Please Report Trespass/Vandalism Incidents to School ... ... Please Report Trespass/Vandalism Incidents

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    Please Report Trespass/Vandalism Incidents to School Security on 1300 880 021

    Tuesday 22 May SRC’s Biggest Morning Tea (Hall - 11.10am) Connect Coffee Club 9.15am Friday 25 May Gala Day

    School Term Dates 2018 Term 2 Tuesday 1 May 2018 – Friday 6 July 2018 Term 3 Tueday 24 July 2018 – Friday 28 September 2018 Term 4 Monday 15 October 2018 – Wednesday 19 December 2018

    6 June 2018 Issue 114

  • Principals Report

    Rotary Club of Campbelltown Youth Excellence Awards

    Congratulations to Zane J and Rachael R on being nominated for the Youth Excellence Awards. Zain was nominated in the categories of Academic, Community Service and Leadership and Interest and Sport. Rachael was nominated in the categories of Academic, Community Service and Leadership and Interest and Sport and Performing and Creative Arts. Rachael received the Runner Up award in the Academic category and Highly Commended in the Interest / Sport category. Each year, the Andy Rain is presented to one recipient for overall commitment to youth excellence. This year, the award went to Rachael. Congratulations to both Zain and Rachael for your outstanding efforts. A big thank you to Mrs Heath for your amazing work with the Rotary Club to ensure the success of the Youth Excellence Awards.

    Late to School - An increasing number of children are regularly coming to school late. We understand that as the mornings get colder it is increasingly more difficult to get out of bed, but we encourage all students to make the commitment to getting to school on time. Zone Cross Country - Last Friday, 41 amazing students represented Campbell town East Public School at Thomas Acres reserve for the Campbelltown Zone Cross Country Carnival. I was very happy to hear from several local principals who commented our students on their exemplary. A huge congratulations to Tamzyn S for coming 3rd in the 11years girls and Laura B for coming 8th in the 12years girls. Congratulations to all who participated on the day and represented our school. Mrs Janene Cook Principal

  • PBL Award Nominations Congratulations to the following student who were nominated for PBL awards in March 2018.

    Safe’ Award Nominations Kesiah N 1-2G Amelia S KL Phoenix R 2-3H Bailey B 5-6H Tamzyn S 5-6S Laura B Connor L 5-6S Teleaha H 2W Noor E 3-4P Vince R 4-5M Ismail J 3-4CH Amelia B 4-5M Uta T 3-4P Rajveer P 1S Serene A 3-4P Liam S 1Y Primrose F 3-4CH Christine L 5-6H Jax A KC Primrose F 3-4CH

    Respectful’ Award Nominations Bella J 1-2G Zahra A KL Lucas M 4-5M Kodi K 5-6H Connor L 5-6S Lincoln F 2W Chloe P 5-6H Chloe E 1Y Riley R 2-6B Tiarnie M KC Samual R 3-4CH

    Learner’ Award Nominations Krystena M 1-2G Jack G KL Ryan W 4-5M Chloe P 5-6H Natalie K 2W Hadi S 1S Madeleine W 3-6R Dayenah Abdu 1-2G Rhys S 3-4P Aiesha O 1Y Samson M 2-6B Eliza J KC Taleena B 3-4CH

    PBL Award Winners

    Congratulations to the following Winners.

    Amelia B 4/5M

    Is the recipient of this month’s

    ‘Safe’ Award The new playground equipment has been a cause for much excitement from all students and Amelia demonstrates how to be safe while having fun. She makes sure to wear her hat when on the equipment and always waits her turn. I have seen Amelia helping younger students on the equipment while encouraging them to follow the rules too. She is an excellent role model and should be proud of her safe behaviour!

