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  • 8/6/2019 Tell Me Something About Yourself1


    > Tell Me Something About Yourself.

    1. I am a person with strong interpersonal skills and have the ability to get along well with people.2. I enjoy challenges and looking for creative solutions to problems.3. Besides the details given in my resume, I believe in character values, vision

    and action.4. I am quick in learning from mistakes.5. I am confident that the various tests that you have conducted will corroborate my competencies aptitude and right attitude for the job.

    > What are your strengths

    1. I am a hard worker and because of this ability I can work for additional hours to accomplish my tasks.2. I am commitment oriented and hence I always enjoy the trust and confidence of

    my team mates which enables me to perform my duties very easily.3. I am adaptable, so I can handle any type of people and situations and also bring out the best from them in spite of conflicting situations or opinions.4. I am a quick learner, so I can any subject quickly and analyze my job and addvalue to it as well as I can identify the problem and solve them faster and better.

    > What Is (Are) Your Weakness (Weaknesses)?

    1) One of my weaknesses as I perceive is occasional compromise on time for quality and perfection.

    2) I feel I am not very detail-oriented. Im a person that wants accomplish as much as possible. I realized this hurts quality and therefore Im trying hard to finda balance between quality and quantity.3) At times even when I need help, I try to solve my own problems instead of asking a co-worker who might know the answer. This would save me more time and I would be more efficient. Im working on knowing when it would be beneficial to ask for help.4) I've been told a few times I'm too much detail oriented. I do make it a practice of checking my work at least once or twice to make sure that it's absolutelyaccurate.5) I believe one of my weaknesses is my impatience. Whenever I work in a team and any of the team members dont perform up to the expectation, I get impatient and

    annoyed. I understand if they are working hard and if their portion is difficult, but sometimes a person cant do the assignment due to incompetence and laziness. I know I can help out by explaining things to some people and encouraging lazypeople by reminding them of deadlines. I know its bad to be impatient, but Im definitely working on it.Theres a saying However small the thorn maybe it has the ability to pierce.

    > Based on which weakness, should we reject you ?

    Since I have identified my own weaknesses, you may be assured that I am constantly working on them to get them reduced day by day. And i am confident in the near futuremost of my weaknesses may not be there at all. So I strongly believe tha

  • 8/6/2019 Tell Me Something About Yourself1


    t you shouldn't reject me for any of my weakness.

    > Can You Work Well Under Deadlines Or Pressure?

    1) Sir, I can handle pressure of work. Whenever there is pressure of work, we ne

    ed to tackle it from the mental and physical stand-point. Mental stand-point would mean being in a state of relaxation and composure so that I do not feel stressed out during the course of my work and from physical stand-point; I always prioritize my job in their exact order of merit and importance so that I can dispose them off quickly and effectively.2) I work well under pressure because I dont panic. I use the pressure to help mework more efficiently. I maintain self control and work as efficiently as possible. At times, I try to prioritize and plan as much as I can.3) Working under pressure has always been a learning experience for me because it helps me grow. I have always worked well during deadline, and I always learnedhow to work more efficiently afterward.4) Well I believe I work the same if theres pressure or not. I try and take the e

    motional factors and work hard regardless of down time. I always prioritize andorganize my work and hence that gives me a Psychological advantage over pressure. At times whenever time becomes a constraint I put extra effort and time to meet the deadline. So pressure has nothing to do with my work.

    > What are your Short Term Career Goals?

    1) My short term goal is to find a position where I can use the knowledge and strength I have. I want to participate in the growth and success of the company Iwork for.2) I want to see myself as a software developer in your esteemed organization wh

    ere by with all my skills and enhanced learning I shall be able to make valuableand meaningful contribution to your organization.3) My short term goal is to learn everything I can about marketing. I want to bein a position where I can contribute what Ive learned through education to gainsome practical and real life Experience. Hence my immediate goal is to learn andbecome skilled in all aspects of marketing.4) My short term goal is to become a marketing analyst. Ive learned the basics ofmarketing during my first two years and hence I am raring to take on challenging projects.5) My short term goal is to get into a management position. The last five yearsof my career I have concentrated on learning and acquiring all the managerial skills. Recently Ive taken more responsibilities in management because I eventuallywant to become production manager. I feel Im doing a diligent job by volunteering for extra work to gain more experience and hope to be in a management positionwithin a year or two.

    > What are your Long Term Career Goals?

    1) My long term goal is to be an instructor. I have always loved to teach and hence I would like to grow newer employees and help co-workers where ever I can.2) After a successful career, I look forward to write a book on Programming Language. I think working smart is important and I have many ideas. So after gainingmore experience, I am going to write a book.

    3) My long term goal is to become partner for a consulting firm. I know a lot ofhard work determination and patience is required to become a partner. Many people fail to become a partner. But thats not going to stop me anyway from working h

  • 8/6/2019 Tell Me Something About Yourself1


    ard and learning everything I can. I know its going to be tough but becoming a partner is a long term goal of mine and I am going to work towards this goal throughout my career.5)My long term goal is to become director of a company. I know it sounds a little too ambitious but Im smart and willing to work hard a lot.

    Where Do You See Yourself 5 Years From Now?

    1) I see myself as a Senior Mechanical Engineer in your esteemed organization where by with all my enhanced learning and skill, I shall be able to make up a valuable and meaningful contribution to your organization.2) In five years, I want to be a senior analyst (Senior Software Engineer/Manager/Lead). I want to expertise to directly impact the company in a positive way.3) Although I really enjoy working as a Software Engineer, I want to eventuallybecome a manager. I want to continue gaining experience, and after learning manydifferent aspects, I see myself in management.

    > Why should we hire you?

