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SNM ILB DualColor InteriorLightbar InstallGuide

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• Proper installation of this product requires the installer to have a good understanding of automotive electronics, systems and procedures. Do not stare directly into these lights. Momentary blindness and/or eye damage could result. Do not install this product or route any wires in the deployment area of your air bag. Equipment mounted or located in the air bag deployment area will damage or reduce the effective- ness of the air bag or become a projectile that could cause serious personal injury or death. Refer to your vehicle owner manual for the air bag deployment area. The User/Installer assumes full responsibility to determine proper mounting location, based on providing ultimate safety to all passengers inside the vehicle. If this product uses a remote device to activate or control this product, make sure that this control is in an area that allows both the vehicle and the control to be operated safely in any driving condition.
Do not attempt to activate or control this device in a hazardous driving situation. • If mounting this product requires drilling holes, the installer must be sure that no vehicle components or other vital parts could be damaged by the drilling process. Check both sides of the mounting surface before drilling begins. Also, de-burr any holes and remove any metal shards or remnants. Install grommets into all wire passage holes. For this product to operate at optimum efficiency, a good electrical connection to chassis ground must be made. The recommended procedure requires the product ground wire to be connected directly to the NEGATIVE (-) battery post or vehicle chassis. Do not attach the NEGATIVE (-) wire to any other existing ground wire. It is recommended that these instructions be stored in a safe place and referred to when performing Maintenance and/or reinstallation of this product.
PURPLE (Color 1)
GREEN (Color 2)
WHITE (Flood) Connect to +12 - 24 Volts
Combine Purple and Green to get Combination Flashes of Colors 1 + 2
Select your flash pattern: To select flash patterns, apply BLUE wire to +12 volts: • 1 second short touch for forward pattern; repeat until desired pattern is found • 1~3 seconds for CA Title 13 • 3~5 seconds to reset to default • 5+ seconds to turn-off
Yellow sync wire: To sync two or more lightheads to same flash pattern, all lights must be set to the same flash pattern before connecting yellow wires.
The bar does not sit flat: If the mounts are secure, you may need to slightly adjust them. Secure them in a vise and carefully make small adjustments. Bending the brackets too much can cause them to break and is not warrantied.
Visor mounts are 14.5” or wider: In this case you will need to secure the unit directly to the headliner.
Mounting: Your Interior bar comes with forked brackets. You can use the forked end to secure the brackets to your existing visor mount or you can directly mount the bracket to your headliner using screws. It is imperative that you check the area behind the headliner for any hidden wires and that you use the appropriate size screws (no larger than #8 screw). The brackets can’t be more than 14.5” from each other as the track will not allow for any more width. Once brackets are secured, use 2 screws to hold the interior bar to the bracket.
Safety First! Safety First! Before beginning the installation and/or operation of your LEDs, the installation technician and operator must read this manual in full, before installation. This document provides all the necessary information to allow your LEDs to be properly and safely installed to prevent severe injury or damage.
WARRANTY Provided this product is installed and operated in a manner consistent with its use, Strobes N’ More guarantees its E-Series ILB for a period of 5 years from the day of purchase. Units demonstrated to be defective within the warranty period will be repaired or replaced at the seller’s discretion. The customer is responsible for shipping the item to Strobes N’ More. Improper installation or use of inadequate circuit protection causes the warranty to be void. Applying voltage directly to the LEDs will cause immediate failure and void the warranty. Damages resulting from improper use and/or accidents are not covered by this warranty. Aluminum will corrode if left in the elements or area of high road salt use – clean accordingly. Use of non-compatible components/assemblies may cause damage to the system and voids all warranties. Strobes N’ More LLC shall in no way be liable for other damages including consequential, indirect or special damages whether loss is due to negligence or breach of warranty. Visit for more information.
INSTALLation GUIDE Strobes N' More ILB Interior Dual Color Lightbar