    Dayehan A 1-2G

    Is the recipient of this month’s

    ‘Learner’ Award Dayenah could be CEPS most passionate learner! She arrives to school each day and asks first thing when she sees me “What are we learning about today.” When I respond with “you will find out very soon, there’ still 10

  • minutes of playtime”, she seems upset that she has to wait a little longer to get into the classroom and start learning. Dayenah has tried extremely hard to meet her learning goals this semester and recognises her improvements and achievements. She has engrossed herself in our Bear topic, seeking out new information on Bears daily. I can always count on Dayenah to be on task, working quietly and know that if she needs help she is confident asking for it, recognising it is okay to need a little assistance sometimes. Keep up the good work, Dayenah!

    Chloe P 5/6H

    Is the recipient of this month’s

    ‘Respectful’ Award Chloe has demonstrated a friendly and kind demeanour to a student in Year 1 throughout the year. She willingly gives her time during breaks to spend time with this student, guiding and encouraging positive and appropriate behaviour. Chloe is a role model not only for this younger student but also for her peers, she is being a “friend” when there are not so many for him. The loveliest thing about this friendship is that Chloe always has a smile on her face and kindness in her actions. It is such a pleasure to watch the two of them interact and I believe her respect for this student is having a strong impact on his school life.


    Happy Birthday to the following students Yatanar M 5-6H Haylee F 4-5M Braidan M 3-4P Thomas H 3-R Josh M 2W Mary F 5-6H Antoine F 2W Faiz J 2-3H Chloe S 1-2G Ta'Lijaah-Lee B 1-2G Zane E 1Y Aiesha O 1Y Ella F KS Deen A KC Tiarnie M KC Daniel J KS

    Safety at School

    Safety around roads - Safety of students is of paramount importance. We will look at ways that we can keep our kids safe around roads in the upcoming newsletters, starting with Driving and Parking safely near schools. Driving and parking safety near schools – School opening and closing hours are busy times for pedestrians and vehicles outside the school. Always take extra car in 40km/h school zones, which operate on gazette school days. Park safely even if it means walking further to the school gate. Observe all parking signs. They are planned with children’s safety in mind. Never Double Park as it puts children at risk. Model safe and considerate behavior for your child. They will learn from you. Slow down near the school crossing.

  • At a supervised crossing observe the directions of the crossing supervisor. Always park and turn legally around the school. Avoid dangerous manoeuvres such as U turns and three-point turns. Always give way to pedestrians particularly when entering and leaving driveways. Avoid parking across the school driveway or the entrance to the school car park.

    Using your school’s drop off and pick up facility will help keep all children as safe as possible during the busiest times of the school day. Avoid parking in or near

    the school bus bay.

    Attendance at school


    Important Reminder: Many students are arriving to school late in the morning. It’s getting colder and we understand that it is tempting to stay in bed for a little longer. However, the bell that signals the start of the school day rings at 8.55am. It is a legal requirement for students to be at school and it is important for them to hear the morning messages and routines for the day. As teacher

    rolls are legal documents, it is vital that they are accurate so it is necessary for all students who are not in lines, therefore late, to go to the office for a late note. Our roles are regularly monitored by the School Home Liaison Officer and regular patterns of lateness to school are monitored. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but these protocols ensure the safety of all students.

    ‘Make it your goal to be at school every day and in line every time!’


    As a school, we are always keen to hear from you about your child and how we can best support them at school. Staff are very flexible with their time and are happy to arrange meeting times to speak with you. Please be aware that from 8.55am staff have duty of care to the students and are therefore not available to speak with you at

    that time. We ask

    that parents

    do not follow

    students up to

    their classroom

    but instead

    proceed to the

    office where

    messages can be

    taken and given to staff at a more convenient time. Notes can also be given to the student to be given to the teacher once they are inside the classroom. We appreciate your support with this matter.

  • Parent Feedback-Suggestion Form

    Parent Feeback-Suggestion Form Please complete the slip below and return to the office blue mail box if you have any feedback, comments or ideas you would like to let the school know about. Name: _____________________________

    Childs Name (optional): _________________

    Childs Class (optional): _________________






    Your feedback is valued.

    Student Banking

    Teach your child how to save at an early age

    Banking every Thursday

    Place your bankbook in the blue box in th