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    Pleasant Hi l l E lementary Schoo l

    Pleasant Hill Elementary

    36386 Highway 58

    Pleasant Hill, Or 97455

    Ph: (541) 736-0400

    Attendance Phone Line:

    (541) 736-0411

    Fax: (541) 736-0446

    Volume 4 Issue 7 November 12, 2013

    Pleasant Hill Elementary

    Food Services

    Ph.: (541) 736-0490

    Breakfast—$1.10 served daily 7:40—7:55 a.m.


    It was fun to see the halls filled with fami- lies for conferences last week. We appreci- ate and honor your

    taking time from your busy schedules to meet with your student’‛s teacher.

    The staff’‛s goal is to conference with 100% of our families. If you were un- able to attend, please contact your child’‛s teacher as we join you in part- nering to see that your child is suc- cessful each day.

    Thank you for partnering with the school this year taking a few min- utes each day to ask your child

    about their day at school. Partner- ing with the staff working together

    to assist your child in being suc-

    cessful, as evidenced by the number of parents and guardians who at- tended conferences last week, therefore, not hesitating to talk

    with your child’‛s classroom teacher or me if I can be of assistance. Mak- ing reading 20 minutes nightly a

    priority within your family. As a school, we have now read 182,317 hours.

    White Elephant /

    Billie Buck Sale

    Needs Your Donations!

    It’‛s time for Fall cleaning! We need gently used donations for our White

    Elephant / Billie Buck Sale. This sale is an opportunity for students to spend their Billie Bucks to purchase holiday gifts for their family mem- bers. Possible things to donate in- clude decorations, videos, books, toys, and any other items people of all ages would enjoy. Please bring your donations to the office be- tween now and December 16th. The White Elephant Sale will take place December 17th and 18th, before Winter Break. Thank you for helping our students celebrate the season of giving!

    The staff of Pleasant Hill Elemen- tary wish to thank all of our volun- teers who donate their time to make copies, work with students, listen to kids read, assist with serving lunches, chaperone fields, etc. Dur- ing the month of October our volun- teers collectively logged over 721 hours for last month. So, we say thank-you to the following volun- teers: Michelle Allen, Michele Perini, Sonja Gunn, Terina Neu, Kim Basaraba, Laurie Inglish, Katrina Starr, Briana Ruchti, Cherri Rob- erts, Kelsey Isaacson, Marci Edmondson, Laurie Pardee, Rosetta Thuresseon, Katie Buckley,

    Pleasant Hill School District is an equal oppor- tunity educator and em- ployer.

    No School



    November 27—29

    There will be No School November 27, 28 and

    29 due to Thanksgiving

    Break. Please have a safe and wonderful break. Classes resume December 2nd.

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    Counselor’‛s Corner Over the last several weeks all grades have been learning about Empathy. Em- pathy means identifying and under-

    standing your own and others’‛ feelings in order to get along better with others (to put yourself in someone else’‛s shoes). Students have been prac- ticing empathy skills in several different ways:

    Grades K-2

    Learning to listen, being respectful, and shar- ing feelings

    Identifying their own and others’‛ feelings through looking at faces, and recognizing body clues.

    Recognizing that people may react differently to different situations.

    Coming up:

    Understanding and accepting differences in others

    “The 7 Habits of Happy Kids” Grades 3-5

    Listening with attention Being respectful and assertive (sticking up for

    yourself and others) Focusing on their work and ignoring distrac-

    tions Coming up:

    Understanding different perspectives Emotion management Grade 6

    Empathy and Communication: Working in Groups

    Understanding different perspectives Desk and binder organization

    Coming up:

    Disagreeing with others respectfully Dealing with disrespectful behavior Emotion management

