SCHEDULE OF FORMS AND of forms and endorsements gusdec-diq-01 gus-fs-01 nma 1998 gus-ppn diq-gus-comp gus-ppc-addl endpl-86 gusude lca-01 neq-xeq-master s

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    NMA 1998


















    Dwelling Earthquake Declaration Page

    Schedule of Forms & Endorsements

    Service of Suit

    Privacy Notice (Griffin)

    Dwelling Earthquake Coverage Form

    Personal Property Coverage Addl

    Inflation Guard

    Un-Repaired Damage Excl

    Loss Clause Amendment Endt

    Master Endorsement

    NMA2340 (24/11/88) Land, Water and Air Excl ;

    Seepage/Pollution/Contamination Excl; Debris Removal Endt

    NMA1191 Radioactive Contamination Excl

    NMA464 War and Civil War Excl

    LMA5021 Applicable Law (U.S.A.)

    NMA1331 Cancellation Clause

    LMA5018 Microorganism Excl (Absolute)

    NMA2915 Electronic Data Endorsement B

    NMA2962 (06/02/03) Biological or Chemical Materials Excl

    LMA5019 Asbestos Endt

    NMA2920 Terrorism Excl

    LSW 1135(b) Lloyds Privacy Policy Statement

    LSW1001 Several Liability Notice

    Policy Jacket


    GUS-FS-01 (10/05)


    It is agreed that in the event of the failure of Underwriters hereon to pay any amount claimed to be due hereunder, Underwriters hereon, at the request of the Insured (or reinsured), will submit to the jurisdiction of any Court of competent jurisdiction within the United States and will comply with all requirements necessary to give such Court jurisdiction, and all matters arising hereunder shall be determined in accordance with the law and practice of such court.

    It is further agreed that service of process in such suit may be made upon Mendes &

    Mount, 520 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022, and that in any suit instituted against any one of them upon this contract, Underwriters will abide by the final decision of such Court or any Appellate Court in the event of an appeal.

    The above-named are authorized and directed to accept service of process on behalf of Underwriters in any such suit and/or upon the request of the insured (or reinsured) to give a written undertaking to the insured (or reinsured) and that they will enter a general appearance upon Underwriters' behalf in the event such a suit shall be instituted.

    Further, pursuant to any statute of any state, territory, or district of the United States which makes provision therefore, Underwriters hereon hereby designate the Superintendent, Commissioner or Director of Insurance or other officer specified for that purpose in the statute, or his successor or successors in office, as their true and lawful attorney upon whom may be served any lawful process in any action, suit or proceeding instituted by or on behalf of the insured (or reinsured) or any beneficiary hereunder arising out of this contract of insurance (or reinsurance), and hereby designate the above-named as the person to whom the said officer is authorized to mail such process or a true copy thereof.

    NMA 1998


    The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 requires financial institutions (which includes banks, insurance

    companys agents and brokers) to notify you how they will use certain non-public personal financial

    information you have given us. It is Griffin Underwriting Services policy to protect your privacy and the

    personal information you have entrusted/given to us.

    What is Griffin Underwriting Services policy on sharing your private information?

    1. We will only use the information you have provided to us to assist you and your agent in

    obtaining insurance coverage.

    2. We will not distribute this personal information concerning you to other parties for anything

    other than insurance underwriting purposes.

    3. We will require anyone including our employees to whom we disclose your personal

    information to protect its confidentiality and use it solely/only for the purpose which it is/was



    The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act allows financial institutions to share your personal information for

    marketing purposes. In certain circumstances you can prohibit the sharing of your non-public

    personal information. Griffin Underwriting Service voluntarily restricts this information and will not

    distribute any of this information to non affiliated or affiliated third parties.

    For more information on Privacy you can visit these web sites:

    You can contact your agent if you have any questions regarding this matter.

    Privacy Policy Notice

    Concerning all certificate (policy) holders for Lloyds of London, Ace European Group Limited, Sirius

    International Insurance Corp and Certain Underwriters at Lloyds.

    Neither the U.S. brokers that handled this insurance nor the insurers that have underwritten this

    insurance will disclosed non-public personal information concerning the buyer to non affiliates of the

    brokers or insurers except as permitted by law




    DIQ-GUS-COMP (6-12) Page 1

    Includes copyrighted material of Insurance Services Offices, Inc with its permission


    We will provide the insurance described in this policy in

    return for the premium and compliance with all

    applicable provisions of this policy.


    Throughout this policy, you and your refers to the

    named insured shown on the Declaration page. We,

    us and our refers to the Company providing the

    insurance, as indicated on the Declaration page.

    Earthquake means shaking or trembling of the

    earth, whether caused by volcanic activity, tectonic

    process or any other cause.

    Pollutants means any solid, liquid, gaseous, or

    thermal irritant or contaminant including smoke, vapor,

    soot, fumes, acid, alkalis, chemicals and waste. Waste

    includes material to be recycled, reconditioned or


    "Business" means

    a. a trade, profession or occupation engaged in on a

    full-time, part-time or occasional basis; or

    b. Any other activity engaged in for money or other

    compensation, except the following:

    I. One or more activities, not described in (II)

    through (IV) below, for which no "insured"

    receives more than $2,000 in total

    compensation for the 12 months before the

    beginning of the policy period;

    II. Volunteer activities for which no money is

    received other than payment for expenses

    incurred to perform the activity;

    III. Providing home day care services for which no

    compensation is received, other than the mutual

    exchange of such services; or

    IV. The rendering of home day care services to a

    relative of an "insured".

    Actual Cash Value means:

    a. When the damage to property is economically

    repairable, actual cash value means the cost of

    repairing the damage, less reasonable deduction

    for wear and tear, deterioration and


    b. When the loss or damage to property creates a

    total loss, actual cash value means the market

    value of property in a used condition equal to that

    of the destroyed property, if reasonably available

    on the used market.

    c. Otherwise actual cash value means the market

    value of new, identical or nearly identical property

    less reasonable deduction for wear and tear,

    deterioration and obsolescence.

    "Replacement Cost"

    a. In case of loss or damage to buildings,

    replacement cost means the cost, at the time

    of loss, to repair or replace the damaged property

    with materials of like kind and quality, without

    deduction for depreciation.

    b. In case of loss to personal property,

    replacement cost means the cost, at the time

    of loss, of a new article identical to the one

    damaged or destroyed. When the identical article

    is no longer manufactured or is no longer

    available, replacement cost shall mean the cost

    of a new article similar to the one damaged or

    destroyed and which is of comparable quality

    and function, without deduction for depreciation.

    "Residence premises" means:

    a. The one family dwelling where you reside;

    b. The two, three or four family dwelling where you

    reside in at least one of the family units; or

    c. That part of any other building where you reside;

    and which is shown as the residence premises

    in the Declarations.

    Residence premises also includes other structures and

    grounds at that location


    This insurance applies to the Residence Premises

    Location in the Declarations, Coverages for which a Limit

    of Liability is shown and Perils Insured Against for which

    a Premium is stated in the Declarations.

    A. Coverage A - Dwelling

    We cover:

    a. the dwelling on the residence premises shown

    in the Declarations, including structures

    attached to the dwelling; and

    b. structures attached to the dwelling.

    We do not cover:

    a. land