Twenty Tips to Terrific Pics

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Twenty Tips to Terrific Pics. Janice Hickman Southwest High School TCEA 2009. Tip 1. Read your manual. I know it’s embarrassing to admit you need help, but read it anyway. Tip 2. Move in Closer. Fill the frame with your subject Shoot at eye level to create intimacy. or just one?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Twenty Tips to Terrific Pics

  • Twenty Tips to Terrific PicsJanice HickmanSouthwest High SchoolTCEA 2009

  • Tip 1Read your manualI know its embarrassing to admit you need help, but read it anyway

  • Tip 2Move in CloserFill the frame with your subjectShoot at eye level to create intimacy

  • Which is better? Lots of lilies...or just one?

  • Rochelle hugs my Mom

  • Kat hugs a basketball(by the Professional)

  • Kat hugs a basketball(by Me)

  • Take parts of the whole, too.

  • Tip 3 Use the Rule of Thirds to Compose or Crop Imagesthink Tic-Tac-Toe...

  • Put the important pieces of the photo where the lines intersectnot in the center box!

  • Eyes on the top line, faces at the intersections

  • Tip 4 Place your Subject Off-Center and Something Interesting in the Background

  • Tip 5 Use the Optical Zoom; Turn off the Digital Zoom

  • Tip 6Take More Shotsits the best feature of your camera!

  • Tip 7 Half-push the Shutter Button to pre-focus the camera

  • Tip 8Hold It Steadyuse a tripod, monopod, table, friend, dont breathe when you push the shutter button.

  • Tip 9Take Photos from Unusual Angles

  • Tip 10Get Down to Kid Level

  • Lucy Kate

  • Graham

  • Michael and the cats

  • Tip 11 Use the Continuous Shooting Mode to capture actionwith children, pets, and sports

  • Tip 12 Use the Flash Outdoors to eliminate shadows

  • Tip 13 Anticipate Predictable Moments; Zone focus on where the action will occur or Follow focus on the subject and pan the camera.

  • Tip 14 Look for the Light; use available light to photograph babies and the elderly; early morning or late afternoon light is best.

  • Tip 15 Look for Lines and use them to frame your photos

  • Sometimes you want lines... sometimes you dont...

  • Tip 16Look for Reflections

  • Tip 17Use Red Eye Reduction

  • And get on Kid LevelAnd move in closer!

  • Tip 18 Learn the Predefined Modes in addition to AutomaticLandscape




  • Landscape: everything is in focus

  • Portrait: blurs the background

  • Macro: super close up

  • Night: uses available light; hold still!

  • Tip 19 Tell a Storyinclude everyday elements, signs, landmarks...

  • Tip 20 Always Be Prepared with extra batteries and memory cards