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A newsletter for breast cancer survivors


SharingAutumn 2014 A NEWSLETTER FOR BREAST CANCER SURVIVORSwith FriendsIt has been five years since I had the pleasure of writing an article for Sharing & Caring. At that time the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) had come out with their new mammography screening guidelines which created a furor across the country and were eventually rescinded by Congress. At the present time the Task Force is in the process of redoing their analysis of breast screening guidelines. Despite irrefutable scientific evidence which shows major life-saving benefits for women who have annual mammograms starting at the age of forty, I am worried that the guidelines will be altered and the USPSTF will recommend less frequent screening. There will be more to come about this later.On a much brighter note, we have seen major advances in personalized breast cancer diagnosis and treatment over the past five years. Our surgical techniques for breast cancer surgery have continued to evolve. Our ability to offer genetic counseling and therapy treatments for women who are predisposed to the development of breast cancer has vastly improved. New molecular markers for breast cancer which are detected by our pathologists have enabled them to identify patients who do not need as aggressive therapy as others might. Our radiation oncologists are using more precise therapies to treat both focal and more advanced tumors. Our medical oncologists also have newer drugs which are better at destroying tumor cells, as well as leaving normal healthy tissues intact.From a diagnostic perspective, there has been much excitement among women and also in the media about a new technology called digital breast tomosynthesis (also known as 3D mammography). This new device is a different type of mammogram (unfortunately, the breasts still need to be compressed). What happens is that the x-ray tube, which is stationary for a normal 2D mammogram, rotates through a series of different angles and images are taken at each angle. The amount of time to take these pictures is slightly longer than for a standard mammogram therefore it is important that the patient does not move. A computer built into the device analyses all the images. It reconstructs the information and displays it on monitors for the radiologist to interpret. The images are thin slices of the breast tissue which go from one end of the breast to the other side (imagine slicing a loaf of bread and then looking at each individual slice).The major advantages of looking at these thin slices of breast are twofold. First, we can improve our ability to find small breast cancers. Sometimes, it is hard to see through dense breast tissue since it can sit in front of and behind a small tumor. A normal 2D digital mammogram cannot see the cancer because it is hidden by this adjacent dense tissue. The 3D thin slices separate the small cancer from the surrounding tissue and allow us to find it. (imagine a small grape in the loaf of bread- taking one picture of the whole loaf wouldnt allow you to see the grape but individual pictures of each slice would let you find it).Large studies across the world have shown that the increased cancer detection rate ranges from 15-40%.The second main advantage of tomosynthesis is that it allows us to see normal breast tissue in these thin slices. Sometimes normal tissue can arrange itself so it mimics the appearance Murray Rebner, MD, FACR Director, Section of Breast Imaging Beaumont Health System, Royal Oak Campus Professor of Diagnostic Radiology, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicinewith Friends does it differ from regular mammography? Our Expert explains: Getting your BEST mammogram. Calendar of EventsIn This Issue:Beaumont Cancer CenterMailing Address: 3577 W. Thirteen MileRoyal Oak, MI 48073-6710248-551-8585email: sharingandcaring@ beaumont.eduYou can make a differenceSharing & Caring is a non-profit organization devoted to the education and support of breast cancer survivors. Donations support programs for others who follow in the same footsteps and can be made by a check payable to Sharing & Caring at the above address.On the Horizon - Tomosynthesis - aka 3D MammographyFarewell..As summer comes to a close, so does my time at Sharing & Caring. I am heading to a new, full-time position at Beaumont. This was a very difficult decision for me since I truly enjoy working at S&C and being with all of you.I would like to thank you all for welcoming me into your lives and allowing me to be a part of your journey. I have been blessed to have spent time with so many of you. You have all touched me more than you know.As I leave, I would like to ask you to continue to support S&C. Every donation helps, no matter how small! S&C programs are about YOU, your cancer journey and SURVIVORSHIP! Without YOU this program would not be possible.I wish you all good health, and happiness.Hugs, Lorelei Greetings from LoreleiTomosynthesis - aka 3D Mammography ...continued from page 1of a cancer. The thin slices taken through the area proves that all the tissue