    1)You should hire me because Im the best person for the job. I realize that thereare likely other candidates who also have the ability to do this job. Yet I bring an additional quality that makes me the best person for the job - my passionfor excellence. I am passionately committed to producing truly class results.2) I believe Im the perfect fit for this position. Im very detail oriented, and Iorganize my work and time very efficiently. But what makes me unique? If I werein your position I would hire myself because of the passion for this industry and my optimistic personality. I want to make more of an impact than just doing myjob. I dont want to blend in with the company; I would rather want my addition t

    o improve it.3) There are two reasons I should be hired. Firstly, my qualifications match your needs perfectly. Secondly Im excited and passionate about this industry and theposition and will always give my 100%.4) You should definitely hire me. I have a proven track record of success throughout my education. My education graph always kept roaring with time. This position requires someone who has the ability to solve problems quickly and who can logically add value to the job. I believe my skills and abilities matches perfectly with the requirement and what makes me the unique candidate is my passion towards my work and industry. So Im confident Ill be the best candidate for this position.5) Im a perfect fit for this position. I have three years of experience in this technology and my skills enable me to develop better products in less time. On top of that Im a great team player that gets a long with everyone.6) This position seeks a Quality Assurance Manager, Im confident Im the best person for this job. I have earlier worked with xyz Software Company and I was in charge of a team that was responsible for the quality of three different applications. I have adept knowledge in Quality assurance, Product support and even some creative processes that will benefit a quality assurance team. I love mentoring junior employees since I believe in sharing knowledge to everyone in the companywho work with me. So I strongly believe that Ill be the best candidate due to thecombination of my experience, my management skills, abilities and my desire toprovide growth in employees.

    > What kind of salary are you looking for?

  • 8/6/2019 Tell Me Something About Yourself1


    Never bring up the salary topic. Always allow the interviewer to do it first. Donot give a figure right away. If you state a figure you risk stating somethingthat is too high or something that is too low. In either case the loss is yours.Many a times peoples and friends around us suggest saying something as Im sure whatever I am offered will be a fair price. No doubt its a safe answer but I would recommend answering this question with a range.

    The thumb rule of any negotiations is: The side with more information wins. Tryto learn what the employer is willing to pay before you reveal what youre willingto accept.- Hence when asked about salary, you can say:Im sure the company has already established a salary range for this position. Canyou tell me what that is?OrI want an income commensurate with my ability and qualifications. I trust youll befair with me. What does this position pay?If you have some idea regarding the pay for the position, then just state something a little higher with a small range included as-Based on the information I have about the position, a salary in the range 15000 1

    8000 would reflect the experience and expertise that I would bring to the role.

    OrI know the average pay for this position is roughly around 15000. But because I have two years of experience, I would like something around 15000 18000.If the salary range is already stated in the job description, then you can answer that you are willing to consider any offer stated in the job description as:The job description says that the salary will be around 15000 18000. I think its afair range.- If you want to play safe, you can answer as:I would expect to be paid competitively and commensurate with the level of skill,experience and responsibility that this particular job requires

    > Do you prefer to work alone or as a team player?

    ) I would like to work in an environment where there is a blend of both. Its great working in teams while sharing and learning ideas with each other, but its also great to sit at my own desk and work hard productively. Therefore I would liketo work independently towards a team goal.2) I believe both are two sides of the same coin. They can never be isolated. Aman has to work individually and also as a team player. The value of teamwork isthe emergence of new ideas and creative solutions as well as sharing of the work load. So I prefer to work both as an individual and as a team member.3) During my school days, I was a team member of the Cricket team and the Band Group. Each required a different kind of team play and the learning experience was invaluable. But simultaneously I had to work hard individually for my School exams and other competitive exams where I need to learn and perform on my own. Hence I understand the value of both and therefore I am comfortable working on a team and independently as well.4) I like working myself. But I love working in a team because one thing is forsure - gaining and sharing knowledge through experience. It is always said Two heads are better than one. Working as an individual, I can apply all that I have learned throughout the career. So I believe both have their importance and both are required to be successful in any field.5) What I have learned from the job description is: this position requires someone who can handle assignments which in turn requires great deal of independent work and research. I am equally comfortable working as a member of a team and ind

    ependently. My career marks and percentage shows my individual effort. MoreoverI was the captain of the winning cricket team of my school and I was adjudged the best bowler of the tournament which shows that I am an efficient team member a

  • 8/6/2019 Tell Me Something About Yourself1


    lso. So I am comfortable with both.

    > What do you know about this Company?

    The interviewer simply wants to check out whether you have come prepared. Your answers also signify how passionate you are for the job and the company. Therefore its a very important question. Your answer should reflect your knowledge aboutthe company and passion for the job. If you state a simple answer and use tags it will definitely show that you have not done sufficient research.You dont have to list everything you know just enough to let them know that you did your homework. Also, take a little time to give the company a compliment suchas the last sentence. It is a psychological tool that you should use to your advantage. This type of compliment is directed at the company and the interviewer will be happy to hear this.Your answers can be:1) This company is the leader in delivering IT Solutions. Its a global company in

    18 different countries, and finally its one of the best companies to work for.2) I learned that this Company has a great work environment and is an employee o

    riented. Its a place where strong contributors are rewarded. I want to work for acompany with opportunities and I know this company will definitely provide me.3) I learned that this company provides a strong core competency, very strong value systems and best practices so I believe I have a strong vision of viewing myself as a member of this company. Also it has one of the fastest growth rates and turnover in the industry and that would mean a faster growth rate for me as aprofessional.4) The practices of your company are more employee and customer oriented. Also Ilearned from sources that this company provides services to large corporationsand is a leader in IT Solutions. Thats wh...


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