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  • Explore Free LMS Options: Google Classroom & Canvas

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  • What is a learning management system?

  • LMS Features


    ● Make lessons available online

    ● Students can read texts, watch videos, complete & submit assignments

    ● All classroom elements located on a web-based platform


    ● Easy access to all assignments and student work in one place

    ● Use the gradebook to monitor scores, completions, and progress


    ● Send emails within the platform

    ● Use calendar & notification features to keep yourself and students on track

    ● Use discussion boards to build community

  • Why would I want to use a learning management system?

    Let’s talk about the advantages...

  • LMS Infographic

  • What if a learning management system is too much right now?

    Let’s talk about another option...

  • Build your own teacher website with or Google Sites

  • “The expert in anything was once a beginner.”

  • Canvas


  • Teacher Dashboard

  • Teacher Dashboard

  • Student Dashboard

  • Course Homepage

  • Creating Content

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  • Canvas Support community.



  • Google Classroom


    EDU & PUB’ Know the difference before you Googlize

    yourself or your students! Melinda Holt - OTAN Project Specialist

  • G Suites PUBLIC vs CLUB EDU

    PUBlic Google is managed by Google which means its a “free for all!” (mostly)

    An EDU is a club managed by an educational entity (district).

    Melinda Holt - OTAN Project Specialist

  • CLUB PERKS ✓ Branded email


    ✓ Unlimited storage (for most)

    ✓ Direct access to organization

    ✓ No advertising!

    ✓ Enhanced security

    ✓ FERPA & COPPA compliant

    ✓ District Administration

    PUB’ PERKS ✓ Public Gmail address

    ✓ Set amount of storage

    ✓ Freedom! Share as you wish!

    ✓ Advertising

    ✓ Control of account

    ✓ Responsible for security

    ✓ Help forums Melinda Holt - OTAN Project Specialist


    Google Classroom Access

    You must have a Gmail login (PUB) OR G- suite (CLUB) credentials to use Google Classroom.

    Your students must access Google Classroom with their Gmail (PUB) or G- Suite (CLUB) credentials. NOT BOTH!

    ● If your program or institution uses GSuite for Education, you and your students should use those credentials.

    ● If you are setting Google Classroom up individually, you and your students will have to login with Gmail credentials.


    Google Classroom Dashboard

  • How do students join the class?

    Students can join a class in 2 ways

    ● Enter a class code - The teacher shares a class code, the students signs in to Google Classroom, and enters the code.

    ● Accept an invite - The teacher sends students an invite through email and the student accepts the invite in email or in Google Classroom.

  • Web Conferencing Integration

  • Google Classroom Basics

  • Classwork page

  • Creating Assignments

  • Integrations

  • Teacher To- do

  • ➔ Many view it as very user friendly

    ➔ Google Classroom has a mobile friendly app

    ➔ Many education sites such as CK-12, Kahoot, and Khan Academy offer seamless integrations into Google Classroom.

    Main advantages of Google Classroom

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    You can experience victory with an LMS.

    For now, take your first step!

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