The differences between paleolithic and neolithic ages

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Neo and Paleo


  • 1. The Differences Between Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages By : Jessie Leininger

2. FoodPaleolithic Age Neolithic Age Men hunted for food , People learned how to growand women gatheredtheir own food , and peopledomesticated animals .food from around theFarming and herding was anarea .important part of theNeolithic Age . 3. ShelterPaleolithic Age Neolithic Age There were no permanent They had permanent homes .homes . Homes were usually made Because people hunted and from timber or bricks .gathered , they had to moveto where the food was .Therefore , homes weretemporary .] 4. ClothingPaleolithic AgeNeolithic Age Clothing was made primarily Animal skins .from fur . In some places , people were The climate during the timeable to make fabric .was cold , so people dressedto stay warm . 5. ToolsPaleolithic Age Neolithic Age Simple shaped stone More advanced shaped toolstools like cutters andlike bows and arrows andharpoons . Also , they usedhand axes . Also , they spear tips .used spear tips andsticks . 6. Now you know the differences of thePaleolithic Age and theNeolithic Age .