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Salt Lake Community College2012


Your Instructor: Brett Sigurdson


in this syllabus>>>What is Composition? Grade Breakdown Writing Resources Nitty-Gritty Details Course Calendar


An Overview of the Course, Expectations, Assignments, and Objectives

questions? concerns? contact me here:>>> phone/text: 715.937.0507 ofce/ofce hours: TBA Course Website: bsigurdsonenglish1010.

What is Composition?Writers learn to write by reading, and readers learn to write by writing. Its all circuitous. You cant write well, without reading well. We will do both in this course.Writing is a skill that you need the rest of your life. There will be no escaping itsending emails, texts, writing essay exams, memos, and more. In this course, you will write, write, and rewrite. T he major difference in this course is in terms of what you will write. You will experience how to discover topics of writing that are meaningful to you. You will also learn how to make an assigned topic your own. You will learn to know the difference between revision, editing, and proofreading. Through learning about the writing process, through multiple drafts, conferences, and readings of your work, you will learn to think deeply about your own writing. You will discover throughout the writing process with the community of writers in this class. You will also receive and give thoughtful critiques about your own work as well as that of your classmates. You will learn to read critically. This will help you become a more thoughtful, deeper reader of your own work. You will combine all of this knowledge with your own experience and connect it to the wider world. This is all to help you prepare for the personal and academic writing you will do throughout college and your own life.

While there is a great deal of writing; you, as author, will be in full control of the topics and process.the inherent power that you, as a writer, posses and learn how to harness it to improve your writing. You are expected to bring your writing to a level that is polished and publishable. You will then share your writing

Textbook: Writing: A Guide for College and Beyond [SLCC Edition], by Lester Faigley


ENGLISH 1010 Spring 2011

The Nitty Gritty... Everything that you need to succeed in this course AttendanceAs a student in this class, you will be expected to contribute to your fellow students edication and growth. As such, a certain level of decorum must be maintained so that we may all benet from each others experiences, opinions, and perspectives. I may or may not take attendance on a given day. However, repeated absences will negatively affect your grade. I do not distinguish between excused and unexcused absences. You may miss a maximum of four class periods. After four, your overall grade will be lowered at my discretion. More than nine absences will lead to automatic failure.

participation in class, which I will note for grade purposes during each session.

Writing NotebookPlease bring a notebook solely for fastwriting assignments beginning the second day of class and continuing until the end of the semester. Your notebook will be the place where you explore your ideas, doodle, react to writing prompts, and hopefully plant the seeds of ideas for future writing projects. The type of notebook that you provide is of little signicance. What matters is that youre comfortable writing in it and that you use it only for this class. I will require you to turn in your writing notebooks an unspecied number of times at various instances throughout the semester, something which will count towards your overall grade. Note: I have a strict deadline for notebooks. If I leave campus without your writing notebook, you will not receive points for the assignment, no exceptions.

Youre a Genius all the timeJack Kerouac

Class ParticipationThough the main objective of this course is to learn about and improve your writing, you cannot achieve this end without discussion. As the course progresses, you will nd that writing though ostensibly the most important facet of this coursemay actually be only a small portion of what we will approach during our class sessions. It is my hope then that through collectively sharing ideas, views, and knowledge each of us will come to a better understanding of our own capacities, not just as writers, but as students and world citizens. To that end, please show up for class ready to talk and discuss. Part of your grade will depend on your

Class Blog/Facebook PagePlease check the class blog, listed on the rst page, daily. There you will nd information on the class, including a chat feature for digital ofce hours, digital copies of all assignments, your grades, links to important websites, and postings concerning class discussions and topics of interest to you. You will also be required to join the class Facebook page. Should you ever miss class, need more information, or need a workshop partner, please post a request for information on the Facebook page. We will also use the page for

discussion assignments, each of which will be worth 25 points.

Final PortfolioWriting is a process. Youre not going to sharpen your ability to write by getting one shot at it. Therefore, you will be encouraged to improve the assignments that you submit throughout the semester until the last week of the course. On the nal day of classes, youll submit to me a p o r t f o l i o o f a l l t h e s e m e s t e r s assignments, edited and sculpted to (I hope) perfection. Heres how it will work: after you submit an assignment to me, Ill respond with comments and a grade the grade you would receive if you didnt do any more work on it. If youre satised with your work and the grade, then you can leave it. If you feel that you can do better, continue to work on the paper throughout the semester through revision, visiting with the Writing Center, and meeting with me. At the end of the semester, youll submit your work to me in a portfolio with a cover letter. The work that you submit should be your very best. The portfolio will stand as the bulk of your grade for the class.

It is imperative that you acknowledge in a paper any instance in which you incorporate ideas or information borrowed from others. This includes quotes, s t a t i s t i c s , o r, i n s o m e circumstances, paraphrases of anothers words. An intentional f ailure to acknowledge such attribution is plagiarism and a serious violation of academic integrity. You are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the appropriate forms of attribution and documentation for this course. The penalty

Academic Integrityfor plagiarism in this course may include, but is not limited to, failure of English 1010. For questions or concerns, I encourage you to consult a reputable source, the Writing Center, or me.


ENGLISH 1010 Spring 2011

The Nitty Gritty... Everything that you need to succeed in this course Late WorkWriting is about making choices and this is something that will be reected in my classroom. All assignments are absolutely due on the date specied on the syllabus or by the instructor. However, I will allow you to turn in an assignment up to seven days past the due date without penalty to your grade. If you choose to do this, I will not provide any feedback for your paper, something that may hinder any revision attempts. You must let me know at least 24 hours via email, before the assignment is due that you will be turning in your assignment under these conditions. Otherwise, if you do not notify me of your decision to take the extra week, I will not accept your assignment as I do not accept late work. Note: This policy only pertains to the major papers of this course and NOT to weekly group postings, your Writing Notebook, or any other recurring assignments. Finally, lets face it: technology breaks. servers go down, transfers time out, les become corrupt. The list goes on and on. These are not considered emergencies. They are part of the normal production process. An issue you may have with technology is no excuse for late work. You need to protect yourself by managing your time and backing up your work.

There will be a number of small assignments throughout the semester. They will be worth 25 points each and will mostly consist of discussion posts and responses on our class Facebook page. In total, well have at least 800 points. Youll notice I havent marked these assignments on the course schedule. Ive done so to keep you on your toes. Though you will certainly have ample time to complete each assignment, you must be involved in class in order to be on task.


Other Graded Work

This is not a difcult class, though its not an easy one either. The most successful students in my courses arent necessarily the best writers; rather, the most successful students simply do the work. To succeed in this class, you simply need to show up, do each assignment, push yourself to create your best work, and revise, revise, revise. While the quality of your work takes precedence over anything else in terms of your grade, the above-mentioned things will lead to quality work. Here are some other things to keep in mind: 1. I will not tolerate laziness, entitlement, or excuses. It is my job to make sure that you succeed in this course and I will do all that I can to ensure you master the material. However, if you are to truly succeed in this class, you must meet me halfway. This is a classroom, not a business. You are not my customer and I owe you nothing beyond my devotion to your education. I dont care what other obligations you have, classes youre taking, etc. If youre not willing to do the work, be in