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2. Art or vandalism? Graffiti is a word that always accompanied by a destructive, exceeded,combative character ... see what makes the unlawfulness of graffiti. Forthis part we see graffiti as vandalism. However, we also find an artistic nature, accompanied by a huge skill,ability, technical, pictorial, if we make good use of it.With all this we can say that graffiti can be divided intotwo parts: legal Graffiti (art) and illegal graffiti (vandalism). 3. There are many different opinions. This sometimes leadsto disputes or at least discussions about how to painta writer, legally or illegally. What is clear is that each has itsown way of seeing things and reasons that make you opt for oneor the other. 4. Within the art of graffiti can be seen several styles:- Sketches (or sketches) - are those made prior to the mural on thewall, usually fast and with a color scheme.- Template - becomes a template of a figure in a carton and thentakes that template for the city and painted over (leaving painted only what thepaint)- Tags (or firms) - is based on making simple signatures on the street in orderto become advertising street.- Stickers (Stickers) - are the paper over the cities of stickersby promoting them or their records or their CREW1 identifiedunder one name.- Parts that are painted walls of several (very rare for one paintan entire wall).- "Palancazo" the act of painting an entire train in the garage. 5. The City of Laredo has initiated the program Colors, whichaims to promote the "young people, murals and graffiti as atool for living, away from vandalism." 6. Graffiti walls have flooded the streets of Alicante. It is not an isolatedphenomenon in the province because there are hundreds of graffitiartists, most notably a group known as Actor. While neighborhoodassociations have reported damage to the facades, graffiti continue tobe on the crest of the wave being the result of a collective motivatedindividual creation. The graffiti that came as a fashion from the hip-hop culture, has become "a resource of advertising though, on the onehand, encourages their development but on the other, shows an imagethat is essentially correct graffiti, "says Dib one, a member of the groupof graffiti artists.The graffiti writer perceives the urban environment as a space inwhich to perpetuate their image. Your own neighborhood is where thefirst signs plasma to "make the street more attractive and show a show tothe public, like a street theater" 7. "Graffiti is not art, are vandalism and freedomthat makes the ends where it begins the person meets thefront of your house painted," said the head of theEnvironment of the City, Ana Botella. His department hasspent six million euros to clean graffiti, "notonlydisfigure the city but also generate an absurd cost paidby locals with their taxes." 8. The cost of graffiti clean equipment exceeds 275,000The cleaning of the city of Alicante has nine teams cleanerpaintings o erase the graffiti, stains and gum from the facades ofhouses. This equipment uses water under pressure cold or hot,depending on the needs of each product to remove. They arealso a layer off lux if necessary by the difficultyof cleaning certain areas. These teams are roaming the streets ofthe city and acting on direct orders of the City. The companyonly clean public buildings and the cost of equipment exceeds 275,000. 9. The City provides a penalty of 90 for those responsible forsuch acts.The City of Alicante, along with Urban Engineering and theCSIC (Higher Council for Scientific Research) have developed apioneering project in Spain to clean painted landmarks, moresusceptible to the use of traditional methods: cleanerpaintings laser, currently the workers who will performthis service are receiving the driving course. Since the laser mustbe applied to the appropriate wavelength for each Super foot 10. This is an interview to a graffiti writter Eeski 11. This is a video weve done personally, tofind different opinions onthe English graffiti.The question made is:Do you think that graffiti is art orvandalism? 12. And now ... What isyour opinion? 13. Created by:Ada Albertos VzquezAna Pavn ReyesPablo Godoy RodrguezFernando Toral NezDavid Garca Herrera