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www.themegallery.comS o c I a l I s s u e s:V A N D A L I S MWONG ZI JIEPPISMP SCIENCE SEM 2www.themegallery.comContentsVandalismPeople involve in vandalismReasons vandalism occurEffects of vandalismWays to prevent vandalismwww.themegallery.comHot TipAct of destroying property.Vandal = uncivilized barbarianOccur in many waysCosts taxpayersWhat is vandalism?www.themegallery.comFemaleDestroy public propertyLess in numberMaleAdultPrivate propertyTeenagersPublic propertyVANDALS

www.themegallery.comWHERE DOES IT OCCUR ?Buildings that are concealed from public view EverywhereParking area,Open spaceExampleLightingImportant,Vandals choose placesthat are not so lit Different Forms Of VandalismTextDrawWriteBreaking objectTYPE/ FORM

www.themegallery.comEffect of VandalismPoor community management

Affect commercial activities

Society does not care

Encourage criminality

Text7www.themegallery.comWAYS TO PREVENT VANDALISMReprimand those you see damaging propertyJoin Rukun TetanggaAlert to your surroundingLighten your house when you leave

www.themegallery.comThank You ! Let us fight against vandalism!