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Anirban Chakraborty PGPM 2010 Roll Number: P/R/MN/10/039 Project Guide: Kislay Jha & Preeti Singh College Guide: Mr.Surendra Podder & Mr. Dibyendu Nandi


I would like to thank all the people involved in helping me make the project and this report. The report would not have been completed without the kind help of my project mentor Mr.Surendra Podder And Mr.Dibyendu Nandi and also the very helpful members of Opus Estates, Mr. Abhishek , Mr. Jha , Ms. Preeti Singh , Mrs.Subraparna.

The above mentioned respectable people were always there to give me a helping hand in the project, which might have been a daunting task for them since I am a fresher, I will be exteremely grateful to the company and its members who made me experience something to cherish and carry forward. I am also grateful to Ms. Preeti Singh , Mr.Podder and Mr.Nandi for guiding me and making this whole process enjoyable , yet with lots of learning about not only the work culture but also the corporate world and mostly about the real estate industry.


This is to certify that the project report entitled Summer Internship : Opus Estates submitted to Ms. Preeti Singh as a part of the summer internship of International School Of Business And Media for the award of the P.G.P.B.M (Post Graduation Program In Business Management) is an original work carried out under the guidance of

The matter embodied in this project is a genuine work done by the student and has not been submitted to any other University or Institute for the fulfillment of any course of study.

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Dear Sir/Madam

With due respect, I do here by declare that I have not submitted this project earlier to any university or college for fulfillment of any course of study. The project submitted is an original work of 2 months duration under supervision of Ms. Preeti Singh

Signature of guide

Yours Sincerely


COMPANY PROFILE Opus Estates is part of the GCJ group of companies, which is 50 years old having a diverse set of industries. The group has set benchmarks in areas like Iron and Steel, Real Estate Developer, Weightage Industries, Telecom IT and Real Estate Marketing. In the real estate industry, paradigms have been shifting rapidly. It is shifting from building structures to need fulfillment, from selling to marketing. The focus today is on the customer, his dreams and aspirations. Opus is your multifaceted, multitalented and multitasking professional partner. Our experience spans from interpreting the shifting paradigms to devising innovative marketing strategies. Explore the many dimensions of space marketing with us Project planning or customer programs, database marketing or mass advertising, we have the expertise to ensure that you make the right move to reach out to the right people at the right time in the right manner. THE PROFESSIONAL DIMENSION Opus customer focus Of the many dimensions of real estate, marketing is often the most esoteric. In the prevailing market condition it requires a high degree of professional training, to convert prospects into customers. For customers too, the plethora of choice, the complexity of local conditions and the pitfalls of law make buying fraught with uncertainties. Expert advice is the need of the day. Opus Estates provides the expert edge to serve the needs of buyers and sellers. With over 3

decades of combined experience in the real estate industry, we fill the gaps of reliable prof services with domain knowledge of transactions and process related to buying, selling , promoting and managing properties. As a part of the GCJ group, a 50 year old org with varied business interests, we have excellent credentials in the real estate industry, as well as enviable resources and experience to implement the service pledge. Integrity, transparency and high ethical standards have been our guiding principles of the GCJ way of doing business. Our team if highly experienced marketing professionals , help developers to chalk out effective marketingprograms to deliver time bound results.

ALIGNED TO CUSTOMER NEEDS For us, customer service is the principal prod and we fulfill many vital roles in real estate marketing- serving key players with specialized knowledge, resources and support systems that set new benchmarks for the real estate industry. For real estate developers we serve as an experienced service partners who can be entrusted to conceive and implement marketing programs and ad campaigns. As an external agent, we bring an objective perspective to developments and markets to enable effective solutions. For multinational and Indian corporates, we combine a nationwide network with local level knowledge to source the best commercial props for office and retail, as well as residences for transferred executives. Our relationship with developers enables us to facilitate negotiate quickly and competently. For individual home buyers, we provide calibrated step by step support throughout the purchase process. We evaluate the comparative merits of property options in the context of the buyers needs to find the best fit. We also provide guidance in legal and financial issues to make the transaction easier.

