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Serbia 21000 Novi Sad Ljubice Ravasi 16 +381 21 6624-688 [email protected] Australia Belarus Bosnia Brazil Canada China Croatia Denmark Israel Malaysia Mexico Montenegro Norway Salvador Serbia Sweden Turkey USA Letter of Recommendation To Whom May It Concern Novi Sad, March, 20, 2012 I had a chance to work with Mladjan during Synergetic Diagnosis of Intras, Sarajevo in 2011. During this process I could notice that Mladjan is a serious and capable person with good analytical skills. His good energy and openness was of great value in this cooperation. Zvezdan Horvat, CEO & Partner Adizes South East Europe Aleksinac, 1st of February 2010 PRODUCER OF HOT DIP GALVANIZED STRIPS ______________________________________________________________________________________________ CYNK-MAL d.o.o. Aleksinac Main Office tel: +381.18.882020 Tel:+381.65.CYNKMAL u likvidaciji Naselje Aleksinaki Rudnik b.b. fax: +381.18.882021 i.e.: +381.65.2965625 18220 Aleksinac Commercial Dept. tel: +381.18.882040 [email protected] Serbia fax: +381.18.882041 Vat. no.: SR103854649 Logistics tel: +381.18.882060 Reg. no.: 20031930 fax: +381.18.882061 IBAN: Raiffeisen Bank: RS 35265100000002432035; Banca Intesa: RS 35160005010018705936 Letter of recommendation To Whom It May Concern Cynk-Mal d.o.o Aleksinac is a subsidiary company of Cynk-Mal S.A from Poland. Our company has been present on the market since 1993. The core business of Cynk-Mal Group is the production of hot dip galvanized steel products. Our products are distributed in four regions: South East Europe ( Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Romania, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Greece), Central East Europe ( The Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia ), Eastern Europe (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine) and Western Europe (Germany, Austria, France and Belgium). Mr.Crkvenjas was responsible for contacts with our company in the character of purchasing manager. As an excellent specialist in the field of electrical appliances and accessories he was of the great value in contacts with end users of our products in Bosnia and Herzegovina. His excellent negotiation and communication skills are to be underlined, as it was always a pleasant challenge to have him on the other side of negotiation table. We were always impressed with his outstanding ability to adjust to new circumstances and find creative solution for a variety issues. I would like to recommend Mladjan as an excellent purchase and sales manager. Mateusz Rybiaski Commercial director For further information you can contact me on [email protected] or +48 510079232 ,,@@.*e6ffi- Rasvjetna & audio oprema- Prodaja, lznaJmlflvanJe, montala & serwls- Arhltekturalna rasuJeta, W studryi, pozorlEta,- Dlskoteke, caflei, vjerskl objektlWffiEA.http: / /***.{3??7!li:;f #vne mantrestacredoo SAR-light Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina ul. Bosne Srebrene bb, SKPC Mejdan, Tel/Fax: ++387 35 228-500, 315-240fax:035 315-241, e-mail:[email protected], lD PDV:209043640004, Poreznibroj:03001968, Kantonalnisud TuzlaUll -78412000, PROCREDIT BANKA: 1940043171801156, UniCredit Zagrebadka banka: 3383002261797O34Letter of recommendationfo wirom it rnay concernEstimated Mr/MsIam pleased to recommend Mr. Mladjan Crkvenjas, a young college, that r,nycrkeci i+r er:rcompany in a period of time from May 2009 till December 2009 as a Sales mailagei a*il ie=,-j--.of tire retail establishments in our company.Although he worked in our company for short period of time, Mlad;an has lefi signrfrrar-,1impression on me and my company colleagues He showed very impressive creativity ;n irolrti=:,-of gatning new customers, he proved himself to be an outstandrng business prol-:loief ='ji-ileader The establishment of direct contacts with costumers on the Bosnia and H*rzec.:viiia'=tei-i-itory was only one of his dutiesDuring this period he was also performing adminrstartive duties of the retail estabiishrne-: sai=--and installation of lighting and special lighting effects. But what was more important is ti:ai irealways searched for new strategies for better communication and a successful business =:!hclrentsI i::;l 1;,':r.i 'rii:r.:iJlCi iin$ i:ii:.- tl: h,: .,**li-:1..,r :. .. .' rl. rr .:ii'i j,r:', ,llibi*,.16;i:ll":;,ti qlr:*t ir** ti:s vrl*i:tiliiy i* plsfr: j:jt:-r ri-,i .. ".:-;. r, ..rr -rL]-J *xp0;i ,,,11 i i1 :t11"Should you need any more confirmation on HES HACILAR ELEKTRK SAN. VE TC. A.. Head Office & Factory : Haclar Yolu 8. Km. 38210 Kayseri, TURKEY Tel: +90 (352) 442 25 40 Fax:+90 (352) 442 25 50 e-mail : [email protected] Ankara Ofice : Ziya Gkalp Cad. Adakale Sk. No.27/3, 06420 Kzlay, Ankara, TURKEY Tel: +90 (312) 430 61 00 Fax:+90 (312) 430 61 01 e-mail : [email protected] stanbul Office : Bankalar Cad. Eka Han No.75/77, 80000 Karaky, stanbul, TURKEY Tel: +90 (212) 256 45 44 Fax:+90 (212) 256 45 48 e-mail : [email protected] 23.03.2012 LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION To whom it may concern It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Mladjan Crkvenjas to you. We established a fruitful business relations with him since 2007. During this period, Mr. Mladjan has shown very cooperative and professional approach at our business for the mutual benefits of our companies. We are Hes Hacilar Elektrik (HES Kablo) is the leading cable manufacturing company and are supplying products to over 120 countries worldwide. We supply cables both energy and telecommunication sector for many different applications and have every confidence with quality of our products and services. Mr. Mladjan has managed to follow the projects, sign contracts and complete works successfully that we participated together. A part from the business relations, he was always frank, kind and cooperative at our personal needs and request. I would recommend Mladjan as experienced and reliable businessman and have no doubt about his business carrier in the future. Therefore, I sincerely recommend Mladjan Crkvenjas to you. Best regards, kr Kakilliolu Deputy General Manager, Commercial