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The Skribe - Issue4

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  • ISSUE #4


    by Rebecca Aframian pg. 22


    by Eyal Ahronov pg. 30


    by Farah Shamolian pg. 25


    by Ashley Kohanarieh pg. 28



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    ABOUT THE SKRIBEThe Skribes mission is to be the preeminent re-source for the quality reporting and analysis of the contemporary issues and trends that impact Jewish young professionals of Southern California and be-yond.

    We seek to distill information, synthesize solu-tions and provide a holistic vision of issues that af-fect the community, as well as report on community events and happenings.

    Fundamental to our vision are the following principles that guide our direction:

    Promote awareness and knowledge of Israel, Jewish thought and culture

    Create a professional and positive impact in the broader community

    Celebrate creativity, balance, humor, and con-nectedness

    Empower the voice of community membersThe Skribe is a completely not-for-profitpublica-

    tion that is run by an independent group of like-mind-ed volunteers. We are not supervised or controlled by any organization or synagogue.

    la MoMMIES PG.25

    By Farah D. Shamolian

    colorS oF Morocco PG.22

    By rebecca aframian

    ovErcoMIng aDDIcTIon

    By Jenny Sherman

    10 14



    By Ashley Palacios

    TIkkUn olaM:hUManITyS goal

    By Boris Kalendarev

  • ISSUE #4 3

    ISSUE #4

    Setting into motion a great year for ourselvesBy Kamy Eliasi

    An in-person technology connectionBy Lillian Feder

    Global anti-Semitism continues on the riseBy Tina Javaherian

    ThebenefitsofgivingBy naveed natanzi

    Celebration a holiday of inner sweetnessBy Nicole Leah Dayani

    The act of forgiving and what it meansBy Sharon Peykar

    ScarED SInglEPG.30

    By Eyal ahronov

    ThE honoraBlE MEnSchn:ariel kasheri PG.28By ashley kohanarieh 36





    18 38


    WorDS oF WISDoM: roSh haShanaThE hanDSTanD aPP:


    SElFIShly SElFlESS roSh haShana MEnU

    WhaT can ForgIvEnESS Do For yoU?


    By Tabby Refael


    By Raymond Nourmand, Ph.D.

    ThE conTraDIcTIon oF FaITh

    By Eman Esmailzadeh


    letter from The Editor

    TheSkribeMagazine iscelebrating itsfirstanniversaryand were proud to serve as a platform and resource for Jewish young professionals in Los Angeles! Ever since our launch in August 2014, we have successfully published 3 issues in print and are constantly posting articles to our site, With over 40 contributing authors, The Skribe Magazine continues to be the platform for young professionals to voice their ideas, opinions, and concerns over a wide array of topics. Essentially, were here to serve as THE SKRIBES of our generation.

    What is a scribe? Throughout Jewish history, scribes have been used to share the traditions of the Jewish people for generations to come. How does that relate toustoday?Dontletthepastdefineyouisamongthemost reoccurring pieces of advice used today. Id like to challenge that mantra by stating that our history does, in fact,defineus.Wearealinktoourgenerationspast.Thewords written by the holiest sofers (scribes) in Ancient

    Israel reveal details about our ancestors from 23 centu-ries ago, that we wouldnt otherwise know.

    As we embark on the Jewish new year of 5776, lets con-nect the past, present, and future together as we shed light onto the culture, politics, and happenings of our generation today. As we write on our modern day Skribe, we are not only inspiring todays generation but are pre-senting a link for future generations to come. During these high holy months, allow the wisdom of some of the wisest scribes of our time to guide your coming year. After all, wisdom creates awareness, awareness inspires change, and change creates miracles.

    May we all be inscribed in the Book of Life and may the magazine continue to in skribe the voices of today.

    a new year, a new Page

  • ISSUE #4 5


    INTERNSAshley Palacios & Lillian Feder

    EDITOR-IN- CHIEF:Farah D. Shamolian

    MANAGING EDITORS: Dorsa Beroukim Kay & Eman Esmailzadeh

    LEAD EDITOR: Tina Javaherian

    DISTRIBuTION & MARKETING: Eyal Aharonov, Raymond Nourmand, Sara Kashani, Jacqueline Rafii, Rebecca Aframian & Rodney Rabbani

