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Wes DemirjianSummer Internship Recap


About MeFrom Nashville, TNJunior at Tennessee Tech UniversityStudying Mechanical Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering InternTerry Hopkins

Bushing Install Tool DesignA350 installs various bushings on multiple parts Needed an aid

25+ different applications collaborated into 3 basic toolsFinal sketch given to design engineers Awaiting approval to build

A320, A350, G650 Cutting Tools

Helped get Vidmar Cabinets in start-up areasTook inventory of all cutting tools needed in these locations and worked with Hagemeyer to stock cabinetsFiltered through thousands of cutting tools used in Tulsa and Savannah to establish a monthly baseline of what we need in Nashville

Bond Shop Vacuum ValvesIssues with resin being sucked into the holes of the vacuum couplings during the forming process (heating and pressurizing)

Worked with BDS Machine and Hagemeyer to establish a restoration method and sustainment plan

$75.00 (new) vs. $25.00 (restored)

Slat Track Roller Bearing GapProblem: Excessive setup and rework caused by feel effect

Possible Corrective Action (In Work): Digital Feeler GaugeEstimated Annual Savings: $33,750

Other Tasks


Looking ForwardGained relevant experienceAcquired valuable skillsLearned a broad spectrum of thingsLeft my mark

Back to school in AugustGraduate December 2016Pursue a career in the Aerospace Industry