PGCE Induction session

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A short presentation which use of images with the text content stored in the Notes section.

Text of PGCE Induction session

  • 1.welcome postgraduates! PHOTO CREDIT:

2. PHOTO CREDIT: who arewe ? yourICT tutorsare Chris, Emily, Grant, Lynn & Johnyoursupport staffareLuisa & Angelina 3. what are ourfacilities ? 4. PHOTO CREDIT: whatequipmentdo I need? 5. PHOTO CREDIT: . . . and thecourse ? 6. what do Igetfor my money? PHOTO CREDIT: username 7. PHOTO CREDIT: howmuchICT do I know & what can I do?

  • Thinkfor a few moments about what your own computer skills. Jot them down.
  • Pairwith your neighbour.
  • Wellsharethoughts with the group.

8. PHOTO CREDIT: what can I learntoday ? answer how to create aninteractive screenfor theSmartBoard 9. PHOTO CREDIT: . . . over toyou

  • Tasks
  • Login and check your email.
  • Complete your audit.
  • Design and create (in pairs) a screen for the SmartBoard.