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CLASS REUNION. 75. Terrific’ 75. The First batch of SSC ( New Course) The 100 % batch…. Thab aur Ab ……. Radio….in those days…. It was all MW & SW ……no FW Wednesdays 9PM …Radio Ceylon !!! Binaca Geet Mala….. Sunday afternoon Bournvita Quiz Contest, Cricket with Vijay Merchant . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Terrific 75The First batch of SSC ( New Course)The 100 % batch.Thab aur Ab.


751Radio.in those days.It was all MW & SW no FWWednesdays 9PM Radio Ceylon !!!Binaca Geet Mala..Sunday afternoonBournvita Quiz Contest, Cricket with Vijay Merchant 2TV in those days..Chayageet Thursday evenings. This was one of the most watched programs. As the name suggests, this program presented a nice medley of Hindi film songs.Phool Khile hai Gulshan Gulshan FridaysInteresting program focussed on Bollywood. The anchor, Tabassum was extremely good at interviewing the celebrity guests.Sunday Hindi Movie This program was probably the most anticipated program of the week. In the days before the VCR, this was the only opportunity to watch a Hindi movie outside a movie theater.Samachar The Hindi news were scheduled everyday at 9pm.Batmya For many years, the Marathi news were set at 7:30pm. Famous news personalities included the likes of Bhakti BarvAmchi Mati Amchi Mansa This program was targetted for the farmers. It provided a lot of valuable informationas well as some entertainment.Chimanrao Ani Gundyabhau This was probably one of the first (if not the first) Marathi serials on Mumbai Doordarshan. And it was a classic. Gajra This was a weekly program focussing on a variety of small skits that were very well made. The program was light and funny, and was one of the stars of the week.

3Black & White TV daysWe had a 19 inch one channel Black & White TV, manufactured by EC /Crown TV..And in those days, they were expensive! I think in 1975, this model cost around Rs. 2800.Can you imagine Television programs for about 4 hours a day,with only onechannel to choose from? when telecast would start in the evening, there was some animation (Doordarshan Logo) that we watched many timeThroughout the 70s, the programming was limited to a few evening hours. There were no commercially produced shows. Essentially,majority of the programmingwas developed by the Mumbai Doordarshan Studios in Worli. There were some real good international programs as well. Cricket matches were one exception when programming was available all day. Infact my earliest memory of watching TV is the 1974 India England tour, when Tony Greg was the England captain.Aapan yanna pahilat ka?Harsha Bhogle made his first appearance on TV, hosting a Sports Quiz. Fredun De Vitre of Sports Roundup - Wyatyay!: i.e. Sorry for interruption!, Sundar Maze Ghar Suhasini Mulgaokar with her special hairstyle and smile!English News- Dolly Thakor,Hindi News Sarita Sethi, Kumud Mirani and later Salma SultanaMarathi news Smita Talwalkar, Charushila PatwardhanNeena Gupta in Hawkins ki siti baji ! , the garden vareli saris and RoopSangam 4Today there are 490 channels in India including a staggering 100 news channels, the most in the world. We had very few advertisements and models would become national figures, like Lalitaji of Surf and Priya Tendulkar, who would later get her own show. There was one ad of a girl in a bikini and that was for the soap Lyril. This ad was also shown in talkies.Every Wednesday night was a half-hour show called Chhaya Geet, later renamed Chitrahaar, which featured Bollywood songs. This was the biggest show on TV.51967Rank Title Notes 1. Upkar 2. Ram Aur Shyam 3. Farz 4. Hamraaz 5. Shagird 6. Jewel Thief 7. Milan 8. An Evening In Paris 9. Patthar Ke Sanam 10. Meharbaan 1968Rank Title Notes 1. Aankhen 2. Do Kaliyan 3. Neel Kamal 4. Kanyadaan 5. Shikar 6. Padosan 7. Brahmachari 8. Aadmi 9. Haseena Maan Jayegi 10. Duniya1969Rank Title Notes 1. Aradhana 2. Do Raaste 3. Ek Phool Do Mali 4. Prince 5. Inteqaam 6. Jeene Ki Raah 7. Aaya Sawan Jhoom Ke 8. Bandhan 9. Jigri Dost 10. Sajan1970Rank Title Notes 1. Johny Mera Naam 2. Sachaa Jhutha 3. Aan Milo Sajna 4. Purab Aur Paschim 5. Jeevan Mrityu 6. Kati Patang 7. Khilona 8. Sharafat 9. Humjoli 10. Safar [edit] The top ten grossing films at the Indian Box Office in 1971:[1]1971Rank Title Notes 1. Haathi Mere Saathi 2. Mera Gaon Mera Desh 3. Dushman 4. Maryada 5. Andaz 6. Caravan 7. Hare Rama Hare Krishna 8. Amar Prem 9. Sharmeelee 10. Mela1972Rank Title Notes 1. Seeta Aur Geeta 2. Pakeezah 3. Raja Jani 4. Beimaan 5. Gora Aur Kala 6. Apna Desh 7. Victoria No. 203 8. Jawani Diwani 9. Samadhi 10. Raampur Ka LakshmanThe top ten grossing films at the Indian Box Office in 1973:[1]1973Rank Title Notes 1. Bobby 2. Jugnu 3. Daag 4. Zanjeer 5. Yaadon Ki Baraat 6. Kahani Kismat Ki 7. Loafer 8. Dharma 9. Heera 10. Aa Gale Lag Ja The top ten grossing films at the Indian Box Office in 1974:[1]1974Rank Title Notes 1. Roti Kapada Aur Makaan 2. Chor Machaye Shor 3. Dost 4. Prem Nagar 5. Bidaai 6. Amir Garib 7. Roti 8. Patthar Aur Payal 9. Aap Ki Kasam 10. Haath Ki SafaiThe top ten grossing films at the Indian Box Office in 1975:[1]1975Rank Title Notes 1. Sholay Sholay is the highest grossing Indian film of all time earning a gross of Rs. 30,00,00,000 and net gross of Rs. 15,00,00,000. 2. Jai Santoshi Maa 3. Sanyasi 4. Deewaar 5. Pratiggya 6. Dharmatma 7. Khel Khel Mein 8. Warrant 9. Rafoo Chakkar 10. Chori Mera Kaam6Year 1967.7 years old.3rd StandardShifted to Rifle Range..Class Teacher was :Joined the gang were.