is normal and there is no cancer at this location. This means that fewer women are recalled for extra images to determine if the tissue is normal or if an abnormality really exists at this location. Many studies have shown that the decrease in the recall rate ranges from 30-40% for the screening population. This means that many women will be called normal and will not have to come back for additional imaging. This will decrease their anxiety as well as save them time and money.It should be noted that 3D mammography is not a panacea for breast cancer. There are still going to be cancers which do not show up either on 2D or 3D mammography. This is where tailored imaging for the individual patient, depending on her risk for breast cancer, becomes important. Many medical organizations such as the American College of Radiology, the Society of Breast Imaging and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network have specific recommendations for imaging based on risk. We encourage patients to discuss their risks (and possible supplemental screening with other devices in addition to mammography) with their health care providers.Digital breast tomosynthesis appears promising at this time. However, additional research studies are still needed to determine for which type of patients it would have the greatest benefit. For example, perhaps regular 2D mammograms would be sufficient for a woman who has mostly fatty tissue. Also, we need to know if 3D mammography finds certain types of cancers which are potentially more aggressive than those detected with 2D images. This data has important treatment implications. Our team at Beaumont plans to participate in these important studies.As I write this column there is only one FDA-approved 3D vendor in the USA- Hologic. However others including General Electric and Siemens have applied for FDA approval and likely will be approved in the near future. We at Beaumont were the only facility in the country to provide GE with the clinical images which they needed for their application. We believe in this technology and we hope to have it available for some, if not all of our screening patients, in the first quarter of 20152Dont forget that you can find us on Facebook! We are Sharing & Caring at Beaumont. You will find lots more information there, including reminders of our programs and events, great healthy recipes and tips, updated news about breast cancer and more. Be certain to Like the page so that our posts will show in your Facebook feed. Feel free to post your thoughts and comments as well! We love hearing from you.Sharyn Schymick, R.T. (M) Radiology Supervisor, Diagnostic Radiology, Royal Oak Ask the Expert How often should I get a mammogram?Beaumont follows the American College of Radiology and the America Cancer Society recommendations for screening mammograms. Average women, who have not been diagnosed as high risk for breast cancer, should have a mammogram annually after the age of forty. High risk patients should talk to their physician to determine if they would benefit from getting a screening exam earlier and whether they would be a candidate for screening with MRI. When is the best time to schedule my mammogram?The best time to schedule your mammogram is about ten days before you start your period if you are still menstruating. Your breasts are the least tender at this time and it will help you to tolerate the compression. Some women can tolerate compression better than others. If you seem to have trouble with compression during the exam possibly refrain from caffeine before and let the technologist know that you are very sensitive. They will work with you to get the best exam and they will try to minimize your discomfort. If something suspicious is found during a mammogram, what happens next?If you are called back for something suspicious on your mammogram dont panic. One out of every ten women are called back for a diagnostic work-up. Your breasts change as you grow older and any slight change may cause the Radiologist to have you return for additional imaging. Make an appointment for your call back. Most of the time it will be a slight normal change in your breast tissue that warranted the call back and you will either be able to return to normal screening exams or undergo several short-term six month follow-up studies. If at the time of your call back exam you do have to have a biopsy, be aware that seventy-five percent of the time it is a negative finding. If it does turn out to be a positive finding usually it is a small, highly treatable tumor. This is why we screen for breast cancer to find early, localized tumors which have an excellent prognosis. How accurate is mammography?With the new digital technology, mammograms find more breast cancer. They are about eighty-five percent accurate in diagnosing breast cancer. However, some breast cancers do not appear on a mammogram. Your health-care provider should evaluate any abnormality you or he/she feel when examining your breasts. Ive been told I have dense breasts. What does that mean?Breast density is a measure used to describe the proportion of different tissues that make up a womans