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Vandalism Eline, Susanne, Eline, ThirzaInterviewsFor our project we have interviewed:A public authorityThe caretaker of our schoolTwo young peopleTwo older people A public authorityThe public authority that we have interviewed is the Tavenu. we have asked them a few questions about vandalism. They have answered all of our questions. We came to the conclusion that they do very useful things against vandalism. Especially around new year. With new year they close the rubbish bins so people cant throw fire works in it. The post boxes have smaller sloths so people so people cant get fireworks in there. There are also more people who look around to see if no one does anything bad.

The caretaker of our schoolwe have interviewed the caretaker of our school. We have asked him a few questions about vandalism. We have found out that there was ones a fire in our school. And sometimes people break windows. There are also sometimes scratches on the tables. Most of the time they can repair them themself but sometimes like with the fire, they let other people take care of it. If you commit vandalism on school and somebody has seen it than you will get punished but the punishes arent too bad.

Two young peopleWe have interviewed two younger people: Myrthe Pelz and Jelle Frikkee we came to the conclusion that people younger than 18 are most of the time the ones who commit vandalism. But they can be older. The younger people havent seen very much vandalism. If they never vandalised themselves. They know something about vandalism. The people can come up for themselves and say to their friends that they dont want to do on vandalism if their friends ask them to. But some people try to be cool and break a window or something. They cant handle the pressure.

Two older peopleWe have interviewed two older people: Jacqueline Konijn and Erik van de Ven. we have come to the conclusion that most of the time they believe their children if someone has said they committed vandalism. They will first talk to them and After that they punish them if it is necessary. But parents always want to believe their children didnt do it. These people did never do something like breaking a window or other relatively small kinds of vandalism

subquestionsHow does your region look like? Our region is quite small though a bit crowded. There is an attraction park called the Efteling. You can also walk in the nature in the Drunense duinen( A forest). There are also many, most of them cosy, restaurants. In our region are a few shopping centres you can shop well.

2. On what kind of public properties is committed vandalism? In our region a lot of vandalism is committed around new year. When its new year people like to set off firework but there are also people who think its nice to put some fire work in a post box or a rubbish bin. They totally blow up the post-boxes. this always happens at new year.

The bus stop is also one of the public properties who is often victim of vandalism. People break the windows by throwing something through it. They also squirt graffiti on the walls or even the windows. Sometimes it looks nice but sometimes people write nasty things. Now and then the municipality of the city or village asks artists to paint the bus stops.

A rubbish bin is a popular property for people who commit vandalism. Those people like to blow up the rubbish bins. Especially with firework. That happens often around new year. It also happens that people like to write nasty things on a rubbish bin.

The road sign is a public property which is victim of vandalism too. Some people like to bend it. which is very dangerous because car drivers cant see the signs any more and accidents happen easier then. Or They turn the road signs to other sides so the cars will drive to the wrong way.

Cars are also a public property popular for committers of vandalism. People make scratches on cars on purpose. People break the mirrors the windows too and steal something out of the car.

3. Who vandalises these properties and why? The most people who vandalise are teenagers but older persons can also vandalise. They do that because: They think that they are cool when they do that. They think that they belong to a group with cool people of they commit vandalism.Their friends say that they must commit vandalism or they would be called a loser or something. When they are too angry.

4. Which steps are taken to prevent vandalism?The caretakers of the school invigilate through it so people can be snapped if they do anything. The public authority invigilates through the city and snap people who do anything. They also make things more difficult for the people who want to commit vandalism.Do you see vandalism of your school properties by students? No not really6. What do the caretakers do to prevent vandalism? The school has alarms and cameras, the caretakers of our school invigilate through the school too. And we have a teacher who invigilates through the corridors and catches up the people who are send out of the lessons.

conclusionOur conclusion is that most of the time teenagers are the ones who vandalise. They dont do very dangerous things. If they do that and anyone has seen them than they will get a punishment. Our recommendation for the local government is that they should build the bus stops with plastic instead of glass. plastic isnt as breakable as glass.Awareness activityEvery New Year, the public authority makes the post box openings smaller. People cant put firework in the post boxes. We could make the windows of bus stops from plastic, so people cant break those windows. To let people stop vandalising we could give stronger punishments.Graffiti is a tricky one, its very difficult to clean. We could make graffiti that easier to clean, but thats difficult.

Main questionThe public properties in our region are very well maintained. Of course, at New Year they blow up rubbish bins and post-boxes. Every year they make the openings of the post boxes small, so people cant put firework in them. Sometimes people break windows from bus stops or they make graffiti on walls by highways. But we dont see that so many. If people do something the public authorities give them tasks, something like cleaning the ways. For extremely things they send younger people to bureau HALT. Thats a special police department for those things.