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Jl. Bangkala 1 no.6 Kel. Bangkala Kec. Manggala

Kodya Makassar 90235.

Mobile Phone : 0811462114

Email : DETAILSCurrent Occupation: Mechanical Technician

Marital Status

: Single

Place/Date of Birth: Palopo/14th October 1978


: Indonesian and English

EDUCATION DEGREEMechanical Degree (S1) : Mechanical Departement of Universitas Muslim Indonesia (2010 2012)

Diploma (D3) : Mechanical Departement of Polytecnic Makassar (1998 2002) WORK EXPERIENCES1. PT. Japfa Comfeed Indonesia, TbkPosition :Mechanical Maintenance. April 2005 to November 2007

Responsibilities1. Maintaining all of machines and equipments related to production process

2. Fabricating, repairing and installing machine and equipments of production proccess.3. Keep all equipments availability during production process in a safe and efficient manner.2. PT TIMUR ASRI LESTARI contractor for PT.ALSTOM Power Energy Systems IndonesiaPosition :Mechanical Technician for 135 MW (2 Gas Turbine-8C and 1 Steam Turbine-24MP) ALSTOM Combined Cycle Power Plant.November 2007 to April 2009ResponsibilitiesPerforming all Alstom mechanical technician responsibilities.3. PT. ENERGY SENGKANGPosition :

Mechanical Technician for 65 MW (1 gas Turbine SGT5-1000F) SIEMENS Open Cycle Power Plant.April 2009 to December 2009Responsibilities1. Operating the Plant according to contractual obligations, local standartds, Regulation and Prudent Utility Practices

2. Throuble shooting and Plant Engineering.

3. Outage Maintenance with 3rd party

4. Development and implementation of Computer based Maintenance Management System (CMMS).5. Initial spareparts request.

6. Preparing, implementing and maintaining mechanical maintenance management prosedures.

7. Stores and inventory management using computer based.4. PT. ALSTOM ENERGY SYSTEM INDONESIAPosition :Mechanical Technician for 135 MW (2 Gas Turbine-8C and 1 Steam Turbine-24MP) ALSTOM Combined Cycle Power Plant.June 2010 until March 2012Responsibilities1. Performing all preventive/scheduled, scheduled and corrective Maintenance including troubleshooting on mechanical power plant equipment.

2. Following all Power Station safety procedures and implement Permit To Work system according to Work Instruction Procedure and Safety Manual.

3. Ensuring all work is carried out according to relevant procedures and follow all Power Station safety procedures.

4. Rigging and lifting properly heavy rotors, ducts, casing, etc. with overhead and manual/mobile cranes.

5. Replacing and aligning rotor shaft, repair and replace motor bearing or mechanical seal.

6. Maintenance and repair of all mechanical parts such as HVAC, Motors, generators, Compressor & Dryer, Emergency power systems and portable mechanical tools.

7. Study drawings, technical manuals and other documents to obtain instructions on proper maintenance procedures.

8. Operate workshop equipment using arc weld, gas weld, solder, cutting torch and other standard maintenance tools.

9. Repairing hydraulic and pneumatic components.

10. Operate and maintaining forklift, loader and other plant vehicles.

11. Carrying out or leading Condition Monitoring.

12. Maintenance and overhauling pumps, plant auxiliaries gearbox, valves, etc.

13. Supervising Contractors.

14. Co-coordinating with other Departments and Sections to ensure smooth teamwork within the work scope.

15. Ensuring feedback is complete on work carried out and any problems encountered.

16. Participating and reviewing the plant spares and tool ordering and maintenance.

17. Making suggestions for improvements to plant or procedures.

18. Working on other duties decided by the Engineering/Maintenance Manager.

19. Carrying out their duties during the normal daily working time. Scheduled and unscheduled overtime and rotating shift work may be required.

20. The post holder will be expected to comply with all company and legislative health requirements relevant to their duties and responsibilities.

21. To take part in training both on and off site, to be trained and to train others as required.22. Reporting any accident that occur during Maintenance work.QHSE Deputy

Responsibilities :

1. Developing the Health and Safety Management System.

2. Liaison with all external bodies in matters of safety, statutory and mandatory licenses.

3. Assess training needs for all power station personnel in regards to safety on site and coordinate training needs with Quality and Training Engineer.

4. To act as member of the P2K3.

5. Establish an accident reporting and investigation system.

6. Carry out regular safety audits.

7. Ensure all contractors working on site are fully trained and conversant with Power Station Health and Safety policy.

8. Assist in the implementation of the safety rule system.

9. Ensuring all Power Station personnel and contractors are fully trained and fully equipped to be able to work in a safe manner.

10. To establish a blame free culture within the Power Station.

11. Investigate and report any accidents or near misses.

12. Managing First Aid facilities.13. To take part in training both on and off site, to be trained and to train others as required.5. PT. CONSOLIDATED ELECTRIC POWER ASIAPosition :

Mechanical technician :14 march 2012 July 2014Mechanical Technician is responsible for performing all preventive, schedule and unschedule maintenace power plant equipment in safe and efficient manner.Responsible for implementing Operational H&S procedures on a day to day basis, with a particular emphasis on Permits to Work

The post holder acts within a small team of Power Station personnel as a responsible to leading execution or excecuting includes machanical repair of equipment and machinary used to produce and maintain the building environment. In the preoperational phase the post holder will participate in the construction and commissioning of the plant.

Mechanical Engineer :

July 2014 presentTo work within the Mechanical maintenance team directly involved in maintaining the Mechanical equipment of the Power Station in a safe and efficient manner.

Responsible to Maintenance Manager for implementing Maintenance and Engineering Healt and Safety Procedures on a day to day basis.Perform duties of the Maintenance Manager in his absence if requested.APRENTICE Automotive Devision at NV Hadji Kalla Makassar.

Maintenance Department at PT Panca Usaha Palopo Plywood

TRAINING, COURSES AND SEMINARS In House Training Leadership and Communication Skill by Neville Clark. 16 17 October 2014 Technical Report Writing by Value Consult/Archipelago. 8 9 October 2014 In House Training HAZOPS (Hazard and Operability Study) by PT Phitagoras Global Duta. 2012 Basic SIEMENS SGT5-1000F Gas Turbine

Explanation around fire behaviour concept and fire anatomy at Energy Equity Epic Sengkang. 2008 Swagelok Safety Tube Fitting Instalation Seminar at Indokomponen System Fluida. July 2008

Total Productive Maintenance by Training Team PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia. March 2007

Retooling Program for Un/Under Employed Graduates At Priority Disciplines.

Course Content :

i. Leadership Life Skill

ii. English fo Career and Businessiii. Basic Computer and Internet

iv. Managerial Skill

v. Application of Technology at PT. SEMEN BOSOWA Marosvi. Internship Program in PT. SEMEN BOSOWA Marosvii. Basic Enterpreneurship

viii. Orientation and Enrichment of The Participants To Job Market.

Conducted by PPA Consultants and PT. BOSOWA. September until December 2004

OTHER SKILL Excelent Computer Skill with MS. Office 2007 and Auto Cad 2010 Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) XPMaintenance SystemREFFERENCESAgustinus Matongan (Maintenance Manager PT. Consolidated Electric Power Asia) Mobile Phone : 08114600413

Muhammad Nursyam (Asia Pasific Project Manager of General Electric). Mobile Phone : 0811428505