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Palm / Passion Sunday. Holy Gospel. Read Matthew 21:1–9. 1.The account of Jesus entering Jerusalem illustrates Jesus’ complete power and complete humility at the same time. How does it show Jesus’ power? How does it show Jesus’ humility? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Palm / Passion SundayLIFE BY HIS WORDA LOOK AT THE READINGSRead Matthew 21:19.

1.The account of Jesus entering Jerusalem illustrates Jesus complete power and complete humility at the same time. How does it show Jesus power? How does it show Jesus humility?

2.If you had been a disciple, how would you have reconciled Jesus humility with His accepting the praises of those who were extolling Him as the Son of David?Holy Gospel 2011 Concordia Publishing HouseScripture: ESV.Read Matthew 21:19.

How does it show Jesus power? Jesus rode into Jerusalem as a king. (Also note that Jesus performed a miracle to procure the donkey on which He rode.)

How does it show Jesus humility? Jesus rode on the colt of a donkey.

It is hard to say what the disciples were thinking. For a long time, Jesus had been dissuading His disciples from proclaiming His miracles. He had also spoken of His suffering and death. But now He was entering Jerusalem as the King of the Jews and accepting the peoples praises. From hindsight we understand that now Jesus could be accepted as Israels King. In a few days He would die on a cross and win the victory over Satan He came to win. He would then begin His rule, not on a secular throne but at Gods right hand, ruling over all things for the good of the Church.

2Read Zechariah 9:912.

3.Why would it be unusual for a king to enter his city on a donkey? What message does that sort of entrance send about the kind of king Jesus was?

4.How would these verses comfort the people of God after the exile?Old Testament Reading 2011 Concordia Publishing HouseScripture: ESV.Read Zechariah 9:912.

Royal mode of travel was a horse or mule, not a donkey. Riding on one fit with Jesus humility.

The Lord was showing them the glorious future of their humble and downtrodden nation.

3Read Psalm 118:1929.

5.Read Matthew 21:9, and compare those words to verses 2527. What was the crowd acknowledging about Jesus? Psalm 2011 Concordia Publishing HouseScripture: ESV.Read Psalm 118:1929.

They were confessing that Jesus was the fulfillment of Psalm 118 and that He was the stone the builders rejected. In a few days, they would see their confession find its fulfillment.

4Read Philippians 2:511.

6.What example of humility did Paul place before the Philippians?

7.Trace the path Jesus walked to win our salvation. This was a humble path on which Jesus sought our good, not His own. Epistle 2011 Concordia Publishing HouseScripture: ESV.Read Philippians 2:511.

Christtrue God and true man. In His state of humility, Christ refrained from using the fullness of His deity. The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve.

Jesus put off the glory He shared with His Father and became our servant by being made like us. Once He became a human being (which is not necessarily a humble thing, since He is still a human being today), He humbled himself so that He could die on a Roman cross. Because of this, God exalted Him and placed Him over all things. At the name of Jesus, all people will bow, if not during their lifetimes, then at the Last Day when Jesus judges all people.

5Read Matthew 26:127:66.

8.Matthew adds an element of drama into the first section of chapter 26. Jesus said He would be killed at the time of Passover. What did the Jewish leaders resolve would not happen?

9.The disciples soon began to experience failure. An unnamed woman anointed Jesus head with very expensive perfume. What was the disciples reaction to this act?Holy Gospel 2011 Concordia Publishing HouseScripture: ESV.Read Matthew 26:127:66.

That Jesus would not be killed during the Feast of the Passover. It is clear from what follows that Jesus chose the time of His death. The religious leaders were sped along by Jesus Himself, in a sense against their will, and did end up killing Him just when all the other Passover lambs were being killed.

The disciples rebuked her for wasting so much money. They thought it would have been better to give the money to the poor.

610.It is clear from all that happened that Jesus went into death willingly. Nothing makes this truth more clear than the way Jesus died. How does 27:50 teach this?

11.Matthew repeatedly mentions the women who were with Jesus. How might this have been part of the confession Matthew made in his account of Jesus suffering and death? 2011 Concordia Publishing HouseScripture: ESV.A crucified person dies because he becomes too weak to breathe. Jesus, however, cried out in a loud voice, which means He had the strength to keep breathing and had lungs filled with air.

Jesus was alone. The disciples betrayed Him, denied Him, and forsook Him. Yet the women took a more public stance. They were not as afraid. Matthew gives them credit.