breasts. Breast density compares the volume of dense fibrous connective tissue seen on a mammogram to fat. High breast density means there is a greater amount of fibrous connective tissue compared to fat. Low breast density has a greater amount of fat and less connective tissue. For women with high breast density, digital mammograms can offer benefits over film screen because of its ability to penetrate dense breast tissue. What is new on the horizon for Mammography?Tomosynthesis is the newest technology in screening for breast cancer. It has shown to have fewer call-backs for ultimately negative results. It reduces the stress among patients who ultimately are shown to have nothing wrong, while being more accurate at finding early stage invasive cancers. Beaumont plans to have this available in the first quarter of next year.3Many thanks to Dr. Rebner and Sharyn Schymick!Dont forget to schedule YOUR mammogram! With some of the most advanced treatments available for cancer, more patients are living through, and beyond, a cancer diagnosis every day. At Beaumont, our Cancer Survivorship Program partners with you to develop a plan to help maximize health and healing of mind, body and spirit.The Cancer Survivorship Program has four distinct components: Long term follow up and Cancer Survivorship Clinics: The long-term effects of cancer and cancer treatment can be challenging. To meet these unique needs, Beaumont offers a multidisciplinary approach for survivors of breast and other cancers. These clinics offer a comprehensive, multidisciplinary visit, which is designed to focus on any issues you may be experiencing related to treatment, and guidance with living a healthy life after treatment. Clinicians will work with your physicians in a partnership to provide long term care. You will be provided with educational materials relevant to diagnosis, treatment, and potential late effects of therapy. For information or to make an appointment, please call: Cancer Survivorship Clinic: 888-924-9460, option 6 Psychosocial support: Emotional support and resources, connection to licensed social workers, cancer resource centers, classes, support groups, integrative medicine and spiritual support. Exercise and wellness: Licensed physical and occupational therapists are available to provide you with a personal evaluation, supervised exercise program, individual wellness, or physical and occupational therapy, with a focus on improving movement and balance, promoting fitness and supporting a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition: Licensed dietitians will help you develop beneficial nutritional practices that are designed specifically for your needs. Following a one-on-one consultation, youll receive a nutritional assessment that includes an evaluation of your daily intake, weight, diet, nutritional needs and challenges. Classes within the community are also available: Nutrition During Cancer Treatment and Nutrition for Cancer Prevention and Survivorship.For more information about any components of the Cancer Survivorship Program, contact one of our Cancer Resource Centers: 248-551-1339 (Royal Oak) or 248-964-3430 (Troy) or visit us online: the Cancer Survivorship Clinic Cancer Survivorship Program: A Word from Nayana Dekhne, MD, Director, Comprehensive Breast Care CentersIt is with mixed feelings that I say farewell to Lorelei. A feeling of sadness to see her go, yet happiness to see her expanding her career opportunities within the Beaumont Health System. Sharing and Caring continues to be an integral part of the breast care program at Beaumont and I am pleased to announce that we are fully committed to expanding the program, including recruitment for Loreleis replacement.Lorelei came to Sharing & Caring in late 2009. She developed the Facebook page early the following spring (Sharing & Caring was just the second department to host a fb page!) and was instrumental in revamping the Metastatic Breast Cancer support group, which began again in 2011. Her outgoing and friendly approach was a great benefit to S & C and we will continue to build upon her success by expanding existing programs and adding new features. We look forward to serving our survivors and thank you for your support.4 Did you know that there are 155,000 Americans currently living with metastatic disease? Treatment for metastatic breast cancer is life-long and focuses on control of the disease and quality of life. A diagnosis of metastatic disease (also called Stage IV) is NOT an automatic death sentence. Many people live long, productive, happy lives with metastatic breast cancer. If you are one of those women living with Stage IV, please consider joining our group designed especially for you. Our Stage IV group meets on the 3rd Tuesday evening of each month, in the Rose Cancer Center at Beaumont, Royal Oak. Metastatic disease brings with it unique challenges and issues, and it can often be difficult to find a place to share your feelings about the disease. This group is a safe haven to listen, talk and learn ways to live your best possible life with Stage IV. These meetings are facilitated by Psychologist Dr. Sally Smolen