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Technology in the ClassroomGoogle+Why Google+?


Checking Your TechnologySetting Up a Google Account and ProfileCirclesHangoutsMore Links

Inviting FriendsCreating CirclesStep 1: Log into Google+ accountStep 2: Click on Find People buttonStep 3: Search for friends, family, or co-workers using their name, school, or emailStep 4: Choose the profile of the person you are searching for

Step 1: Click on the Circles tab on the left side of your screenStep 2: Add friends to your Friend circle; family to your Family circle (hint: you will have to establish these circles)Step 3: Add co-workers to an existing circle or create a new one just for them Creating CirclesWill have a demo of Inviting Friends and Creating Circles; may also have a YouTube video to watchHangout on Google+Access YouTube videos directly from your Google+ Hangout. Search for specific topics, add to your playlist, and everyone can watch together! List different apps here with brief descriptions Share any screen you have open with your hangoutcould be your Control Panel or a PowerPoint file!If you cant access video, you can still talk via Chat. Just click on the Chat button and start typUpload documents to Google Docs and share with your hangout. Collaborate and make changes together for a great final product.So many options and YOU are in control. Communicate, collaborate, and share.Bring your world together with the click of a button.Hangout Demo HereConnect to Your World Google+We will insert a video of a google+ classroom hangout here, Then introduce the question to the left and Have students brainstorm ideas for how they can use Google+ in their schoolsHow can you use this technology?Brainstorm some ideas