PYD Progress in an Imperfect World

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PYD Progress in an Imperfect World. Sarah Ramowski, MSW Adolescent Health Section Oregon Public Health April 22, 2010. I. Measuring Positive Youth Development The What, How, and Why of Benchmarking? Results II. Moving the PYD Agenda Statewide Partnership Localized Changes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of PYD Progress in an Imperfect World

  • Sarah Ramowski, MSWAdolescent Health SectionOregon Public HealthApril 22, 2010PYD Progress in an Imperfect World

  • I.Measuring Positive Youth DevelopmentThe What, How, and Why of Benchmarking?ResultsII.Moving the PYD AgendaStatewide PartnershipLocalized ChangesIII. Lessons Learned: Advice for Other StatesMeasure, measure, measure!Use what you have

  • The Beaver State3,690,505 people living on 98,386 square miles Oregon has 21.3% of its population living in rural areas. 86.6% of the population is Caucasian29% of youth had an unmet physical or mental health care need in the past year

  • Benchmarking in Oregon1989 Beginning of BenchmarkingAnnual, measurable goals tied to state strategic plan1992-3 Link benchmarks to state agencies (273)2001 Oversight of process put in statute200590 benchmarks (7 categories)Public accountability at state & county level

  • Positive Youth Development BenchmarkWho: State Public Health DivisionOregon Progress BoardState & Local Commissions on Children & FamiliesWhat: Positive Youth Measures + Youth Risk Measures = Balanced Picture of Youth Well-BeingHow: Use existing State-level youth survey (Oregon Healthy Teens survey/Oregons YRBS)

  • PYD Benchmark Questions

    ComponentQuestionCompetenceI can do most things if I try.ConfidenceI can work out my problems.HealthIn general, would you say your [physical/emotional] health is?SupportThere is at least one teacher or other adult at my school that really cares about me.ServiceI volunteer to help others in my community.

  • PYD Benchmark vs. RiskHypothesis: If our questions capture PYD, we will find a strong association between higher levels of PYD and:

    Lower levels of risk Higher levels of healthy behaviors

  • ResultsLower scores on PYD questions STRONGLY ASSOCIATED with higher scores on risk behaviorsEating fruits & veggies, getting recent physical activity, getting better grades, not using drugs are all associated with higher levels on PYD questions

  • Adopted BenchmarkMust answer at least 5 of 6 questions positively to meet benchmarkThe Percent of Teens who report positive youth development attributes; a) 8th grade; b) 11th grade.

  • Benchmark Results

  • Benchmark & Risk (2009 data)* = p < .05** = p < .001*** = p < .0001

    NutritionPhys ActivitySuicideSexual ActivityTobacco Use8th gr.* * ** * ** * ** * ** * *11th gr.* * ** * ** * ** * * * *

    Drug UseAlcohol UseFight @ schoolUnsafe @ schoolGrades8th gr.* * ** * *NS* * ** * *11th gr.* * ** * ** ** ** * *

  • PYD & Grades

  • State Policy Implications

    Formalizes States commitment to PYDProvides a baseline source for future state trackingDetermining future funding priorities

  • Local Policy ImplicationsSupport for youth programs that have PYD framework (i.e, Oregon Mentors, Youth Bill of Rights)Local assessment based on benchmark is possible

  • Moving the PYD Agenda3 Goals of BPY Project for Oregon:TrainingPartnershipEvaluation/data collection

  • Building Statewide Partnership CapacityStart of the PYD AlliancePassion & interest, not always resourcesKeep momentum going around State

  • Who is at the table?Wide array of partnersLocal Public Health/Social servicesState AgenciesYouth-Serving Orgs (4-H, Afterschool, Camp Fire)

  • Goals of AllianceAct as advising body to public & private orgs on youth policy & practice coordinationCoordinate and plan trainings, work sessions on youth engagementInfuse youth engagement with principles of cultural competency

  • Localized Action ItemsAdolescent Health Section took steps where possibleBig Picture: Statewide Youth Sexual Health PlanInfluencing the Details: Infusing PYD into SBHC Planning Grants

  • Lessons LearnedMeasure, Measure, Measure!And teach others to measure tooUse what you haveProgress can have many definitions

  • Questions??Thank You! 673-0377

    *Recognize your challenges your state might look quite different.**Volunteering lags way behind trending down in 8th grade; caring adult next lowest*Used maximum likelihood estimation to estimate risk based on PYD answers. Predicted probabilities range from 0 1. In this example, 71 of 100 8th graders with 0-1 PYD questions would have reported C, D or F grades vs. only 17 of 100 who answered all 6 PYD questions positively.

    Annual Training Institute on principles of PYD**Sometimes not going backwards can mean going forwards. No $, but Alliance is still meeting.