    COPy EDITORS: Leah Kohan & Ashley Kohanarieh


    How many times have you been told your passion is not worth pursuing? How often have you been guided away from abstract or high volume careers and pushed toward a more respect-able or safer path? There is amass genera-tional divide with regard to the value we place on particular things that come along with certain professions. Past generations mantras of secu-rityandstabilitynolongersufficeourgenera-tion is hungry. We want more. We are not okay with mediocrity; we fear it. We have no interest in standard 9-to-5 desk jobs. We refuse to accept that the acknowledged options are the only op-tions.Weareclassifiedasentitledandcriticizedfor believing we can have it all; we are consid-ered flawed for eradicating a one-or-the-othermentality and chasing the attainment of happi-ness alongside security and stability. Sure, there arepathsthatensurethehegemonicdefinitionof success. Yes, we acknowledge that it is more difficulttofindthatkindofsuccesswhenhedo-nism is equally regarded. But no, we do not view successasfixedor singularlydefined,and thatis what makes us different. It can be incredibly difficulttogoagainstthegraininthisway,tryingto create something out of what others regard asnothingthereisalikelylackofsupportandrecognition that comes along with pursuing a passion that no one else can seem to wrap their heads around. For that reason, our generation needs champions. We need peers with guts, who are relatableenough toseemhumanandfieryenough to chase their dreams without looking back. Tiffany Hakimianpour is one of those cham-pionsandherexerciseappprovesit.Whende-ciding on a career path, Tiffany thought outside

    ofthebox,keepingherfocusonherpassion.Herdesire to positively affect others through health andfitnessbecamethedrivingforcetowardtheinception of the Handstand App when she dis-covered a vast desperation within the market. Upon entering the working world, Tiffany, like manyothers, felt that itwas impossible tofindtime to workout, so she came up with a way to makeeffectiveexerciselesstimeconsuming.

    TheHandstandApp isafitnessapplicationaimed at making an active and healthy lifestyle attainable, affordable, and enjoyable for every-one.Itservesasaliaisonbetweentrainersandpotential clients, affording us all the opportunity tointeractwithfitnessprofessionalsandestab-lish new relationships with people who have the ability to help us reach our health goals. By mak-ing personal trainers who are willing to make house calls easily accessible to the average Joe, Handstand App successfully diminishes any and all gymtimidation while also saving a great deal



    d Ap

    pBY LiLLian Feder

    Career C




  • ISSUE #4 7

    of time and energy for both the client and the trainer. Weallknowitisnoteasytofindasolidworkoutpartner,anditisevenmorechallengingtofindatrainerwhoisagoodfit,soanappthatdoestheresearchforyoumustbe sent from Heaven! Tiffany has based the inception of Handstandonpersonalexperienceaswellasagenuineintentiontoimproveboththeprocessandexperienceofprocuring and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With her focusonadvancement,shehasincludedtrainerprofileswhich contain a user rating as well as trainer specialties andcertifications,andallowsuserstofiltertheirsearch-esbasedonthespecifictypeofworkoutthatisofinter-est to them on any given day.Lillian Feder: What is the purpose of the app and how does it work?

    Tiffany Hakimianpour: We make all types of trainers, in-structors, and coaches convenient, affordable, and ac-cessible through our App and Website so even the busi-est of people can get their workouts in. Our background checkedfitnessprofessionalscomefromallbackgroundsand specialties so youre able to choose whats right for you, when its right for you, where its right for you. Hand-stand is evolving the way people move city by city.

    LF: What target audience is Handstand trying to reach?TH: I started with one vision of a target audience and then found the complete opposite picking it up, which opened my eyes up to the opportunities and chances to make a really large impact and difference. We have trainers, instructors, and coaches that work with all age groups and they make it convenient, because they come to you when you use Handstand.

    LF: WhatsetsHandstandapartfromotherfitnessappslike FitStar and Nike Training Club?TF: Handstand is in-person and on demand fitness ofany kind. Its more work for us, but way, way better for you.Thebiggestdifference is theofflineconnection. Iknow Handstand is technically a tech product, but were all about the in-person connection. When you use Hand-



    d Ap


    handstand is in-person and on demand fitness of any kind...I know

    handstand is technically a tech

    product, but were all about the

    in-person connection.BY LiLLian Feder


    stand,theexpertyouchoosewillphysicallybetheretohelp you individually to make a change to your body, mind, and d