophy

    First of all, every coach needs to know the rules and regulations of the sport they are

    coaching. They have to be students of the game. My expertise is in the game of basketball both

    able-body and wheelchair. This is my sport of choice and I have a great love for the game. I have

    played basketball for as long as I can remember but I was never any good at it but loved to play.

    A person does not necessarily have to be a star player in order to coach.

    The game needs to be FUN for both the players and the coaches. After all, its just a game. If

    everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves things will run a whole lot smoother and more

    team play will occur. The team needs to be a cohesive one. Everyone needs to have respect

    and love for each other despite the many personalities that may be on the team. Communication

    is also a major ingredient in basketball. Everyone needs to be able to talk to each other and

    communicate effectively on and off the court. An open door policy also needs to be established

    so that players feel comfortable coming to talk and express their concerns about anything.

    Basketball is a team effort.

    A coach needs to value ALL of his or her players on the team. They need to make the 12th

    or 13th

    players feel as important as the star point guard or post player. This will help with developing

    team spirit and chemistry among the team and the coach.

    PERFECTIONit is my goal as a coach. I want everything that I do to be as close as possible to

    perfection as possible. I know that not all things will be perfect or run perfectly without any

    flaws or shortcomings but I can always strive for it-there is nothing wrong with that. I want my

    players to understand and love the game of basketball just as much as I do. I am very enthusiastic

    and always excited about playing, practicing and coaching basketball-that is what I want to carry

    over to my players.

    I am very organized in everything that I do. I can be a bit OCD about having things in order and

    sometimes color-coded. I am a leader and leaders need to very organized because if you are not,

    then everything else wont be and your players/parents will not take you or your program

    seriously. Practices, game routines, camps, and other scheduled activities need to organized and

    ON TIME.

    Winning is not everything!! Effort is winningGiving your all is winningTeam play is

    winning-This is what counts for me. My players will never be considered losers-there is no such

    thing in my world. Once my team steps out on the court, they are already winners in my book.

    Coaching is lifetime LOVE OF MINE!!! Go D TEAM!!!

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    Coach Humphries Philosophy

    Fun Unity Never give up Desire Ambition Meaning Everyone Not I but We mentality Teamwork Always give everything Love for the game and for the team Success will be grated it all of these are followed and lived.

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    Coach Wares Bio

    Name: Shanika Coach Ware

    Age: 22

    Hometown: Austin, TX

    Occupation: APE Teacher/Student

    Hobbies: Coaching of coursereading the bible and literature, collect DVDs,

    Background: Born and raised in Austin, TX. I have always loved the game of

    basketball. I love coaching the sport and playing it. I have 2 sisters-one of which is

    my twin. Also, I played basketball in elementary, middle and high school. I was

    never any good at it but I still love to play. I currently coach a co-ed intramural

    team at Texas Womans University.

    Favorite Quotes: If there is no struggle, there is no progress.

    -Frederick Douglas

    One and God is the majority

    -Frederick Douglas

    You want something done right, do it


    -Lynel Gaines

    Interesting facts: I am a HUGE romantic and deathly afraid of clowns

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    Coach Kelleys Bi