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Sheffield School of Architecture Year2

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  • Kun MaSheeld School of Architecture Year 2

  • Birthday: 09 /05/19 9 0Pho ne: + 44 79 65836682Em ail: km [email protected] .ukAdress: 41 H arc o urt Ro ad, Sheeld, UK S10 1D H

    Educ atio n

    N o tting ham

    Central Co lleg e

    Fo undatio n


    University o f Sheeld

    B.arc h

    2013-no w

    University o f Sic huan

    B.arc h


    O ther Skill and Perso nality

    O rg anisatio n

    Co m m unic atio n

    Tim e M anag em ent

    Resp o nsibility

    As the fo under o f ASA, it is c ruc ial that I

    need to o rg anise team m em bers w o rk,

    deal w ith pdeal w ith p ro blem s eec tivly. It c ultiva-

    tes m y skills in bo th o rg anisatio n, c o m -

    m unic atio n w ith bo th team m em bers,

    sp o nso rs and c o llabrato rs.

    The sc ho o l p ro jec ts, additio nal c o m p e-

    titio ns and ASA w o rk im p ro ved m y tim e

    m anag em ent and stress to leranc e.

    PPresentatio n

    Sketc hes are used w idely in m y sc ho o l

    w o rk and travelling . The sketc h has he-

    lp ed m e to p resent m y ideas, c um unic -

    ate w ith o thers and rec o rd the exp erie-

    nc e q uic kly.

    O p tim istic Curio sity

    M y Sp ec ialities

    M o del M aking

    D raw ing

    Pho to g rap hy

    W o rk Skills

    Ado be Pho to sho p

    Ado be Illustrato r

    Ado be Indesig n

    Sketc hup

    Auto CAD


    V-ray fo r Sketc hup

    Vec to rw o rks

    Rec o g nitio ns

    Fo under and edito r o f ASA

    [ Arc hitec ture Student Asso c iatio n ]

    w w w

    120 ho urs student c o m p etitio n

    [ ho no rable m entio n ]


    AIA UK , 2014 Student D esig n Charrette

    [ 2nd p lac e w inner ]


    CO O KIN G





  • Co ntent

    Year 1 Pro jec t 7

    D ub H o use: sp ac e fo r w o rksho p and living

    [ Prevent dec ay ]

    Year 2 Pro jec t 1

    Arbo rist Training Centre

    [ Transm it arbo rist identity and nature resp ec t ]

    Year 2 Pro jec t 2

    Perfo rm anc e Art Theatre

    [ Art m o tivatio n in c o m m unity develo p em ent ]

    Co m p etitio n Entries

    01 120 ho urs [ Radic al Arc hitec tural Preservatio n ]

    02 Yo ung arc hitec ts c o m p ep itio n [ Ro m e Co m m unity Ring ]

    Sketc h Jo urnal

    Pho to g rap hy

    1 2 3 4 5 6

  • Location: Sharrow, SheeldF u nction: Perform ance art theatre with pu blic sq u are

    Introd u ction:SSharrow was once being popu lar by its food m ark et. D u e to the location and green space it has, sharrow has its ind epend ent econom y by variety of retails. T hree pu blic park s also provid e a better living environm ent. H owever, the cond ition in m y site has a hu ge d ier-ence. Infrastru ctu re is not d eveloped properly. T he terraced hou se in Neil Road has lower q u ality com pare to other place in Sharrow.

    T he pT he project is to insert a theatre in Neil Road , bu ild a d iverse living environm ent to change cu rrent cond ition. T he perform ance art was chosed in m y theatre project as this type of perform ance brings m ore you ng and m id - age people who wou ld accpect m od ern art and bring m ore energy to the com m u nity. Research inclu d es q u estionaire, political proposal, history of sharrow, etc. T he research is to insu re the theatre cou ld reveal Sharrows poten-tial in activating Neil Road .

    Exepct to set a theatre, the bu ild ing itself is d esigned to ad apt pu blic activities. F irst oor has a plu blic sq u are that extend ed to the next street. People has access to the rst oor sq u are from d ierent streets.

    Year 2 Project 2

    Perform ance A rt T heatre

    [ A rt m otivation in com m u nity d evelopem ent ]

  • site pictu res

    T he pictu res illu strate two d ierent u rban facad es in Sharrow. T he d istance between two streets are only 2 m inu tes walk . H owever, the m ark et in Sharrow Vale Road has a m ore d ynam ic cond ition. T he Neil Road is d esolated d u e to its sim plex typology.

