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January 15, 2013

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  • Branch feature Sagicor Bank Mandeville:Customer service is their strength

    Sagicor Bank Ocho RiosThriving on community spirit

    Cover featurePanCaribbean becomes Sagicor Investments Jamaica

    Community focus Victoria Jubilee handover

    Womens Centre St Anns Bay

    Special featureThe Last Lap








    On the cover: (L-R): Philip Armstrong - Managing Director, Sagicor Bank Jamaica Ltd; Richard O Byles - Chairman, Sagicor Investments Jamaica Ltd; The Hon Maurice Facey - Chairman, Pan-Jamaican Investments Trust Ltd; Donovan H Perkins - President & CEO, Sagicor Investments Jamaica Ltd and Peter Melhado - Chairman, Sagicor Bank Jamaica Ltd



  • 3Sagicor Bank MandevilleCustomer service is their strengthEver since opening its doors in 2004, Sagicor Bank Mandeville (formerly PanCaribbeanBank) has established itself as more than a financial institution, but a pillar of the community. The institution was launched as Pan Caribbean Merchant Bank, then transitioned to PanCaribbeanBank in 2008 and, more recently, Sagicor Bank in in December 2012. The branch has also racked up a number of accolades since 2004, including the Manchester Chamber of Commerce Best Customer Service Award and the PanCaribbeanBank Branch of the Year award.

    Behind the success of Sagicor Bank Mandeville lies its devotion to managing client relationships, dedication to providing the highest quality of customer service and commitment to team development. The team understands that in order to be successful, their goals must be in sync with those of the organisation. The team goals are paramount and once these are achieved, the individual goals will automatically fall into place, said Branch Manager, Loven McCook.

    Indeed, individual team members have consistently won awards for Best Customer Service, Top Salesperson and Team Member of the Quarter. This includes the 2011 Star Awards, where team member Alicia Taylor won the Best in Customer Service trophy. Mandeville has a reputation of producing highperformers, said McCook. We are very proud of last years results, as we remain on thepathtoalways improving on our own track record.

    Its a wonderful feeling just knowing that my efforts and hard work were recognised and applauded by the institution, said Taylor of her win. It also gave me a sense of accomplishment as I always stretch myself in setting personal targets and goals, especially knowing that I joined the sales team in 2011 and was considered a newbie in the customer service department.

    McCook feels that Taylors focus and drive are the factors that led to her success. Because of these traits, she receives strong support from her team members as well as from management. He asserted that the Mandeville branch endeavours to go beyond the bare minimum of what is required for customer satisfaction. We have regular in-branch training on customer service, even to the extent of doing role plays on how we can deal with customers who we consider to be more demanding, he said.

    Since the introduction of Sagicor Bank to Mandeville, it has played a significant role in contributing to the community, not just in financial services, but also in partnering with various organisations such as the Lions Clubs of Manchester and Hanbury Childrens Home. Along with these charitable contributions, Sagicor Bank is a member of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce and has had team members serving in various capacities on the board.

    Branch feature

    Loven McCook, Branch Manager Mandeville team member Alicia Taylor with her Best in Customer Service trophy

  • 4Sagicor Bank Ocho RiosThriving on a strong community spiritIn 2004, Pan Caribbean Merchant Bank (now Sagicor Bank) opened its doors at 24 Main Street after the acquisition of the holdings of Manufacturers Sigma Merchant Bank Limited. Starting out with just three staff members, the business grew over time, especially after the launch of the full service PanCaribbeanBank (now Sagicor Bank) in 2008.

    The Ocho Rios branch takes customer relations very seriously. It is important that we ensure that thecustomer perceives value from their experience with us. To accomplish this, we find out who our customers are, what they demand and what they expect, said Branch Manager, Oral Heaven.

    The Sagicor community in Ocho Rios is a very close-knit one, consisting of a broad and loyal customer base. In the eight years since opening, the Bank has outgrown its old location at 24 Main Street and recently moved to the Eight Rivers Towne Centre, the newest complex in Ocho Rios. This location will provide them with better visibility as well as easier access for customers and better parking facilities.

