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NAME ROLL NO. Mahesh Nair 26 Renita Rebello 40 Sachin Howal 16 Minal Sawant 48 Siji Mathew 53 Minal Ghag 13. RETENTION PLANNING. Content. Meaning- Employee Retention - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



    Mahesh Nair 26 Renita Rebello 40Sachin Howal 16Minal Sawant 48 Siji Mathew 53Minal Ghag 13RETENTION PLANNING

  • Meaning- Employee RetentionReason why employee come/ stay with organization The Three Rs of Employee RetentionKeep Employees KEi's Employees Retention WheelHiring, Learning, Communicating and Paying.Employee Retention ToolsHow to Help Managers With Employee RetentionMakes employees to "fall in Love" with your organization.MythsSimple Rule- Engage employers are retained employees.Case Study- Wipro BPO

  • Employee retention is all about keeping good people.

    Getting our compensation and benefits into line with the marketplace.

    Its about culture and how employees are treated.

    Its about presenting a consistent, effective employer proposition across the entire employee life cycle, thus ensuring that the employer source, hire, manage, and develop employees who partner with them in achieving the organizational goals.

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    Skills level rating gridPerformance Feedback profilePay slotting chart

    TEAM GOAL SETTING 1. Goal Setting Template 2. Cash Calculator 3. Incentive Calculator

  • Integrate core values about people and a mission and visionPerformance development PlanTraining in Core Management SkillsManagement development coaching and feedback.Schedule and hold learning organization events.Funding for conferences and educational development.360 degree feedback recognize and value employees, Coach employee performance, Handle employee complaints and problems, Provide a motivating work environment, and Hold career development discussions with employees.

  • Treat your employees like you treat your most valuable clientsStrong retention strategies become strong recruiting advantages.Retention is much more effective when you put the right person into the right job. Money is important but it is not the only reason people stay with an organization. Employee committees to help develop retention strategies is a very effective strategy. Leadership must be deeply invested in retention. Recognition, is a powerful retention strategy.Remember, the "Fun Factor".Know the trends in benefit packages.

  • Engaged employees

    Committed to the organization Far more productive then disengaged employees Extremely profitable Provide excellent customer service Much safer in the workplace Inspire fellow employees to do great work Very effective in attracting new employees

  • Wipro BPO has been rated as one of the Best Employers in India (Best Employers Hewitt Survey for 2007).

    Wipro Spectra mind has been awarded the NHRDN (National HRD Network) Trailblazers Award 2004 during the International NHRD Conference 2004, hosted in Bangalore.

    Wipro Spectra mind was also noted for its innovative practices in the areas of attracting the right talent, reward and recognition, promoting fun as a written down operating principle, learning, employee communication and compensation which are amongst the key reasons for the spectacular success of the company.Wipro BPO, Spectra 2nd, 3rd Floor, Spectra Building, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai - 400 076,

  • Customer Support Services Technical Support Services Telemarketing Services Employee IT Help-desk Services Insurance Processing Data Entry Services / Data Processing Services Data Conversion Services Scanning, OCR with Editing & Indexing Services Book Keeping and Accounting Services Form Processing Services: Internet / Online / Web Research

  • A part from the legal and mandatory benefits such as provident-fund and gratuity, below is a list of other benefit:

    Group Medi-claim Insurance Scheme Personal Accident Insurance SchemeSubsidized Food and Transportation Company Leased AccommodationRecreation, Cafeteria, ATM and Concierge facilitiesCorporate Credit CardPersonal Health Care (Regular medical check-ups)Loans and Educational BenefitPerformance based incentives Flexi-timeFlexible Salary BenefitsRegular Get together and other cultural programsWedding Day GiftEmployee Referral SchemeEmployee Stock Option Plan

  • Method of calculating employee turnover-. No of the employees in the beginning of year/ no of employees in the closing year*100Organization attrition rate (2007-2008)- 15%Reasons for attrition- Competitors, better salaries, Employee benefits- Night Shift allowances, conveyance allowances, food coupons, incentives, transportation other benefits.Improve retention- Career Development, Reward & Recognition, Steps taken to reduce attrition- Good Training Calendar, salary rise as per market standards, better career growth, healthy environment at work place Step to cope with attrition- Providing Training, personal development.Retention strategies- Reward & Recognition

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