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  • 1.Building understanding and GlobalCitizenship through dialogue.Ian Jamison

2. GlobalCitizenshipDialogueCultural / ReligiousLiteracy 3. Schools in 26 Countries.Trained more than 3000 teachers in 19 countriesSupported more than 20,000 students in 3 yearsProvides resources in Arabic, Hebrew, Ukrainian,Albanian, Italian, Spanish & FrenchMemoranda of Understanding with the PalestinianAuthority, & the governments of the Philippines,Italy & Kosovo. 4. Has facilitated nearly 1000videoconferences.Have developed a team of 10 facilitatorsaround the world to cover all time zones.Have refined our technical support provisionto minimise technical difficulties usingvideoconferencing technology. 5. Secure online community.Currentlyover 15,000studentsAverage visitis to 17 pages.Online networksupporting3000 teachers.Average visit is15 minutesAutomatic & Human Moderation 6. No religion25%Christian59%Muslim5%Other4%Not stated7%Religious Affiliation in the UK- 2011 Census. 7. 1.Student A: Share one short idea oranswer.2. Student B: listen without interrupting.3.Student B: Share one short idea oranswer.4.Student A: listen without interrupting.5.Keep going till time runs out! 8. ImlisteningcarefullyIm waiting to get my pointacross I have no idea whathes saying 9. 1 winner, 1 loser.I marshal evidenceto support mypoint of view, anddefeat you by thepower of myargument.2 WinnersI learn from whatyou have tosay, you learnfrom I have to say.We bothlearn, but mayagree to differ. 10. 1. 1 Person stands and is interviewed by the othersfor 1 minute.2. Interviewers must use open ended questions.3. When time is up interviewers thank interviewee.4. Next student stands repeat until every has done. 11. You have to listencarefully. Questions respondto what is beingsaid. Dialogue flows it isnot stop and start. Dialogue can grow. 12. RememberDiversityIntra-faithdialogue.Many traditionswithin one faithUse IstatementsHelps to stopgeneralisingReducesmisunderstanding 13. No valuejudgementsThe differencebetween:I do this & it isimportantI do this, and youshould too...Dont fearsilenceStudents may needthink time.Use a structure tohelp them. 14. Dialogue DebateNot I beat youbutWe learn from eachother. 15. Dr. Ian Jamisonian.jamison@tonyblairfaithfoundation.org@Face_to_Faith #face2faithwww.facetofaithonline.org@TonyBlair_TBFFwww.tonyblairfaithfoundation.org