    Sharlene McKoy, the branchs Senior Officer - Sales and Investments, Sagicor Investments, won the prize for Best Customer Service in 2011 and she is confident she will win again. I believe I continue to over deliver. Its not just doing your job, or delivering a service; its getting to know people and their needs (both banking and personal), she said. Most times, clients sit with me while transacting their banking and just want someone to talk to about the

    problems they may be having, whether in their marriage or otherwise. What is important is creating happy and over happy customers, which I always aim for.

    Heaven feels that as the branch grows, it will continue to give only the best service, as client interaction plays a major role in its success. This will probably sound clich, but it really is going above and beyond what is required in wowing our clients. It goes back to relationship building and nurturing the relationship we share with our clients. We ensure that they feel important and cared for, he said.

    Heaven, who is a Director of the St Ann Chamber of Commerce, mentioned that Sagicor Bank Ocho Rios is an integral part of the community having being involved in various activities. They have assisted many institutions including the Ocho Rios Basic School, the St Ann and St Mary Chapter of the Cancer Society, the House of Love that houses disabled children and Pineapple Basic School. They have also hosted and sponsored the Ochi Corporate Mixer, a networking event in the parish.

    While all Sagicor branches give their best in customer service, Heaven vouched that the Ocho Rios branch endeavours to build their team from within. Training exercises and motivational sessions contribute to team building, which then leads to delightful customer service. We are never complacent in adding value to our customers. We know that everything can be made better; we just need to be creative and innovative in how we execute, said Heaven.

    Branch feature

    The ribbon cutting ceremony for the new location of the Ocho Rios Branch at Units 5 & 6, Eight Rivers Towne Centre, Buckfield, Ocho Rios was held at 4pm on December 18.

  • 5Cover story

    PanCaribbean becomesSagicor Investments Jamaica PanCaribbean became Sagicor Investments Jamaica Limited on December 17, 2012. After years of success in the financial sector, they have taken the next step towards ensuring their longevity and bringing their services to the wider Jamaican public.

    The Sagicor brand is well known and trusted in the Jamaican landscape; one in three Jamaicans does business with Sagicor. Through PanCaribbeans rebranding to Sagicor, the elements that people know and love about Sagicor will also apply to the new brand. Already Sagicor was a majority shareholder of PanCaribbean and with their common values the rebranding, while a big step, was one worth pursuing.

    Through the rebranding, PanCaribbean, now Sagicor Investments Jamaica Limited will be able to offer their services to a wider client base and cater to a variety of needs. While we have a good brand at PanCaribbean, Sagicor is a more renowned brand and our feeling about the future is that with the rebranding we will have the ability to attract more of their customers to be a part of us. We see no reason why we shouldnt be doing even more business and keeping more business within the group. The strategy to rebrand is really focused and

    centred around that, said Philip Armstrong, Managing Director of Sagicor Bank.

    Customer relations has always been a part of the core values. We really seek to develop a relationship with all our customers and try and understand their needs and then work diligently to fulfil these needs, be it on the investment side or on the side where they need funds to build their business, said Donovan Perkins, President & CEO of Sagicor Investments Jamaica Limited. This attitude is one that has contributed to their growth and development over the years.

    Their commitment to service and to their clients is evident in the testimonies of their clients. Gary Matalon, CEO of the Kingston Live Entertainment (KLE) Group recalls when during some inclement weather a team from PanCaribbean came to his house to work on a presentation that needed to be done. One of the things that separated Pan, for me, from the rest was the fact that we always had the attention, not only from all the people that worked at Pan but the senior, most senior, level of management. You just felt that you were super important. This level of dedication will only improve with the rebranding.

    (L-R): Chairman of Sagicor Bank Jamaica Limited - Peter Melhado, former PanCaribbean Chairman, The Hon Maurice Facey and Chairman of Sagicor Investments Jamaica Limited, Richard O Byles

    Donovan H Perkins, President & CEO, Sagicor Investments Jamaica Limited places the strip on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Board for Sagicor Investments Jamaica Limited.

  • 6Cover storyAs a small institution, PanCaribbeanBank (now Sagico