7Year 1967.7 years old.4th Standard ( Remarkable year )Class Teacher was Eliyamma.

What was happening around us.In India.PoliticsSportsMovies8EnglishMagic Lamp This program was targeted towards the children.Sports Roundup This was a weekly program that was anchored really well by Frendrun DevitreWhats the Good Word? One of my favorites. This quiz-type show was a classic. Sabira Merchant anchored it in her distinctive style.News The English News were set for 10pm everyday.

9InternationalThese shows were terrific. They were usually sourced from UK and US.Charlie ChaplinI love LucyGoodiesFire Ball XL5Tele-Match (This was another one of my big favorites)

10AdvertisementsEven back then, the ads were quite interesting!Thumps Up Happy days are here againFabina SuitingL.D. Obron SuitingBabubhai Jagjeevandas (BJ)Mahabaleshwar Fountain HotelVicco Turmeric CreamPalmolive (starring Sunil Gavaskar)

11Do you remember these.12Where did my 35 years go?1975 19771977 19801980- 19821980199020002005Presently.13Bangalore meet Aug 2009


15Yaadh aa rahi hai.

"Yaadon ko Yaad karke lagta hai,Main Zindagi ke kitne karib hoon,Mere paas ye Yaadein hain aur ,Main sach much khushnasib hoon...."16First meet Sept 2002

17First meet.Sept 2002


19NY meet Dec 2008

20Jana in NY March 2009

21Mumbai meet in 2005.

22June 2006 in New York

Prateek & Tanvi23Venky Perfect allrounder

With Honble Prime MinisterLoves AdventureFamily man & loves outdoorsCricket was always a passion24Janas dream house.Singapore

Venkys visit Dec 200625Dilip Nair.

26Dilip Nair.Since leaving schoolFamilyWhat I love most of my school daysWhat I If I were to go back to my school .what will I do differentlySomething about your familyMy fav teacher.



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