"Peruvian cuisine" - Prof. David Russell - October 2007

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Text of "Peruvian cuisine" - Prof. David Russell - October 2007

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    The university of Edinburgh has become the first university in the UK to be awarded a Food for the Brain award. Food for the Brain is still very much in its infancy in both England and Scotland, and is a non-profit educational campaign, created by a group of nutritionists, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, teachers and scientists to promote the link between nutrition and mental health.

    Its specific mission is to promote awareness of the link between learning, behaviour, mental health and nutrition. To educate and provide educational material to children, parents, teachers, schools, universities, the public, health professionals, caterers and the government thereby promote mental health through optimum nutrition. The scheme also aims to develop independently evaluated, effective and adoptable models of how society can act to promote mental health through nutrition.

    Food For The Brain is now being rolled out to other institutions, specifically in Education and The University of Edinburgh is the first in Scotland and in the UK to achieve the award against very strict criteria. While the Healthy Living Awards are focused on

    Healthy Eating, Food For the Brain is a more focused approach with the specific aim to improve mental ability and performance.

    Good nutrition plays a crucial role in learning, by improving energy levels and concentration, as well as helping to boost memory and brain function. Educational institutions and businesses are now recognising the need to make nutritious meals and snacks available on-site in order to improve students and employees academic and professional performance.

    The first step in working towards the award was an audit undertaken by The Russell Partnership Consultancy in May 2007. This Nutritional Audit provided a first hand assessment of The University of Edinburghs current catering operation by consultant nutritionist and chef, Fiona McDonald Joyce.

    In order to achieve the award the University catering outlets must score on a range of criteria, including menu balance and ingredient selection, and achieve 75%. The initial audit scored 60% which according to the consultants who carried out the audit was very high for the higher education sector. The review audit was undertaken in late

    September 2007, and the University were successful in achieving the Award, and an overall re-assessment score of 82 per cent. The assosros commented: Edinburgh has put other universities to shame with the speed at which it has implemented changes. This has firmly put the University on the map of Healthy Eating as the First University in the UK to have taken issues of nutrition head on and under the scrutiny of external assessment.

    Brain food at Edinburgh

    Bone Wins Outstanding Service AwardWhen TUCO set up a group to consider national procurement, Alan Bone - University Catering and Retail Manager, was one of the original group at the first meeting in 2000. He played a key role in the work which led to the formal establishment of TUCOs National Purchasing Group (NPG), and the tender process to appoint CEL as the contract manager. In his position of Vice-Chair of the NPG, he took on the role of line manager to CEL, and fulfilled a critical role in working with CEL to ensure it understood both the contract and TUCOs requirements as we moved to expand national procurement for TUCO members. At the outset, turnover through TUCOs national agreements was approximately 16 millon; by July 2007 this had increased

    to 37 million and a great deal of this success arises from the solid foundations Alan helped to build and on which TUCO continue to grow.The presentation was made at the end of the TUCO AGM at Sheffield University on Thursday 26th July. The Quaich was presented to TUCO by George Donaldson.The Quaich is presented annually by the incumbent President to a person who is considered to have given outstanding service to the organisation. Phill Vergnano, Director, Accommodation Services comments: This is a magnificent achievement and recognises the tremendous work Alan has done for the University sector while holding down a very busy post here. Sincere congratulations to Alan for this accolade.

    Alan Bone and his award.

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    Kicking off the new academic year in rude health, Birmingham University has launched its GO Healthy outlet. This is the fifth extension of the universitys GO brand and specialises in smoothies, yoggies and boosters.

    This is testiment to the current popularity of healthy eating and adds further weight to claims that students are spending less money in the bar because theyre spending more on smoothies. All of Birminghams other outlets sell healthy products but Go Healthy is unique in that its stock is exclusively healthy.

    Furthermore its proving very popular with students, who cant get enough of bespoke smoothies and prepared in front of them. The sales speak for themselves. Takings in the first month were 1000.00, nearly 20 per cent over last years figures.

