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SLCC Student Resources. Pictures by Josh Bown Notes by Dylan Gibson and Mark Park Presentation and editing by Sam Crawford. Location : administration building. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SLCC Student Resources

Pictures by Josh BownNotes by Dylan Gibson and Mark ParkPresentation and editing by Sam CrawfordSLCC Student Resources

Location: administration building.Purpose: To look for a job to build your social media profile, build a professional resume, and develop your search and interview skills. You can look at postings on job boards. 11.30 to1.30 is usually the time that the student employment office is busiest, so if you don't want a crowd keep that in mind. Job referrals will take about ten minutes, there is also work study provided in this department; although it is based on funding, and a 2.0 grade average with 9 credit hours is required to participate. There is also cooperative education were you can work with opportunities to learn and get credits in general studies. Students are usually most qualified for this and it is easy to get school credit for working.

Also in the Admin building, it is available for all students. The Writing Center contains resources and tutors to help you with your personal or academic writing assignments. Bring your text book, writing project, and all pertinent papers. They can help you narrow down your field, decide on a topic, or sometimes just provide a different set of eyes. Although you can walk in, making an appointment guarantees there will be someone available to help.You can call or write on their calendar. There is also a center at the salt lake city library for community members.

Student CenterThe first things I noticed in this building were the cafeteria and food court. The Student Center houses the Academic Advising Center, Resource Center, a computer lab, Student Services, and more.The career center helps you understand your career journey, making your time here official. The advisors can help you make decisions and start from a constant, like What are your interests? Through a free Core Traits assessment you may find out a few new things. There is a career flow book available at the bookstore. You can also find assessments and resources on my page.

Unfortunately I dont have much to say about the Disability Resource Center, since the receptionist was rather uncooperative during our class tour.

The Financial Aid Center is fairly self-explanatory. This is where you go if you need help, have questions, or want to file for any form of financial aid.

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