    Neil Road Sharrow Vale Road

    site m od el

  • F igu re 2: street v iew

    Th e arch itectu ral form in th is project is to increase interactiv eness between th e bu ilding and people. F igu re 1 sh ows th e v iew from th e top. P eople can access to th e rst oor sq u are from dif-ferent entrances. Th e roof of th e existing bu ilding is u sed as an extended open space. Tim ber fram e allows people to h av e v iews to both inside and ou tside. Th e bu ilding is also adaptable du e to sliding facade. W h en perform ance ends, th e interior space can be opened and u sed by pu blic.

    F igu re 2 shF igu re 2 sh ows th e v iew from N eil R oad. Th e rst block is stick ed ou t. P edestrians cou ld enter th e bu ilding wh en th ey pass by. Tim ber stru ctu re exposed th e activ ities h appened in th e th eatre. P eople cou ld com m inicate with th e bu ilding by eye contact. Th e facade prov ides a rich life im age, wh ich creates a div erse life style in th is sim plex residence area.

    F igu re 1: h igh lev el v iew

  • access to rst oor sq uare


    cafe and receip tion

    rst oot p erform ance area

    dressing room

    p ublic sq uare


    disable lift

    dressing room

    lower ground oor p erform ance area


    disable toilet

    re exit

    Tim ber structure p rovides sitting and p ublic sp ace.

    F reigh t elevatorTh e elevator is sh eltered by glass. Th e transp orta-tion is exp osed to p ublic to increase p ublic p artici-p ation.

    Th e long french window sh ows th e m ovem ent inside th e building.

    Tim ber connection to th e existing wall

    Stair to rst oor can be used for p ublic from out-side. E ven th e teatre is closed, it p rovides access to th e p ublic sq uare on N eil Road,

  • perspective draw ing s

    dierent view s from streets

  • F uture developmentThe theatre provides a more divers e living atmosphere. The proposal is to bring more en-erg eticall people. A part from creating an art space, the project als o propos ed a future de-velopment to collabrate w ith current project.

    Runing and cycling path:The s ite has its potential to be recog onis ed by people due to its location. Tw o parks , market in tw o s ides of the s ite and shorcut that is used freq uently can attract more people. The proposal is to reg enerate N eil Road. M ore g reen space are provided. N ew running and cycling path connects tw o parks.

    Timber frame ins tallation:The timbeThe timber s tructure is a main identity in this project. To spread the reputation of perfor-mance art theatre, more timber frame ins tallations are s ets throug h the running and cy-cling path.

    Overhead platform:The s ketches illus trate a future development. Timber s tructure is extended to the s treet. M ore open space is provided for audience and public. N eil Road w ould become a land-mark in Sharro

    running and cycling pathconnect tw o parks and bring more people to N eil Road

    Timber ins tallation

    Timber ins tallation

    Timber ins tallation

    Performance art theatre

  • Year 2 Project

    A rborist T raining C entre

    [ T ransm it arborist id entity and Nature Respect ]

    Location: Ringlinglow , Sh e eldF unction: A rborist training centre

    Introd uction:U rban land scape pU rban land scape provid es a lot of benits. It increases urban environm ent, safty, h appyness, etc. A rborist plays a signicant role in im proving urban land scape. T h e project is to transfer th e im portance of arborist as a city d e-veloper. T h e site I ch ose is an enclosed space w ith trees. Instead of d estroy th e nature, all th e trees are re-served and consid ered as a contributor to th e build ing and people.

    In ord er to avoid negative im pact to nature and public life, th e build ing facad e, orientation, form , etc are consid -ered as w ell.

  • T ree benetsA s a com lex space for both ind ustry, consum ption and serving, m od ern city is aim ing to balance th e h um an d em and and sustainability. T rees are playing signicant role in urban d eveloping as it provid es a lot of benets, not only for th e environm ent but also for people. B y search ing th e relation-sh ip betw een trees and city, I realised th e im portance of arborist. T h eir responsibility of m aintaining trees insures th at h um an, nature and city could coexist in a h ealth y and sustainable w ay.

    T h e gure on th e left illuT h e gure on th e left illustrates w h at people and city can benet from trees. In term s of environm ental aspect, trees can provid e cooler air, w h ich d e-creases urban h eat. F resh air is also prod uced by th e trees. T h ey also bring ecological environm ent th at contribute to w ater system , air purication. T h e urban space w ith land scape provid es a m ore com fortable living environm ent. It resolves crim inal issue, increases h appyness, belongingness and safety.