of Mercy Works in Farmington Hills and Jennifer Martens, Oncology Nurse Clinician. Please call 248-551-8585 for more information and to reserve your spot. October 13th is Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day! Women, Wisdom & Wellness, Breast Cancer AwarenessWednesday, October 8 at 6:00 p.m.Gather up your girlfriends and join us for a free evening of health and wellness. You will meet experts from Beaumonts medical team who will discuss breast cancer, healthy tips on nutrition and education about Integrative Medicine and Genetics. The evening includes wellness advice, giveaways, door prizes, refreshments and hors doeuvres!Location: Costick Center, 28600 Eleven Mile Rd. (1/4 mile east of Middlebelt) in Farmington HillsRegister at: or call Physician Referral at 800-633-7377. Join the Cancer Clinical Trials Department for complimentary coffee, information on how to prevent cancer, what tests you need to detect cancer as well as help to dispel myths that exist about cancer clinical trials and bio-specimen research. We will be happy to answer your questions about cancer and clinical trials.Tuesday, October 28, 9:30 am - 10:30 am at Beaumont Grosse Pointe Hospital main entrance. No pre-registration necessary. Genetics Third Annual BRCA SymposiumFriday, November 14, 2014, 8:00 am. To 3:00 p.m. at Beaumont Hospital, Royal OakThis is a free conference for patients and families with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome due to BRCA mutations. Call Beaumonts Cancer Genetics Program for more information: 248-551-0272.5During chemotherapy treatment, you may find it difficult to concentrate. Putting post-itnotes on your bathroom mirror or kitchen cabinets can helpyou to remember the things you need to do. Coping with Chemo tip...Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday1 2 7:00 pmLymphedemaTroy3 4Yom Kippur5 6 7 8 9 7:00 pmStandard of CareRoyal Oak10 1112 13Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day14 15 6:00 pmShop Beautique Gift Shop Troy16 7:00 pmCoffee, Chocolate & Chat RO17 18 1:00 pmMacys Fashion Trend Show - Novi19 20 10:30 amBreast Cancer SupportTroy21 7:00 pmMetastatic Breast Cancer Support RO22 23 6:30 pm Henna ArtRoyal Oak24 2526 27 28 29 30 31HalloweenOctober 2014Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday12Daylight Savings time begins3 4 5 6 6:30 pmHealthy Cooking DemoAuburn Hills7 89 10 11 12 13 6:30 pm Volunteer Appreciation Dinner RO 14 1516 17 10:30 am Breast Cancer SupportTroy18 7:00 pmMetastatic Breast Cancer Support RO19 20 21 2223 3024 256 26 27Thanksgiving29 29November 20146ALL Sharing & Caring events are RESERVATIONS REQUIRED! Please call 248-551-8585 and let us know you plan to attend. If no one is available to take your call, a message with your name, phone number and which program you want to attend will complete your registration. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday1 2 3 4 5 67 8 9 6:00 pmLeon & Lulu Event Clawson10 11 12 1314 15 10:30 am Breast Cancer SupportTroy16 7:00 pmMetastatic Breast Cancer Support RO17Hanukkah18 19 2021 22 23 24 25 Christmas26Kwanzaa2728 29 30December 20147Dont forget to call 248-551-8585 and reserve your seat. If no one is available to take your call, a message with your name, phone number and the name of the program you plan to attend will suffice as your reservation.Breast Cancer Support - Theres something just right for you!Breast Cancer Support Group: Mondays, October 20th, November 17th and December 15th 10:30am Troy Beaumont The sudden and unexpected changes that go along with a breast cancer diagnosis can be difficult to manage. This small group discussion led by Oncology Social Worker Laurel Martinez, LMSW, LCSW, OSW-C, provides an opportunity for women to discuss the unique challenges facing them as breast cancer survivors. Meets in the Wilson Cancer Resource Center 1st floor classroom, in the Professional Building at 44344 Dequindre Road, across the bridge from Beaumont Hospital, Troy. STAGE 4 - A Group for Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer: Tuesdays, October 21st, November 18th and December 16th. 7:00pm Royal Oak BeaumontThis group provides an opportunity for survivors who have metastatic breast cancer to discuss the unique challenges and issues they face. Women with stage four breast cancer often feel unable to talk about their cancer. This format provides a safe arena to converse about what is on your mind and in your heart. You are welcome to attend one or all meetings. This meeting will be facilitated by Psychologist Dr. Sally Smolen of Mercy Works in Farmington Hills and Jennifer Martens, Oncology Nurse Clinician. We will be meeting in the Resource Center on the first floor of the Rose Cancer Center, Royal Oak.8Other Programs of InterestLymphedema: Symptoms, Management & Avoidance: Thursday, October 2nd 7pm Troy BeaumontDo you know that lymphedema can occur immediately after breast cancer surgery, or months or even years later? Anytime lymph nodes under the arm have been removed, there is a higher risk of lymphedema. Join us as Dr. Justin Riutta, Director of Beaumonts Lymphedema Clinic talks about risk factors, prevention, treatment