    Lisa Friesen, Marian Brown, Elise Hammond, Amber Norton, Rebecca Templin, Susan Mattie, Kristi Stutesman, Kathy Treadaway, Darci Craig, Greg Pittman, Cathy Flory, Rebekah Johnson, Jess Saven, Natasha Davis, Cindy Fitzpatrick, Amy Cunningham, Tammy Hadley, Christi Hadley, Mar- tha Hardy, Jen Kinman, Steffanie Murray, Kim Do- bruskey, Laurie Calef, Angela Robinette, Vanessa Salvia, Denise Vargas, Celina Ziolkowski, Andrea Landers, Diane O’‛Connor, Shannon Bell, Renee Good, Sera Hadley, Debora Isaacson, Crystal Jones, Andrea VanSinkle, Cassandra Wilson, Dakia Anheluk, Sylvia Arney, Laurine Bushnell, Megan Flanders, Tina Smith, Heather VanOrdstrand, Mi- chelle Jefferies, Shari Pickar, Jodi Vahala, Brianne Vinson, Clarrisa Anderson, Autumn Brown, Shana Chaney, Adam Clough, Carol Jung, Rolf Jung, Brandi Plummer, Kim Randle, Stephanie Aldridge, Becky Brock, Jessica Jackson, Yolanda Olsen, Ma- rissa Smith, Frances Stoda, Mark Allen, Jessie Bayn, Harry Bazen, Renee Clough, Mary Crommett, Misty Demagalski, Alicia Freidemann, Alaina Had- ley, Amanda Hadley, Corrina Hunt, Kris Martes, Sarah Mills, Dana Parrish, Cassandra Pierzina, Jes- sica Smith, Andrea Taylor, Wendy Wallace, Manda Fenley, Kristine Hardy, Kelly Michlanski, Nova Nicoson, Sue Pabst, Susan Quimby, Nancy Ralls, Carol Shoemaker, Angela White, Darlene Baker, Dennis Biggerstaff, Kathy Holman, Tiffany Howes, Ranee Kirchner, Billy Lang, Krista Lybarger, Sherri Marier, Jaclyn Moore, Amber Quick, Thad Starr and Laurie Krei.

    It’‛s Cold Outside! It is a little chilly outside. Our stu- dents do go outside for recess each day, rain or shine. All students are en-

    couraged to wear a jacket. Please label the inside of your child’‛s jacket.

    This year, our 5th and 6th grade vocal students walk to the high school daily for music. So, please send a coat and an umbrella with your student if

    they are going to the high school, as they may use umbrella, too.

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    Pleasant Hill Foundation Grants Awarded

    Thank you to all who donate time, money and resources to the Pleasant Foundation. Last week, the foundation “Prize Patrol” awarded several staff members at the elementary with grants from your generous donations. Mrs. Lilles received a grant to purchase more books for those students participating in the Oregon Battle of the Books program. Mrs. Reinking and Mrs. Griffiths received a grant to purchase apps for the new I-Pads in kindergarten through second grade. Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Quirk and Mrs. Oliver received a grant to purchase a year’‛s subscription to a new on-line program called IXL math. Mrs. Durfee received a grant to purchase I-pad mini’‛s for the learning center. Mrs. Miller received a grant to purchase three I-pads for Title I universal assessments and enrichment. Mr Bova applied for several grants, all of which were funded. The first grant provides audio access to the books used in the Oregon Battle of the Books program allowing even more students access to those stories. He received another grant to install a ceiling mounted projector in his class- room. The third grant Mr. Bova received was for a class set of I-pad mini’‛s. Mrs. Raade received a grant for science materials allowing students the opportunity to do labs in groups of less than 8 students. Mr. Light also received a grant for instrument repair.

    Do You Have a New Phone Number?

    If you, or any of your emergency contacts, have changed phone numbers recently please make sure you have notified the school office. It is extremely important this informa- tion is kept up to date so that we can reach you in the event of an emergency or your child becomes ill at school.

    After School Plans

    We do not allow students to call you during the day to make after school plans. If your child will be going to a friend’‛s house, we ask that you to send a note to school with your child. If you should forget, their afternoon plans change or you want to make sure they remember what their after school plan is please call the office,541-736-0400 , before

    1:30 p.m. We send notes to the classrooms before 2:00 p.m. Release time can be very busy and we want to make sure your child gets where he or she needs to be.

    The bus drivers have been instructed by First Student, our transportation company, not to allow chil- dren off the bus at a different location without a written note from a parent or the school. Please as- sist us in assuring your child gets to their correct destination each day.

    Billie Spirit Alert Nominees

    Billie Spirit Alert Nominees for the weeks of October 28th and November 4th are: Katelyn M., Ruth T., Gregory K. Dominic D., Hailey J., Cody K., Isaac

    V., Hannah S., Sierra S., David C., Solomon F., Andrew L., Kylie M., Ryan H., Alli- son L., Natalie S., Nicolas P., Savannah B. and Ryan L.

    Congratulations to Luke R., Talynn M., Hunter L. and Maci J. for demonstrating Billie Spirit by being Responsible, Respectful and Safe daily and winning a Billie Spirit t-shirt.

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    Community Opportunities for Students and Parents DESTINATION IMAGINATION TEAMS S