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Schneck Orthopedics & Sports Medicine's 6th Volume of their educational publication. Helping you get back on the move!


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    FLATFOOT DEFORMITY:A Common Deformity That Impacts All Ages


    LITTLE LEAGUE SHOULDER:An overuse injury in adolescents

    Volume 6 Issue 1

    Specialized Care for People on the Move.

  • Our skilled rehabilitation program offers services for orthopedic, cardiac, neurological, pulmonary, and medically complex conditions.

    Our mission is to maximize functional independence and to facilitatea safe discharge back home. Private suites now available!

    Lutheran COmmunity hOme, inC.

    812.522.5927 111 West Church Avenue Seymour

    Gain back

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    As a patient of Schneck Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, it will not take long to see our commitment to providing high quality care and excellent customer service. This can be seen through the skillful hands of our surgeons, who pride themselves on great patient outcomes, as well as the great patient experience that our staff assures during your visit and treatment.

    In 2014, Schneck Orthopedics & Sports Medicine continued their focus on athletes by welcoming

    Dr. Chad Smith in September. Dr. Smith attended the University of Louisville School of Medicine, and finished his fellowship in Sports Medicine at Wake Forest University. Both Dr. Jill Mikles and Dr. Chad Smith work very closely with our two athletic trainers Kelli Hacker and Kyle Coates, to assure the athletes receive the best care and treatment options available.

    Many changes are occuring in the world of healthcare. We are focused on making sure that when you or a family member suffer from a musculoskeletal injury or disorder, you have quick and easy access to an orthopedic specialist. Most of our patients are seen the same day or following day, assuring that patients and family members can feel comfortable that they are on the road to recovery. Only the best treatment and care will do and the best part is having this specialized care right here in your own back-yard. There is no longer a need to drive far to receive the latest and greatest in orthopedic techniques Schneck Orthopedics & Sports Medicine has brought this technology and state-of-the-art techniques to you for your convenience.

    This issue is full of information to help you and your family. Partnering with Schneck Rehab Services, athletic trainers, and Schneck joint-replacement program, we are getting our patients back to their healthy best sooner. How can we help you-get back on the move!


    Nathan Campbell | Practice Administrator

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    For any patient considering knee replacement surgery, one primary area of concern is how long the new implant can be expected to last. While a variety of factors ultimately determine the longevity of an implant, one of the leading causes for knee replacement revision surgery is what surgeons refer to as implant wear.

    Made up of three main parts, total knee implants consist of a plastic insert positioned between two metal components. Over time, the movement of the metal component sliding against the plastic insert can wear down the plastic and cause it to fail. In some cases, tiny particles of the plastic can accumulate in the joint resulting in a condition known as osteolysis, or the softening of the bone around the joint. When this happens, the implant may shift or loosen, which leads to pain and instability in the joint.

    Until now, scientific literature has indicated that knee replacements should be expected to last 10 to 15 years before implant wear becomes an issue. However, as an increasing number of younger, more active patients are having their knees replaced, the surgeons at Schneck Medical Center are constantly looking for new implants engineered for greater endurance.

    Enter the LEGION Cruciate Retaining Knee made with VERILAST Knee Technology a high performance knee replacement tested to simulate 30 years of wear performance. Thats more than double the length of testing of other knee replacements.

    Unlike traditional knee implants which are made from cobalt chrome metal and a high- density plastic, VERILAST Knee Technology uses a proprietary metal alloy called OXINIUM Oxidized Zirconium and a highly cross-linked polyethylene plastic. When these two surfaces work together in the joint, they do amazing and unprecedented things:

    In rigorous lab testing, medical device maker Smith & Nephews LEGION Cruciate Retaining Knee made with exclusive VERILAST Technology was subjected to 45 million cycles, or simulated steps. Thats equal to around 30 years of physical activity under typical conditions.

    The testing showed that after 5 million cycles, the LEGION Cruciate Retaining knee made with VERILAST Technology reduced 98% of the wear experienced by a knee made with traditional implant materials. And when the LEGION Cruciate Retaining Knee with VERILAST Technology kept walking out to 45 million cycles, it reduced 81% of the wear experienced by the conventional knee implant that was stopped after the first 5 million cycles.

    LEGION Knee with VERILAST Technology


    Using the first knee implant lab tested for 30 simulated years of wear performance

    VERILAST Technology in the LEGION CR Primary Knee System demonstrates superior wear performance in 45 million cycle testing.

    Comparison of the mean volumetric wear of Co/CPE after simulating 5Mc of use and VERILAST Technology in the LEGION CR

    Primary Knee System after simulating 45 Mc respectively.


    81% Reduction in Volumetric Wear


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    ABOUT VERILAST KNEE TECHNOLOGY:Based on laboratory wear simulation testing, the LEGION Cruciate Retaining Knee System with VERILAST technology is expected to provide wear performance sufficient for 30 years of actual use under typical conditions.

    The results of laboratory wear simulation testing have not been proven to predict actual joint durability and performance in people. A reduction in wear alone may not result in improved joint durability and performance because other factors, such as bone structure, can affect joint durability and performance and cause medical conditions that may result in the need for additional surgery. These other factors were not studied as part of the testing.

    While they cannot say theyve eliminated the primary cause of implant failure, Smith & Nephew believes their 20 years of dedicated research are paying off for patients who would like to rediscover their active life after surgery.


    There are potent ial risks with knee replacement surgery such as loosening, fracture, dislocat ion, wear and infect ion that may result in the need for addit ional surgery. Do not perform high impact act ivit ies such as running and jumping unless your surgeon tel ls you the bone has healed and these act ivit ies are acceptable. Early device fai lure, breakage or loosening may occur if you do not fol low your surgeons l imitat ions on act ivity level. Early fai lure can happen if you do not guard your knee joint from overloading due to act ivity level, fai lure to control body weight or accidents such as fal ls. Knee replacement surgery is intended to rel ieve knee pain and improve knee funct ions. Talk to your doctor to determine what treatment may be best for you. Addit ional information is avai lable at: or 1-888-825-2062.

    Trademark of Smith & Nephew. Certain marks Reg. US Pat. & TM Off.

    Rediscover Your Go with the latest in knee replacement technologies

    The LEGION Primary Knee System with VERILAST Technology has been lab tested for 30 simulated years of wear performance. This is more than twice as long as other knee replacements.

    Its hypoallergenic and lighter weight weighing 20% less than traditional knee technology. And it substantially reduces wear a leading cause of knee replacement failure.

    VISIONAIRE Patient Matched Technology, is an innovative new procedure that uses your MRIs and X-Rays to create specialized surgical instruments built just for you and your knee implant.

    Its time to put a stop to your chronic knee pain. Ask for the latest in knee replacement technologies.

    Go to today to find asurgeon who specializes in these technologies

    Based on laboratory wear simulation testing, the LEGION Primary Knee System with VERILAST Technology is expected to provide wear performance sufficient for 30 years of actual use under typical conditions. The results of laboratory wear simulation testing have not been proven to predict actual joint durability and performance in people. A reduction i