Congratulations on DIQ - Congratulations on DIQ! This is a BIG step in the right direction of your Future!
Congratulations on DIQ - Congratulations on DIQ! This is a BIG step in the right direction of your Future!
Congratulations on DIQ - Congratulations on DIQ! This is a BIG step in the right direction of your Future!

Congratulations on DIQ - Congratulations on DIQ! This is a BIG step in the right direction of your Future!

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Text of Congratulations on DIQ - Congratulations on DIQ! This is a BIG step in the right direction of your...

  • Congratulations on DIQ! This is a BIG step in the right direction of

    your Future! DIQ is one of the most exciting and intense times of your career. I want you to think of this time as your “Residency”, much like someone who is becoming a Doctor goes through a Residency. During their Residency, they observe and study the other Doctors closely; they start taking on the responsibilities of a Doctor, however, not paid like one just yet. If you have ever known someone working on their Residency, they will tell you how intense it is, how they had to make it a priority in their scheduled and they had to sometimes work when they would rather spend time with friends/family, watch their favorite shows or get lost in the world of Pinterest. However, they will all tell you, that once it is done, it was WORTH it!

    Most friends and family understand the demands of a Residency, they understand the long term benefits of the lifestyle getting your MD can provide for you and your family. Not everyone understands DIQ… They don’t always realize why you are spending all of your free time seeing faces and holding interviews. The important thing is to let their lack of understanding roll off your shoulders for now. They will understand when they start to see how this new level in your career starts to benefit you and your family.

    I always tell myself when I need to focus in on a big goal, that I can do anything for a short amount of time. If you completely dedicate yourself to MAKING this happen, giving it your undivided attention and all the energy you have, I promise you it will make you stronger, your business stronger and it will accelerate you into a whole new level of success in your business.

    The only limits on our success and how fast we get there, are the ones we put on ourselves. We are human so this doesn’t mean that you wont ever have times where you need some motivation but that is why it is SO important to know WHY you are doing this and WHAT this is going to do for you, your family and the women you are blessing in the process. Reach out to your Senior Director on a weekly basis. Share with her the exciting things you have going on and the areas you might need the right words or feel stuck. Accountability is important so always submit your weekly report to her. Here are some first steps for you to focus on in these first 24 hours of DIQ: Step 1: Submit your DIQ Form to the company on Intouch. Go to Resources…DIQ Program…Comitment Forms

  • Step 2: Write out your WHY. Write out Affirmations about how it feels to become a Brand NEW Director! What is that going to feel like when that last order goes in and your are DONE, you are OFICIALLY a New Director!? What is your Unit Debut going to be like, who will be there, what will you talk about….? VISUALIZE and read these Affirmations DAILY! Know what kinds of things you need to have on reserve to reignite yourself. That is one of the biggest qualities a leader possesses, being able to ignite themselves, as well as reignite themselves and others over an over again. For me, I read my Affirmations and look at pictures of things that get me refocused in on what is important and I have certain songs and music that pump me up and get me excited. Step 3: Write a quick letter to your Team & Future Unit telling them why you are passionate about becoming your own Unit. E-mail this to your Director within 24 hours so that she can mail it out with her DIQ Team Letter. Step 4: Create a “Future ________ Unit” Facebook Group. Add your Personal Team and Director & give your Director the Facebook Group URL (You can create this in the Group Settings) so she can add it to the Legacy Website and DIQ Team letter. Step 5: KNOW the Qualifications inside and out. Read through Mary Kay’s Advance Brochure and really know the expectations. Set the bar high for yourself. It is important to know the Qualifications but don’t let yourself settle for them. These qualifications are so minimal and choosing to play small will serve no one. The Average Production for DIQs in our National Area is $10,000 a month. The moment you start to let yourself think “It’s ok if I don’t reach $10,000 as long as I meet the Qualifications…” you have JUST made the decision to only do $4,500… Make a commitment to you and your Unit that you will NOT do anything below $10,000 and even write out WHY, what that will mean for your Unit. Important things to focus on: #1 TRACK everything! Tracking may or may not be your strength but this is a discipline you MUST practice because you will find that things will come together quicker when you know where you are and what you need. You will attract to you, that which you focus on the most. Every big goal I ever reached, I had tracked. Every time I have found myself wondering in my business, I realized I had not been tracking. Tracking the agreements and the production is important, but tracking the small things such as how many faces and interviews you see each week can be just as important. #2 Be INTENTIONAL about your time. Know how many Faces, Interviews and New Unit Members that you want to accomplish each week. Know how many Personal Interviews you want to hold and Personal Team Members you want to bring in.

  • #3 Approach this new phase of your business with the mentality that YOU are going to bring in the 24 Active yourself and everyone else who comes will be a bonus. Many people make the mistake of relying on their Unit. You are a leader so it is natural to want to stop working and just lead, but in this phase of your business it is vital that you lead by example. YOU will be the one who creates the Momentum in your Unit. New people coming in ARE the Momentum; they create the excitement and energy. NEVER STOP bringing in new people each week, even the last day of the month, continue interviewing and bringing people in. Momentum gets interrupted when we stop, turn around to look at everyone else and stop reaching the new people ahead of us. I love when my mom gives the example that Jesus did not stop and try to convince the people why they needed to follow him or pull them along, He kept going forward and reaching as many people as He could. #4 Your Director will help you pick out Prizes for your “Unit Development” Promotion. You will pick out a different Prize for Consultants who get Active, Qualified & become Stars during your Unit’s Qualification. You will pick out Prizes from a Director Wholesale Website and will split the cost of the prizes with your Director. #5 You can also have our Graphic Designer Andrea make you a Unit Logo & Flyer made with pictures of your Active Unit Members recognizing who is Active/Qualified/Star and the Prizes that they can earn. You will be able to continue using your Unit Logo during and after Qualifications! Andrea has put together a special discounted package for us that costs $35 and will allow you to also have your Unit Debut Flyer made for $15 once you complete DIQ. (You can wait to pay for this at that time) Or you have the option to have things made individually if you do not want to do the package. She normally charges $25 for a Flyer and $20 for a Unit Logo. Contact Andrea & order your package. E-mail her the pictures & names of your 10 Active Team Members ASAP. We will send this flyer out to your Team with the letter from you & from your Senior Director. You will want to e-mail Andrea updates to the Flyer every week. Andrea Lensing 319.360.2503 I am so excited for you and what lies ahead for you and your Unit! You have everything in you that you need; YOU are enough!

    Love and Prayers, Whitney Wemhoff Future PINK Legacy Area 402.417.6324