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This document provides screeshots of the Total Architecture, Plans, and Execution System (TAPES), built by Roy Roebuck and used by the HQ, US Army Europe, Deputy Chief of Staff, Information Management (DCSIM) during the period 1989 till 1992. TAPES is an implemented IT Management subset of the General Enterprise Management (GEM) methodology for whole-enterprise management. A SQL variant of TAPES was built by USAREUR in 1993.The TAPES application and documentation was submitted by USAREUR to U.S. Department of the Army in 1990 as a request that it be further developed and standardized across the U.S. Army. TAPES was subsequently accepted as a MACOM Information Service Module (MISM) by Dept. of Army, and a requirement for TAPES was included in the DoD SBIS Phase II RFP. Neither the Army nor OSD implemented TAPES, even though the USAREUR DCSIM, in 1991, said that TAPES was the whole goldmine, in relation to OSD (Mr. Paul Strassman) asking for the field to submit their IT golden nuggets.

GEM was conceived an initially implemented and demonstrated during the period from 1982 till 1989. GEM and TAPES are the copyrighted creations of Roy Roebuck. GEM was originally implemented in Lotus 123 and then dBase II and III. TAPES was originally implemented in dBase IV as a partial GEM migration from dBase III.

Total Plans and Execution System Screen 0

TAPES Screen 1.0 Main Menu, Repository Menu Items

TAPES Screen 2.0 Menu Bar and Life Cycle Management Menu Items

TAPES Screen 3.0 Menu Bar and Maintenance Menu Items

TAPES Management Model Screen 1.1, Enterprise Top Level Object Classes

TAPES Screen European Location Objects

TAPES Screen Heidelberg Location Objects

TAPES Screen F6 Campbell Barracks Object Information

TAPES, Screen Cross-Index (Context) (PCs in Theater Surgeons Office)

TAPES Screen, Request Statement Object Ancestry and Descendants

Tapes Screen 2.1, Resource Distribution View

TAPES Screen 2.2. Object Composition View

TAPES Screen 2.3 Object Composition/Inventory View

TAPES Screen 3.1, Life Cycle Management View,

Expanded LCM Stages

TAPES 3.1.x, Prepare Request Description MIS

Page 2, Request Description

Page 3, Request Description


Categories of POC

TAPES Create Association, Select Base Object

Select Objects Associated with Goeppingen

TAPES Design Concepts

Asking and Answering Any Question, from Simple to Complex (Circa 1982)

Asking Questions About the Enterprise and Its Environment (Circa 1987)

Reducing Process Cycle Time while increasing quality and accuracy is a GEM-TAPES Goal. (Circa 1982)

An Early GEM-TAPES logical structure model. (Circa 1957)

A modern view of the early GEM-TAPES structure. (Circa 1998)

Early GEM Physical Structure (Circa 1989)

GEM-TAPES was intended as a resource management tool to implement this process. (Circa 1985)

A more detailed view of the resource management process as part of a larger Functional Process Improvement process. (Circa 1983)