The ATM simulator 2 ATMirage. The ATM Simulator  Self Service Machines Simulator: ATM, Receipt payment, Passbook updaters, kiosks, etc.  can simulate

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  • The ATM simulator 2 ATMirage. The ATM Simulator Self Service Machines Simulator: ATM, Receipt payment, Passbook updaters, kiosks, etc. can simulate every ATM device and their different responses. The ATM application runs in a different Virtual Machine or its own PC. SO independent
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  • The ATM simulator 3 Available drivers for the most important standards on the market: CEN/XFS J/XFS Xpeak Also possible adaptation to proprietaries interfaces. Screen Hook sends the application screen output to the screen simulator. Clicks and double clicks are detected on the screen simulator to simulate touchable screens. Application interaction
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  • The ATM simulator 4 Create your own ATM Devices Included Magnetic Stripe and Chip cards reader/recorder Notes dispenser Coins dispenser Envelopes dispenser Envelopes depository Notes acceptor Coins acceptor Receipt printer Journal printer Document printer Passbook printer Pin Pad Barcode reader Check reader Operator panel (TTU) Alarm Sensors and indicators
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  • The ATM simulator 5 Personalize your ATM offers the possibility of designing different models of ATMs with different devices. Create your own ATM models specifying the devices, their location, their appearance and their features. Change the look and feel of your ATM, and add your own decorations and logos. Test your ATM application with different models of ATMs previously created.
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  • The ATM simulator 6 Configure all devices Set your devices capabilities to simulate your real devices. With, different models of every kind of devices can be created. For instance, readers that record 3 tracks, readers that record tracks 1 and 2, readers with or without chip, graphical or onlytext printers, etc.
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  • The ATM simulator 7 Develop, test and debug your ATM application. With no physical ATM is needed. simplifies and speeds up your ATM application tests. Run your ATM application
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  • The ATM simulator 8 Set the devices statuses allows to configure the devices statuses and behaviour according to your needs during execution. For instance, you can set the denominations of the notes dispenser, the amount of each cassette, and save and set the current status during execution.
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  • The ATM simulator 9 Set the devices behaviour allows to set the runtime behaviour of the devices. For instance, you can set how many notes are rejected in the next dispense operation, or the behaviour of each cassette to simulate a jam or a malfunction during the withdrawal.
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  • The ATM simulator 10 With you can set not only the states of your devices, but also the states of your medias. For instance, you can edit the magnetic stripe of your passbooks, and edit the content of each page of each passbook. Set your medias states
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  • The ATM simulator 11 simulates the receipts created during run time. Generate run time receipts
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  • The ATM simulator 12 Automate your tests Record macros of your executions and execute them automatically. Edit, mix and manipulate the steps of your macros.
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  • The ATM simulator 13 Create test batteries. Create test batteries with your macros. Execute them and validate the results. Record your results and generate reports. Keep control of the current status of each battery in every moment.
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  • The ATM simulator 14 Validate your tests automatically Take screen shots to validate your batteries automatically basing its results on the screen output of your ATM application.
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  • The ATM simulator 15 includes a EMV-Level 2 simulator based on VISA and Master Card specifications. Also, optionally, can be connected to a chip card physical reader, in order to make tests with real smartcards. EMV Simulation
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  • The ATM simulator 16 can be used to simulate every type of self service machines. For instance, receipt payment devices, passbook updaters, tickets dispensers, parking tickets kiosks, cinema automated devices Simulate any automatic machine
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  • The ATM simulator 17 Application exection without hardware. Applications approval, tests, development or debug. Operative System independent. Devices connectivity independent (CEN/XFS, J/XFS, Xpeak, DLLs or proprietaries interfaces). Complete simulation of EMV-Level 2. Error testing in easy and fast way. Test automation. Test batteries and test reports generation. Conclusions
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