PMR Percubaan 2011 Melaka (BI P1)

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  • 8/6/2019 PMR Percubaan 2011 Melaka (BI P1)


    SULIT12/1 12/1BahasaInggerisKertas 1Ogos20111jam


    BAHASA INGGERISKertas 1Satu jam


    1. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 40 soalan.2. Jawab semua soalan.3. Tiap-tiap soalan diikuti oleh em pat pilihanjaw apan, iaitu A , B , C dan D .

    Bagi setiap saalan, pilih satujawapan sahaja. Hitamkan semuajawapan and apada kertas jawapan objektif

    K ertas soalan ini m engan dungi 13 h alam an bercetak dan 1 halam an tidak bercetak .

    [Lihat halaman sebelab]12/1 2 0ll H ak C ip ta M PSM SULIT

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  • 8/6/2019 PMR Percubaan 2011 Melaka (BI P1)


    SULIT 2 12/1Questions 1 - 10 are based on the information given.

    I I 120 FLOOD VICTIMS DROWNED1 This newspaper headline tells us the

    A cau se o f a flo odB reason for the floodC dam age caused by a floodD num ber of deaths due to a flood


    : I just don't understand why she got so mad at m e !: I'm afraid you 're never going to figure out wom en , so n ..... b ut it'sa lo t of fun try in g.

    2 T he p hra se figure out m ean s toA admireB s or t o utC criticizeD understand

    GIVE - A - TEDDYto underpr iv i leged childrenWe h op e to p ut sm iles o n th e faces o f t he ch ild ren3 The poster teaches us to be

    A proudB happyC selfishD generous

    IPO H : Ferry users betw een K g. Labu and Pengkalan K ubur are fed up w ith the frequentd isru ptio ns in se rv ic es , w hic h h av e in co nv en ie nc ed th ou sa nd s o f p eo ple .

    4 We can con clu de th at th e ferry service isA convenientB inefficientC sufficientD uneconomical

    1 2 1 1 201 1 Ha kC i pt aMPSM[Lihat halaman sebelah)


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  • 8/6/2019 PMR Percubaan 2011 Melaka (BI P1)


    SULIT 3 12/1Read the dialogue below and answer the question that follows.

    Nas, thank you forhelping me from the roadbullies. lowe you one.

    Don't mention it, Din.I'm glad that you are safe.

    5 From the dialogue, Din is grateful to Nas forA lending him some moneyB being one of the road bulliesC saving him from the road bulliesD paying his debts to the road bullies

    Wish I hadn't come. Mom, I miss your cooking. Lots of mosquitoeshere. Can't wait to go home. This isthe worst camping trip ever.Love,Nina

    Questions 6 - 7 are based on the m essage below .

    6 Nina sent the message to her mother.A complimentB complain toC informD wish

    7 Which of the following statements is true about the passage?A Nina had to wait for her mother to go homeB Nina did not enjoy the camping tripC Nina disliked her mother's cookingD Nina wished her mother had come along with

    1 2 / 1 1 0 2 0 1 1 HakCiptaMPSM[Libat balaman sebelab]


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  • 8/6/2019 PMR Percubaan 2011 Melaka (BI P1)


  • 8/6/2019 PMR Percubaan 2011 Melaka (BI P1)


    SULIT 5 12/1

    Questions 11 - 18 are based on the following text.

    As a consumer, you would want the best value for your money. To avoiddisappointment (11) your purchases, you should shop wisely. The following_____ (12) several tips that can help you to b e a smart consumer.

    Firstly, read the label carefully. (13) will help you know certainproduct information, such as the expiry date, (14) date and nutritional content.Pay attention to the fine print on the label.

    Avoid buying food in rusted (15) dented cans as the food may bespoilt. You may get food poisoning.

    Some products are sold at a (16) price because they are past theirexpiry date. Such products are usually not in good condition. You should avoid buying themregardless (17) the price.

    Most people like to eat out. You should visit restaurants that ____ (18)good food hygiene. Patronising eateries with good food hygiene will guarantee food safety.

