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Text of PGCE Pre Course Day 2020 - SHU Blogs ... PGCE Pre Course Day 2020 School Direct,CoreandPE Specialist

  • PGCE Pre Course Day 2020

    School Direct, Core and PE Specialist Routes in to Primary and Early Years


  • Our Priority, is to support and guide you in becoming an Outstanding Teacher

    Marie Helks-Head of the Post Graduate Programme Sally Hinchliff-Core PGCE Course Leader Sarah Williams-PE Specialist and School Direct Course Leader

  • Covid 19 and Social Distancing We are incredibly proud to have recently been named the University of the

    Year for Teaching Quality.

    The next year will be different to any other year but that is not to mean your training will be compromised.

    As a university we are developing new ways of working and we will continue to work closely with school partners.

    The pandemic creates new challenges for us all but we are committed to providing a high quality teacher training experience whilst supporting you and following national and local Covid 19 guidance.

  • Pre Course Information –WordPress Site

    A link to a WordPress site containing a range of useful resources will be sent to you shortly.

    • Information on the site includes: • Documents required for

    enrolment • Pre-course day powerpoint • Pre-course reading and activities

  • Key dates for you:

    Enrolment by the 2nd of September-Information regarding how to enrol will be emailed to you and will be managed online if possible

    Induction activities will commence from 7th of September-will include a meeting with your teaching group and your Academic Adviser who will be your main group contact. Please ensure you are available full time from this date and with suitable equipment for distance learning and conferencing.

    Teaching commences from the 14th September and will initially be a remote approach to learning with some blended learning later in the semester (if safely possible).

  • The course runs from: 7th September until:

    18th June for Core

    25th June for SD

    Please make sure you are available until this end date

    Please do not book any holidays in term time between these dates. Term times vary between Local Authorities and Covid19 may result in changes throughout the year.

  • The structure of your PGCE course consists of:

    An integrated programme of activities including

    school based training and taught training sessions.

    Your training will provide you with a breadth of

    experiences relevant to your chosen pathway in to

    teaching (School Direct, Early Years, PE Specialist


  • Overview of course

    PGCE with QTS (Core and School Direct)

    Academic Professional

  • Theory and practice - hand in hand

    • The importance of being an open, creative, questioning, critical and reflective practitioner with confident subject knowledge

    • So…reading, thinking, experience (i.e. informed action)

  • You will complete with:

    PGCE with QTS

    This includes:

    • undertaking Masters level study where your focus is on your reflections on your own development as a teacher and to further develop an area of specialist interest (60 credits = 1/3 of a full Masters)

  • Semester 1

    • Professional Practice and Curriculum Studies 1

    • Masters 1

    Semester 2

    • Professional Practice and Curriculum Studies 2

    • Masters 2

    You will complete several modules…

    * PE Specialists will complete an additional PE Specialism module throughout the year.

  • Programme of Taught Training- School Direct and Core

  • While you are here, you get:

    Student Status

    Access to all SHU resources

    and support services

    An Academic Adviser (AA) who will support

    you throughout the year and during your NQT


    A mentor who will support your

    training in school

  • Academic Adviser (AA)

    • Your regular contact for support throughout the year

    • You will meet your AA during the first few days of semester 1

    • Your AA leads your university based masters seminars- meaning you meet with them on a regular basis.

    • Your AA will provide several tutorial opportunities to review your progress

  • School Mentor • Guides your school based training

    • Undertakes session/lesson observations

    • Has regular review and action meetings with you e.g. to review targets

    • Holds regular review meetings with you to discuss your progress towards QTS

    • Completes your summative report

  • School Direct -LITEC (Lead Initial Teacher Education Coordinator)

    • This is the person who is your lead SD contact throughout the year (they may have interviewed you)

    • Organises the School Direct aspect of your taught training • Works closely with placement schools • Allocates placements • Monitors your progress in school throughout the year • Supports you in to your NQT year

  • My Hallam- Access to help and support

    Blackboard-Access to module materials, assessment dates, timetables and library resources

    Support to navigate around these platforms will be provided in September

  • What now?

    • Look for the email containing the link to the WordPress site and choose the appropriate course for information.

    • On the WordPress site you will find a short presentation from Subject Leaders-giving you a taste of what to expect during your training (Click on the Pre-Course Day link on the site)

    • Wait for an email over summer which will advise you on enrolment (to be completed by the 2nd of September)

    • Review the pre course information and undertake activities which will help you to prepare for September.

    • General questions • Core PG course specific questions

    • School Direct questions- your LITEC or

    • PE Specialism course specific questions