    A rborist trainning space stud yA rborist is a job w h ich is m ore regard ed as a w ork er th an city d eveloper. T h e research w e d id provid es a d eeper und erstand ing of w h at arborist h as to learn and concern about.

    AA s a training centre, th e build ing h as to cover ind oor teach ing space, h alf-open training space and open space for practice. Ind oor teach ing is based on biological course, m eeting , library, etc. H alf-open space is aim ed to provid e place for sim ple training lik e w earing equipm ent, m ach ine operation, etc. T h e open space is for ad vanced stud ents to h ave practice w h ich need s m ore space, lik e tree clim bing, w ood saw ing, team w ork , etc.

  • 13



    1 public w alkin g pathT he proje ct is de sign e d to avoid disturbin g public activitie s. B uildin g facade , acoustic w all a n d la n dscape de sign are aim in g to isolate train in g ce n tre a n d public space .

    2 ruin e d houseT he ruin e d w all is ke pt in m y proje ct. It re m in ds public of the past, in ste ad of fe e lin g um fa m iliar w ith the space be -cause of the n e w con struction .

    3 site e n close d by tre e s. T he adva n tage of te e s is applie d in m y proje ct to tra n sm it arborist ide n tity

    4 n atureT he picture s illustrate the site con dition : tre e s, ope n gre e n la n d, stre a m .

  • T ree benits in deerent seas o n

    O rientatio n is decided by analyse when the building is used m o stly in the day, to ensure the m axim um s o lar energy is used.

    m o delinteriro r

  • gro u nd o o r plan1 :1 00

  • F irst o o r plan1 :1 00

  • Lo catio n : F urn ace H ill, S heeldF un ctio n : H o use fo r S o u n der M ak er w o rk sho p an d livin g

    In tro ductio n :The pThe p ro ject is to p ro vide b o th w o rk sho p fo r s o u n der m ak e an d livin g. The co n cep t started fro m an alizin g sicial co n text in this in dustrial area. D ue to the rap id decay an d high crim in al co n ditio n , the ho use is to p ro duce a sen se o f ho p e an d b elo n gin gn es s b y usin g p o lycar-b o n ate as claddin g.

    The site is en clo sed b y tw o facto ries w hich create a trian gular s p ace. In term s o f fun ctio n , the p ro ject is in ten d to m axim ize s p ace usage b o th fo r w o rk sho p , p rivate residen ce an d co llab rate w ith its n eighb o urs.

    Year 1 Pro ject

    D ub H o use: W o rk sho p w ith livin g s p ace

    [ Preven t decay ]

  • 63




    The in dustrial in vestm en t shift, eco n o m ic decrease an d stagn atio n in urb an develo p -m en t in uen ced the s o cial co n text in F urn ace H ill. F acto ries w ere m o ved o ut due to the decay.

    O ur s o cial co n text research w ere b ased o n crim in al co n ditio n , b uildin g o ccup atiio n , litter an alysis an d en eviro n m en t w hich co uld reect the dep res sio n in F urn ace H ill (p avem en t, b uildin g co n ditio n , street lightin g, etc). A dditio n al studies o f n o ise, w in d w as als o co n sid-ered.

    In o rder to p ro vide a s p ace fo r b o th w o rk sho p an d livin g, the fun ctio n study m ap s o ut every as p ect that w e have to co n sider. Urb an study sho w s a b o arder view o f the site an d the p o sitio n o f F urn ace H ill in S heeld.

    1 Urb an S tudy2 F u n ctio n S tudy3 S ite A n alysis4 S o cial C o n text5 N o ise S tudy6 W in d M o delin g

  • 2 bedroom s w ith sha red ba thSliding door is a pplied betw een tw o room . E na ble to ha ve a exible spa ce for children

    ba th for m a in bedroom

    m a in bedrom mw ith em erg ency a cces s to childrens bedroom s


    Kitchen50cm low er eleva tion tha n living room

    double heig ht spa ce connect to rs t oor w ork s hop

    living room

    terra ce

    w ork s hop

    C N C m a chine a nd com puter room

    Sta irca s e connects the w ork s hop a nd courtya rd

    s ta irca s e from redidence entra nce to rs t oor

    s tora g ea cces s for va n a nd w ork ers

    open courtya rd

    residence entra nce

    m odel : oor pla ns

  • m aterialsc ross lam inated tim ber

    polyc arbonateac oustic m aterial

    In term of the c rim inal c ondition in F urnac e H ill, the projec t is aim ing to bring a sense of hope and belongingness. Polyc arbonate is applied as c ladding in this projec t. D uring the night, the lighting from inside of the house goes through the fac ade and c reates a brighter surrounding spac e. It reveals the ac tivities that happened behind the fac ade. The sem itransparent m aterial insures the privac y as well. B y the huge urban light, F urnac e H ill c ould have a brighter atm osphere and inc rease the c om m unic ation between people and the streets.