GROUP STRENGTHS The GCJ group of companies brings together a talented professional team backed nu tech and finance. A congenial work culture encourages talent and innovations. Respect for individual initiative, effective manpower utility , smart working and multifarious prods and environs, make working for the GCJ group the first choice for people with ideas.

OUR KEY ASSETS Org goodwill, Land and building across India, Good management and financial strength , strong market penetration, traiuned and qualified proffs, widespread application of IT, understanding of consumer behavior, proficiency in time and man management. The group has made significant invest in real estates. The experience ranges form building steel yards erecting shopping malls and residential complexes. As a consequence it has also acquired expertise in marketing projects, consultancy, strategic advice and protfolio management. Opus is the latest initiative by this aggressive, multidimensional Group to create a positive diff in the real estate marketing space.

Vision: Our Vision is to provide the customers with their basic needs and to provide them with flats onthe bank of ganga . So as you can see the tagline of our company reads as your home on the bank of ganga.

Mission: Our vision is to create a contant way for the customers to get the best of the flats and to providethem with their best of the comforts , with a focus on quality and transparency of processes so that when it comes to Chitra river breeze , customers expect nothing but the best from us every time.



LOCATION OF THE PROJECTRiver Breeze offers well - appointed affordable flats in Baidyabati, right on the bank of Ganga. On the other side is the Grand Trunk Road. Spread across 8.33 acres, River Breeze is a complete modern housing complex - with well laid out gardens, driveways, car parking, jogging track, children's play area, gym, swimming pool, security and more.

HOW TO REACH From Camac Street we need to take a bus to Howrah . Then from Howrah we take a local train from the main line to Baidyabati and reach there . From the baidyabati station we need to get of to the main road known as GT road and from there we need to take a bus or a auto rickshaw to a place known as the Palta Ghat . From Palta Ghat we have to walk for 5 minutes to reach the Chitra River Breeze .


Block 4 Build up Area (Sq. ft.) 1036


Type Basic Prices

3 BHK + 2 Toilets + 1 Balcony

3B / 2T 2B / 2T 3B / 2T 2B / 2T 2B / 2T 2B / 2T


2 BHK + 1 Study + 2 Toilets + 1 980 Balcony 3 BHK + 2 Toilets + 3 Balcony 1104



2 BHK + 1 Study + 2 Toilets + 1 968 Balcony 2 BHK + 1 Study + 2 Toilets + 1 984 Balcony 2 BHK + 1 Study + 2 Toilets + 1 950 Balcony




Block 5 Build up Area (Sq. ft.) 1086


Type Basic Prices

3 BHK + 2 Toilets + 3 Balcony

3B / 2T 2B / 2T 3B / 2T 2B / 2T 2B / 2T


2 BHK + 1 Study + 2 Toilets + 1 953 Balcony 3 BHK + 2 Toilets + 1 Balcony 1020



2 BHK + 1 Study + 2 Toilets + 1 969 Balcony 2 BHK + 1 Study + 2 Toilets + 1 931 Balcony



Block 6 Build up Area (Sq. ft.) 1036


Type Basic Prices

3 BHK + 2 Toilets + 1 Balcony

3B / 2T 2B / 2T 3B / 2T 2B /


2 BHK + 1 Study + 2 Toilets + 1 980 Balcony 3 BHK + 2 Toilets + 3 Balcony 1104


14,62,800* 12,82,600*

2 BHK + 1 Study + 2 Toilets + 1 968

Balcony 2 BHK + 2 Toilets + 1 Balcony 918

2T 2B / 2T 1B / 1T 2B / 2T 12,16,350*

1 BHK + 1 Toilet + 1 Balcony



2 BHK + 1 Study + 2 Toilets + 1 950 Balcony


Block 7 Build up Area (Sq. ft.) 1116


Type Basic Prices

3 BHK + 2 Toilets + 1 Balcony

3B / 2T 2B / 2T 2B / 2T 2B / 2T 2B / 2T


2 BHK + 1 Study + 2 Toilets + 1 964 Balcony 2 BHK + 2 Toilets + 2 Balcony 869



2 BHK + 2 Toilets + 2 Balcony



2 BHK + 2 Toilet + 1 Balcony



Block 8 Build up Area (Sq. ft.) 1063