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  • 1.Web tools, online collaboration and a Living Geography approach to curriculum planning
    Alan Parkinson
    Secondary Curriculum Development Leader
    Geographical Association
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2. The structure for the session
Living Geography what is it, and why should you be teaching it ?
2. Web tools to aid pedagogy and resource creation
3. You are not alone: co-constructivism and your PLN...
4. Play-time...
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3. My contact details
This presentation, and 130 others, hosted here!
4. "As I travel the world, I find myself asking questions that only geographers can answer..." Michael PalinPresident RGS-IBG
5. 6. There are only ever choices.... When choices are made and accepted by a sufficient number of teachers, they tend to become 'common sense' (Castree, 2005)The choices YOU make are all important !
7. Teacher talk dominates classrooms and controls the process by which communication takes place, by deciding what kind of talk is permissible, by whom and for how long.Margaret Roberts
8. Living Geography
Which learning activity ?
Does this take the learner beyond what they already know ?
Student Experiences
Geography: the subject
Teacher Choices
Underpinned by Key Concepts
Thinking Geographically
9. Living Geography:

  • embraces young peoples geography and experiences

10. is current and future oriented 11. is local but set in wider (global) contexts 12. raises questions of change, sustainability and development