and management and Cynthia Tan, P.T., demonstrates proper wrapping. Bring your questions. Meets in the Troy Professional Building (east side of Dequindre, across from Beaumont Hospital, Troy) in the 1st floor classroom next to the Sterling CafWhen Standard of Care Doesnt Work: Tuesday, October 9th 7pm Royal Oak BeaumontCome out to join a discussion on the future of medicine with Beaumonts Cancer Clinical Trials Office. Enjoy a light healthy fruit snack while finding answers to why people choose to participate in research and why others are opposed to participating. Bring your questions and meet in the Royal Oak Cancer Center 1st floor classroom. Breast Cancer Awareness Event at Troy Beaumont Gift Shop: Wednesday, October 15th 6pmSee page 11 for more information about a fun opportunity to save money while shopping and supporting Sharing & Caring.Coffee, Chocolate & Chat: Thursday, October 16th 7pm Royal Oak BeaumontAnger, denial, fear, and grief are all normal emotional responses to a breast cancer diagnosis. Join us as Psychologist Debra Luria, Ph.D., APRN, BC guides us in discussion of ways to help manage these feelings. Feel free to share your story or just listen. Interacting with other survivors can give you added support from those who have been through or are going through some of the same challenges as you. Meets in the Royal Oak Cancer Center 1st floor classroom. Macys 3rd Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Fashion Trend Show: Saturday, October 18th 1pmSee page 10 for more information about this fun annual event! Dont forget to call 248-344-6928 to register and reserve your space.Rehabilitative Henna Art: Thursday, October 23rd 6:30pm Royal Oak BeaumontJoin us as Dr. Mala C. Malgeri, from Synergy Therapy, teaches us all about her new Rehabilitative Henna Art-geared specifically for individuals receiving/needing a variety of therapies, including breast cancer survivors. She will be teaching us how to create patterns and also give us an opportunity to be decorated with the Henna Art! See page 11 for more details.Field Trip!! Healthy Cooking Demonstration: Thursday, November 6th 6:30pm We will be observing how to how to make healthy, tasty meals Trevarrow Inc, a beautiful culinary kitchen and auditorium. Well learn diet tips, and sample dishes as well! Make sure to register early for this special evening. See page 10 for details.Volunteer Appreciation Night: Thursday, November 13th 6:30pm Royal Oak BeaumontCalling all the Sharing & Caring volunteers who have helped so much this past year and those of you who would like to help out in the future. Please join us for a light dinner and dessert. We will talk about volunteer opportunities for the coming year and how you might like to help. THANK YOU for another great year! We will meet in the Royal Oak Cancer Center 1st floor classroom. Please be sure to call 248-551-8585 and let us know you will be there. Field Trip!! Leon & Lulu: Tuesday, December 9th 6pmWe had so much fun last year, were going to do it again! Please join us for holiday shopping and refreshments at this eclectic shop in Clawson. See page 9 for details. 9Saturday, October 18th, 1:00 pmCome on out and show your support for your fellow Sharing & Caring breast cancer survivors as they model some of the latest fashion and cosmetic trends. Weve had so much fun in the past, were doing it again! Light refreshments will be served and all those making a donation to Sharing & Caring will receive a token of appreciation from Macys! You wont want to miss this fun-filled afternoon.Please sign up early by calling 248-344-6928 to reserve your place. Cosmetics & Fragrances Department, Macys Twelve Oaks Mall, Novi, Northest corner of I-96 and Novi Rd10If you feel overwhelmed or just stumped about how to prepare cancer-fighting foods, this program is designed for you. Personal Chef and cancer survivor Mary LeComte Bowler will prepare dishes high in fiber and cancer-fighting properties while Sola Life & Fitness Registered Dietitian, Stephanie Vella, answers nutrition questions and offers healthy diet tips. We will sample Marys dishes as we learn. Well meet at their beautiful culinary training kitchen/auditorium at Trevarrow, Inc., which they are generously sharing with us for the evening. Located at 1295 N. Opdyke Road in Auburn Hills, 1/4 mile North of M-59 (Opdyke Road Exit #39) or 1.5 miles south east of I-75 (University Drive Exit #79), on the corner of Opdyke Road and Centre Road. BE CERTAIN TO CALL 248-551-8585 EARLY AND RESERVE YOUR SPOT. Space is limited! Healthy Cooking Demonstration!Third Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Fashion Trend ShowThursday, November 6th 6:30 pm Fun opportunity to shop and support the Sharing & Caring program. Shoppers will receive 20% discount on all in-store merchandise from 6 - 8 p.m. Sample Starbucks beverages and visit with the gift shops volunteer Fashionista, Pam Pokley to hear her great suggestions on creating your own style. Bonus: Across from the Beautique Gift Shop, Silviques Sterling Silver is having a 50% off sale. Stop by their table for a chance to win a door prize. At the Beautique Gift Shop