Red Chamber Dream 紅樓夢

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Red Chamber Dream . A good deal of title!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Red Chamber Dream

  • A good deal of title!"Red Chamber Dream" the title of the book is not the only one; actually its author, Cao Xueqin, had used five in the book, including Hong Lou Meng, Story of the Stone, the Sentiment Monk records, the Love Affair Valuably Mirror, and the Jinling 12 Ornamental Hairpins.

  • 1.The title Story of the Stone appears in the book in the earliest stage, which refers to the fact that the novel had been engraved in the stone in one section of a legend and it also shows the source of "Hong Lou Meng." 2. The sentiment monk recordsreferred to the fact that this book had been transcribed by the empty handyman in buddhist temple after Story of the Stone, then changed its name as the sentiment monk.

  • 3.Love affair valuable mirror, then refers to the love affair circumstances which occurred in Jia Fu, which may govern the rash action illness and provide relief to guarantee the fresh effectiveness. The title Love affair valuable mirror points out the theme the novel.

  • 4.Jinling 12 ornamental hairpins ,then stems from the fifth book in "Hong Lou Meng", referring to the descriptions about 12 female's stories. The title Jinling 12 ornamental hairpins points out character and the location of the novel.

  • SummarizationThese four titles get the key point respectively, therefore does take Red Chamber Dream as the entire book general term. On the one hand, the book title may echo with the content; on the other hand it summarizes what happened in the red chamber in Prospect Garden.

  • 12 gold hairpins and represent flower Lin Daiyu - cotton rose Lin Daiyu is the one who has the tragic disposition typical of a beautiful woman in Ancient China. She is intelligent, beautiful, sentimental, outstanding, and is also actually delicately sick.

  • 12 gold hairpins and represent flowerXue Baochai peonyXue Baochai is born into one of four respected families in Jinling. The Xue family's is demure. Jias family changed their attitude toward her, because she has 1,000,000 family property as a strong back ground. Without a doubt, she looks like the peony, which may represent women of high social ranks.

  • 12 gold hairpins and represent flowerSister Chao- morning glory Sister Chao had been born in the seventh night of the seventh lunar month, and later because the village woman Grandma Liu wanted to acquire fame, she finally agrees with the board marriage. She probably has the indissoluble bond with the growth in the countryside morning glory!

  • 12 gold hairpins and represent flowerWang Xifeng - poppy flowermagnificent and expensive gorgeous, having the complex disposition, which is just like narcotic and the good medicine mixture, it is perhaps not fair to compare it with poppy flower!

  • 12 gold hairpins and represent flowerTan-trainThe apricot blossom Tan-train is one young lady belonging to inner chamber. She is far-seeing, has the plans, the aspiration, and dares to say and do things that she intended to, with experienced management.

  • 12 gold hairpins and represent flowerMiou-Yi- pear flowerPear flower dresses up colorfully with cold fragrance, the pure white is like snow. In a typical spring evening, the rain hits the pear to be colored and falls gently onto the dust.