    11 A by 15 A orB on B andC of C butD with D also

    12 A is 16 A cheapB are B cheaperC was C cheapestD were D more cheap

    13 A This 17 A forB That B toC These C ofD Those D from

    14 A manufacture 18 A practiseB manufactures B practisesC manufactured C practisedD manufacturing D practising

    1211 0 2011 H a k C ip ta M P SM[Lihat halaman sebelah)


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    SULIT 6 12/1

    Questions 19 - 21Read th e c on ve rs ati on b elow and c hoos e th e b es t m eani ng fo r th e phra se s und er lin ed

    Joshua I'm worried about the up-coming exam ination.N icholas: It is something that all of us have to go through (19). Ifwe do not have

    the exam s, w e w ould not study.Joshua I suppose we all have to do this.N icholas: R ight, don't give up (20).Joshua We must remember our teachers and parents. We can't let them down (21).

    19 go throughA passB decideC experienceD experiment

    20 give upA lose directionB lose trackC lose sightD lose hope

    21 let them downA disrespect themB disappoint themC decline themD deny them

    12/1 C2011 HakCiptaMPSM[Libat balaman sebelah)


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  • 8/6/2019 PMR Percubaan 2011 Melaka (BI P1)


    SULIT 7 12/1

    Questions 22 - 24R ead the letter below and choose the best m eaning for the ph ra se s u nde rl in ed.

    Your loving sister,Mary

    Dear Peggy,The PMR examination is just two weeks aw~y and I am getting cold feet (22).

    Mom thinks I am burning the candles at both ends (23). She advises me to take care ofmy health or else I am going to regret it if I tum a deaf ear to her advice (24). What .should Io?

    22 cold feetA fineB nervousC happyD frightened

    23 burning the candles at both endsA staying up lateB not studying enoughC working too hardD doing last minute revision

    24 tum a deaf ear toA obeyB forgetC followD ignore

    1 2 1 1 0 20 11 H al< C ip ta M P SM[Lihat halaman sebelabJ


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    SULIT 8

    Questions 25 - 28 are based on the following advertisement.

    THE EDUCATION FAIRFOR STUDENTS BY STUDENTS.For the first time. we are organising an Education Fairfor us. The students of twenty schools in Melaka areworking together to bring all our fellowscholars thebest ever education fair.

    Giveyour fullest co-operation by participating in theexciting activities we have drawn up.

    DateVenue 1 September 2011MerdekaHall.Melaka

    HIGHLIGHTS English Debates Spelling Bee Contest Science Exhibition Career Tal ks General Knowledge Quiz

    For further enquiries please contact:The Secretary, Education Fair Committee. Tel:012-3524889

    1 2 / 1 Q2011 HakCiptaMPSM[Lihat halaman sebelah)


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  • 8/6/2019 PMR Percubaan 2011 Melaka (BI P1)


    SULIT 9 1211

    25 The Education Fair isA held for a weekB a students' effort and eventC participated by twenty studentsD sponsored by the participating schools

    26 The word scholars can best be replaced withA friendsB studentsC classnaatesD schoolmates

    27 Which event should a student participate in if she reads widely?A Career talksB Book ExhibitionC English debateD General Knowledge Quiz

    28 The aim of this advertisement is to encourage students toA co-operate with the organiserB visit the Education fairC organise Education fairsD visit Merdeka Hall

    1 2 1 1 02011 HakCiptaMPSM[Libat halaman sebelab)


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    SULIT 10Questions 29 - 34R ea d th e p as sa ge b elow a nd a nswe r th e q ue stio ns th at f ollo w.

    Last month, during the one-week holiday, Dave decided to join a society as avolunteer. It was a society that cared for mentally handicapped children. His first jobwas to go with the children on a three-day outing to Port Dickson. Although he hadnever done social work, he found it to be a beautiful experience.

    His duties included helping the mentally handicapped children to do veryordinary things such as cleaning and dressing themselves. He had to even help intoilet-training for the more seriously disabled ones. It was indeed hard work as muchlove, patience and dedication were required.

    Dave also helped to feed the children during meal times. Some severelydisabled children were unable to eat by themselves and the workers had to feed them.The others who could manage on their own were a little clumsy with their forks andspoons but they made sure they kept the eating table clean. They also made sure thattheir plates and cups were washed and put in the proper place after washing.

    Being a good guitarist, Dave was often asked to play the instrument and singto the children to keep them entertained. The children loved listening to Dave and theywould 'sing' along with him. Their singing was more humming and saying aloudstrange words rather than actual singing, as many of them could not even speakproperly. Nevertheless, Dave saw that the children liked listening and singing alongwith him.

    Once Dave asked one of the workers why the organisation wanted to spend somuch trouble, time and money taking these special children on an outing. The worker,with a gentle smile replied, "These children deserve to lead a normal life. We try ourbest to help them feel like they are normal children and going out just for fun is one ofthe things."