    This is a remarkable achievement and Catering Manager Louise Robinson is delighted with the results and pleased with the slick presentation of the new environment.

    Healthy tradeIts official, cheese on toast is the nations most tempting snack. In a new scientific study released today by Cathedral City, cheese on toast was found to be the only food which triggered an increased desire amongst respondents after being teased during tests proving it is the king of snacks.

    In order to work out why we are all so tempted by cheese on toast, compared to chocolate, the study investigated the science behind food temptation, measuring peoples heart rate, salivation and skin arousal levels by using a specially-constructed portable amplifier.Once youve been teased by cheese, theres no going back! Dr. Harry Witchel of Bristol University, who carried out the research, comments: The most significant result was that peoples desire for cheese on toast increased significantly at the end of the experiment, after they had been teased by the taste, smell, sound and sight of hot bubbling cheese on toast. Interestingly this was not true for chocolate, or any other snack. Men and women both misread their bodies desires. During this study neither sex could recognise what their bodies really wanted when asked whether they were more

    tempted by cheese on toast or chocolate. Women categorically said they were most tempted by chocolate, however when their bodies responses were tested, they were actually significantly more tempted by cheese on toast. Research published earlier this year backs up the results of this study. Interestingly, when asked, men say cheese on toast is their favourite snack when, in reality, their senses are actually more aroused by chocolate!

    Dr Harry Witchel comments: There is the possibility that respondents misread their cravings due to chocolate being perceived socially as a more feminine food. The discrepancy can be explained by women having a social desire to appear more feminine by claiming to prefer more feminine food.

    Tempt them with cheese

    Organisers of the inaugural Real Food Festival, taking place in Earls court between 24 and 27 April, today

    announced Whole Foods Market as one of the major sustainers of the four-day event.

    Philip Lowery, Festival Director comments: We are delighted to have Whole Foods Market on board. Our model of subsidising small producers means that it is crucial we have the support of businesses like Whole Foods Market to enable this to happen. The Real Food Festival is all about discovery and we believe that the support of Whole Foods Market will also help reinforce our message of the importance of ethical food sourcing and provenance.

    The first of its kind in the UK, the Real Food Festival has a ground-breaking format based around provenance, sustainability and the subsidy of selected producers who will be invited to exhibit by a Selection Committee. Exhibitors will have a unique opportunity to interact directly with the trade and public. Inspired by the Slow Food movement, the event celebrates good, clean and fair food and endeavours to bring producers and consumers together.

    For more information on the event, visit: www.realfoodfestival.co.uk

    Real Food Festival

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    New Products Keep warm this winter with these new Taste of Home hot pots from Heinz. www.heinzfoodservice.co.uk

    Kettle crisps launch new flavours. www.kettlefoods.com

    Rollover has invested in a major marketing campaign for its hot dogs. www.rollover-uk.com

    The new Big Squeeze Fresh Juice Co comeswith a twist. Find out what at:www.twistedjuice.org

    Huhtamaki has the perfect packaging for your winter cuisine (pictured). www.huhtamaki.com

    See the new Designline BMC1 Heated Carving Unit from CED.www.cedfabsltd.co.uk

    Agriculture suffers again British agriculture suffered another blow last month, when cattle in Suffolk were confirmed to have Bluetongue disease.

    Bluetongue is a very different infection to Foot and Mouth Disease and the strategy to control it is therefore also different. The outbreak was confirmed on 1 October and a number of cattle were killed to contain the disease, although early reports indicate that its spreading south towards Essex.

    Bluetongue is a disease of animals and does not affect humans. This is a disease of ruminants, including sheep, cattle, deer, camelids and goats. It is transmitted by the movement of midges or by movements of infected animals if they are subsequently bitten by midges.

    This is the first time Bluetongue virus has been recorded in the UK. National Fa