Located inside BeaumontHospital, TroyBreast Cancer Awareness Event!! Wednesday, October 15th, 6:00 pmmRehabilitative Henna Art: Thursday, October 23 at 6:30pm Royal Oak BeaumontHenna, also called Mehindi, has been used, throughout history and in a variety of cultures to dye skin, hair, fingernails and fabrics. Typically, Henna is worn for decorative purposes, during weddings and festivities, but is also used for its herbal qualities that provide cooling, soothing and calming properties. Join us as Dr. Mala C. Malgeri, from Synergy Therapy, teaches us all about her new Rehabilitative Henna Art-geared specifically for individuals receiving/needing a variety of therapies, but open to all breast cancer survivors. She will be teaching us how to create patterns and also give us an opportunity to be decorated with the Henna Art! We will meet in the Rose Cancer Center 1st floor classroom. Please call 248-551-8585 to reserve your place!11Please note that these are not Sharing & Caring programs and each of these events has separate contact information and phone numbers.Look Good Feel Better: This program is presented in conjunction with the American Cancer Society to help women who are currently undergoing cancer treatment to improve their appearance and self image by teaching them hands-on beauty techniques to overcome the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatments. We will also learn how to tie head scarves, get tips on choosing the right wig, and even bring home a beautiful kit filled with new makeup. Reservations for LGFB for Troy (10 am meeting time), or Royal Oak (6 pm meeting time) or Grosse Pointe (6:30 pm meeting time) must be made by calling the American Cancer Society at 1-800-227-2345. Meeting dates for Royal Oak and Troy are Mondays: October 13, November 10 and December 8. Grosse Pointe meets on October 13 only.Silver Linings, Summer 2014: Silver Linings teaches meditation, gentle yoga, mindful eating, and mindful communication skills to women who have completed cancer treatment. To register for the program, you must come to ONE information/registration meeting, held Thursdays, September 11th and 18th at 6:30 pm at the Royal Oak Campus. Autumn session will start October 2nd and finish on November 20th. For more information about the program, or to RSVP for ONE of the Info/Registration dates, please call Pam Jablonski at 248-551-4645, or email without the Football Breast Cancer Awareness Event on Wednesday, October 8th at Vasileff Medical Group, 525 Southfield Road in Birmingham. This will be a great opportunity to talk to Dr. Vasileff and his staff and learn more about looking and feeling your best all the time. Information on breast cancer detection and prevention will be available. Stop by between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. for refreshments. Everyone making a donation to Sharing & Caring at that time will receive a discount towards any purchase.Nutrition for Cancer Survivorship: Learn How Diet Influences Cancer! Recipes and sample foods provided. Presented by Betty Boscarino, RD and Chef Steve Chapman at the Rehabilitation & Dialysis Center, 44300 Dequindre, Sterling Heights, 48314, 2nd Floor, Staff Lounge. 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm Nutrition During Cancer Treatment: Thursdays, October 9th and December 11th Nutrition for Cancer Survivorship: Thursday, November 13th. Call 248-964-3430 to reserve your seat. Wine & Dine For A Cure Friday, October 10, 6:00 p.m. till midnight, Orion Center, 1335 Joslyn Road, Lake Orion $35 per person, $50 per couple. Wear your pink in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Join us for a catered dinner as we strive toward our goal. Dinner, drinks, door prizes, and entertainment are included. Proceeds will be donated to cancer education, free mammograms for women in need and support for survivors. Semi-formal attire, please. Keynote Speaker for the evening: Eric Brown, MD, Director of Oncology Services and Center for Breast Health at Beaumont Hospital - Troy, On the Membership Committee of the American Society of Breast Disease since 2007 and A Top Doc award recipient in the Detroit Metro area in 2010, 2011 and 2012 To register, please call 248-391-0304 or go to their website at www.oriontownship.orgShades of Pink Foundation: Whats New, What Else and Whats In Your Breast Cancer Journey. Updates on Breast Cancer Care and Prevention with Pamela Benitez, M.D. Breast Cancer Surgeon. Tuesday, October 14. Choose between: Luncheon at 12:30 pm and seminar at 1:00 2:00 pm or dinner snack at 6:00 pm and seminar at 6:30 7:30 pm. Time for Q & A with doctor after seminar. Location: PNC Building Southwest entrance, 2nd floor Beaumont Education Classroom 1, 755 W. Big Beaver, Troy, MI 48084. $20.00 per person donation, all profits will go to Shades of Pink Foundation. Register at If any questions, call Diane at 248-625-8742.The information in this newsletter is not intended as a replacement for medical care. The advice of your physician should take precedence in your health care matters. Additional Programs and Events of Interest... Confronting breast cancer with knowledge, support and hope...