    The feThe feature of polyc arbonate not only provides transparent fac ade but also c reates soft light that is required for work shop. The light is ltered and soften through the m aterial. It avoids heavy shadow that generated by direc t sun-light. The double height spac e on the rst oor dec reased the noise m ade by sounder test and work .

    The work shop noise would aec ts the living room . A c oustic m aterial is applied in living room . The ground and rst oor (used as work shop and storage) are c onstruc ted by c onc rete, whic h desc rease the noise as well.

    The living spac e thThe living spac e that c onsist bedroom s, oc e, k itc hen, living room are enc losed by c ross lam inated tim ber. The high therm al c apac ity allows tim ber to store the heat in the day tim e and release at c old night, whic h c reates a m ore c om -fortable living spac e.

  • S ection 0 m 3 m 6 m

  • C o m pe titio n En trie s120 ho urs s tud e n t co m pe titio n

    [ Ra d ica l A rchite ctura l Pre s e rva tio n ]

    Yo un g a rchite cts co m pe pitio n[ Ro m e C o m m un ity Rin g ]

  • 120 ho urs s tud e n t co m pe titio n

    ho bo ra ble m e n tio n e d[ Ra d ica l A rchite ctura l Pre s e rva tio n ]

    Fo r a rchite ctura l pre s e rva tio n , the co n tin uity o f s o cia l d e ve lo pm e n t a n d e te rn a l d ia lo gue w ith the pa s t, pre s e n t a n d future , ha s criticize d its s tra te gy thro ugh re surre ctio n a n d the re co rd o f im a ge . A rchite ctura l pre s e rva tio n is circum scribe d by its m isco n -ce ptio n in H is to ry a n d M e m o ry.

    The s o cie ty fo rm s the a ppro a ch o f the his to ria n a n d the in te rpre ta tio n o f his to rica l fa cts. A rchite cture , a s a fa ct to re co rd his to ry, is co n tin uin g its ro le w he n tim e , hum a n a ctivitie s a n d e n viro n m e n t a re co lla bo ra tive ly e xis tin g. Im po te n tly, w ha te ve r w e trie d to d o to n d the pa s t m e m o ry thro ugh pre s e rvin g a rchite ctura l fo rm , the tim e , hum a n a ctivitie s a n d e n viro n m e n t fo r tha t pe rio d w e re go n e . The re fo re , the pre s e rva tio n tha t te n d s to tra n s m it the pa s t is po w e rle s s. Re turn to the purpo s e o f a rchite ctura l pre s-e rva tio n , it is ra the r re s e rve M e m o ry tha n H is to ry. H o w e ve r, m e m o ry o n ly e xits w he n his to ry m e e ts its e n d . A s lo n g a s a rchite c-ture its e lf e xis ts, e ithe r re us e d o r pre s e rve d a s a m e m o ria l, the co n ce pt o f pre s e rvin g a rchite ctura l fo rm is un re a s o n a ble .

    B y burn in g d o w n Pyra m id e n , the pro je ct is to tra n s m it the n o tio n o f o bje ctin g pre s e n t a rchite ctura l pre s e rva tio n w hich is re -s tricte d a n d hype rcritica l. It is re ga rd e d a s a pe rfo rm a n ce a rt, a n e ve n t to re m in d us to in tro spe ct curre n t a ctio n in a rchite ctura l pre s e rva tio n .

    This pro je ct is pro po s in g to s e t Pyra m id e n o n re o n the s e le cte d d a y d urin g po la r n ight. Pe o ple fro m a ll o ve r the w o rld a re in -vite d to Pyra m id e n to w itn e s s the d e a th o f this d e s e rte d to w n . The e ve n t w ill la s t fo r fe w d a ys to pre s e n t a co m ple te pro ce s s fro m a burn in g to w n to ruin s.

  • Young A rchitects Com petition

    [ Rom e Cum m unity Ring ]

  • Sk etch Journal

    Photography alb um

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