    For Dave, this was one of the best holidays he had ever had.

    29 What did Dave do during his one-week holiday?A He applied for ajob.B He did some social work.e He went on a picnic at Port Dickson.D He learned about handicapped children.

    12/1 0 20 11 H al e Ci pt a M P SM[Lihat halaman sebelah]


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    SULIT 11 12/1

    30 The word volunteer refers to someone who isA willing to do somethingB applying for a jobC handicappedD on holiday

    31 Besides helping to clean and dress the children, DaveA read to themB sang for themC prepared meals for themD organised a picnic for them

    32 The following statements are true exceptA the handicapped children should be treated like normal childrenB Dave had a great time working with the handicapped childrenC Dave went on a one-week holiday at Port DicksonD the handicapped children could not sing well

    33 The social organisation took the special children out for the three-day outing toA allow the volunteers to learn about social workB help the children live as normally as possibleC spend the money donated to the societyo ease the children's loneliness

    34 As a volunteer for handicapped children, one needs to beA lovingB seriousC famousD talented

    1211 "2011 Ha l

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    SULIT 12 12/1

    Questions 35 - 37 a re b ase d o n th e f ollo win g p oem .

    The Dead CrowHe saw a dead crowin a drainnear the post office.He saw an old mangasping for airand a baby barely able to breathein a crowded morning clinic.This land is so rich.Why should we suffer like this?I want clean airfor my grandchildren.I want the damned foolsto leave the forests alone.I want the trees to grow,the rivers run free,and the earth covered with grass.Let the politicians plan how we may live withdignity now and always.


    35 The first stanza describes theA causes of deathB types of diseasesC effects of pollutionD problems faced by sick people

    36 We wi1llive with dignity if weA leave the forests aloneB leave the damned fools aloneC let our grandchildren pollute the airD let the politicians destroy the forests

    37 What should the politicians plan wisely?A DignityB PollutionC DevelopmentD The environment

    12/1 C2011 HakCiptaMPSM[Libat halaman sebelah]


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  • 8/6/2019 PMR Percubaan 2011 Melaka (BI P1)


    SULIT 13 12/1

    Questions 38 - 40 are based on the extract from the short story Of Bunga Telur and BallyShoes.

    Cousin Lan tried to continue, but was angrily cut short by Jamal. "Of course, it's alot of pitis, you miser," Jamal retorted. "These are real Bally shoes, not your pirated Golokversion. If you're not interested, never mind. I'll take my merchandise elsewhere, butyou're not going to take advantage of my situation to be your usual conniving miserly self,"sulked Jamal.

    Cousin Lan quickly made amends, afraid of losing a lifetime treasure. "I was justkidding, Mal. Don't take it so hard. Of course, RM430.00 is fine, but can I pay byinstalments?" The look on Jamal's face deterred further arguments.

    In the afternoon, Cousin Lan went to the post office and took out his savings,RM430.00 in hard cash changed hands. A beautiful pair of shoes also changed ownership.Out of Jamal's sight. Cousin Lan lovingly examined his new possession. How supple theleather, how rich the aroma, how sensuous the sole. It was all too much for Cousin Lan.They were not called real Bally Shoes for nothing. Probably even the batik towkays inPenambang couldn't afford those shoes at their original Lot 10 prices, but he, Zailan, thehumble Kota Bahru land office clerk, was their proud owner! His nostrils flared in pride.

    38 Which of the following traits does Cousin Lan have?A SelflessB SincereC HonestD Vain

    39 The phrase lifetime treasure refers toA the instalmentsB the Bally shoesC Cousin Lan's savingsD the price of the Bally shoes

    40 What was Cousin Lan thinking when he was examining the shoes?A Everyone would criticise him.B Everyone would tease him.C Everyone would envy him.D Everyone would love him.


    t 2 1 1 < 02 01 1 H ak C ip ta M P SM SULIT

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  • 8/6/2019 PMR Percubaan 2011 Melaka (BI P1)



    1 D 21 B2 D 22 B3 D 23 C4 B 24 D5 C 25 B6 B 26 B7 B 27 D8 A 28 B9 B 29 B10 C 30 A11 D 31 B12 B 32 C13 A 33 B14 D 34 A15 A 35 C16 B 36 A17 C 37 C18 A 38 D19 C 39 B20 D 40 C