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Production Screenshots.Day 1This screenshot of my music video was taken on the first day of filming, in this shot I had to stand in the cold and rain to try and get a mysterious look. I had a drag of my e-cig in order to get my breath so thick. I personally really liked this shot as it came out exactly as I pictured it, it also gave off the effect that it was cold and gloomy. This shot was quite easy to get and it didnt take me long.

This shot of Emma was very hard to get. This is because the lamps nearby gave nearly no light under the bandstand. So I had to get 2 torches and hold them into place to make sure you could see Emmas face. I personally dont like this shot, purely because of the fact we had to use torches which didnt give the lighting effect we wanted. This was also taken on the first day of shooting. One thing I do like about this shot is that it is a facial close up.This shot was also taken on the first day of filming. I personally didnt like this shot because of the lighting, because I wanted to film at night and I the dark. This shot wasnt that hard to get but because of the lighting we took several shots to make sure we had at least one good one. The way I strutted in the video shows a lot of cockiness and shows the character I played was very arrogant.

This has to be my favourite shot. I especially like the way I walk into the shot, walk down the stairs and disappear into the night. It gives it a sense of mystery and makes it look like I can vanish. Again this shot was quite easy to get as the lighting gave me a good cover to disappear into. The editing I did on this video didnt take me long. I was just playing around with different edits and found this one and immediately loved it.

This was the hardest shot I could ever do. In this clip I hit Emma with my ballnstick. But I had to be very very careful hat I didnt hit her. As you can see in the screenshot the weapon doesnt eve go any wear near Emma. This was because I needed to make sure the swing looked real and the fall looked real without hitting her. The lighting on this shot was also very bad, this is because of the colour of the stick you couldnt see it. So we had to use several torches to make it visible. But you can see the torches moving. Because of all this I dont particularly like this shot however I dont think we could have done it better without the risk of hitting her. The next screenshot shows a shot of the weapon dripping with fake blood. But because we used torches the blood looked very fake, so it took me a while to edit the clip and make the blood look real. But I do like this shot.

Day 2.This shot was hard to get as I had to stick the weapon in the door at the right time so it didnt bounce open a bit. But it also shows that Ive found my way into the house. I do like this shot because as I stick the weapon through the door the beat drops in the song so it goes really really well. The editing on this shot was easy because it was inside the lighting on it was brilliant.This shot was one of the most amusing shots I took. This was because we had to shoot it about 24 times, This was because Shannon could open my door. She didnt know how to unlock the door and when she did unlock it she couldnt take the key out. There was absolutely no light for this shot so we had to use a torch. Overall I liked this shot purely because it gave me about half an hour of fun

This is hands down my favourite shot of all time. The is 2 shots merged together. I did this by putting one on top of the other and changing it opacity to make it able to see both shots. I like this shot because you can see me following Shannon even though we are both walking at the same time. This is a pretty cool shot because the merge together really well and the timing on them couldnt be better.

This shot was quite hard to do because we had to act out a fight. This was hard because I had to make it look as real as possible without hurting anyone. But actually in this shot I accidently hit her in the head with my weapon as she punched me. So this made it look more realistic. The lighting on this shot was good because it gave us a nice balanced clip.

This was a fun clip to get because I had to kick the door open; I had to do this a few times because the door kept bouncing open. On this clip, if you saw the whole of it you can see the door almost comes off its hinges. The lighting on this was good because it makes it look bright out the door and dull inside.