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  • . . .Natu ra l p ro tec t ion fo r wood

    n Our philosophy n Finishes for interior and exterior n Product advantages

  • Quality through experience.Naturally with Osmo.

  • Contents

    . . .Osmo the wood spec ia l i s t

    4 Unity of wood and colour from one source

    . . .Dangers fo r your wood

    6 Dangers due to moisture, UV-light, blue stain and fungal decay

    . . .Wood pro tec t ion , bu t how?

    7 Constructive, physical and chemical wood protection

    . . .Our ph i losophy

    8 Natural raw materials, top quality product features

    . . . I n de ta i l

    9 Microporous 10 Coverage 11 Renovation

    . . .Osmo in compar i son to l acquer

    12 Coating systems in comparison 13 Osmo makes the difference

    . . .P roduct index

    14 Wood for interior wood 16 Wood for exterior wood

    . . .Take a second g lance

    18 Price per litre or price per m2

    . . .F requent l y asked ques t ions

    19 Questions and answers on interior and exterior finishes

  • 4 | Natural protection for wood

    . . . O s m o t h e w o o d s p e c i a l i s t

    Unity of wood and colour from one source

    Osmos history began 100 years ago as a saw mill. In the sixties, when coloured wood finishes became more and more popular Osmo began looking for a finish that was particularly adapted to the needs of wood. Osmo, which started with wood as its core business, then founded a research and development department for wood finishes that led to the establishment of the Osmo colour plant.

  • 5Unity of wood and colour from one source |

    Until today, the unity between wood and colour has been a milestone in the entrepreneurial thinking of Osmo. The company has developed over time to one of the leading suppliers of modern wood products with which one can design the entire living-, and garden quarters. Osmo is the only manufacturer that completes and enhances the refinement of wood with colours and surfaces from its own development and production.

    Only a wood specialist has the necessary knowledge to develop an optimal wood finish.

  • . . . D a n g e r s f o r y o u r w o o d


    The UV-radiation from sunlight is the reason that wood becomes grey and brittle over time due to weathering.

    Moisture/stagnant moisture

    In nature, water encourages wood decay, interiorly it leaves ugly marks.

    Blue stain/fungal-, and algae decay

    These micro organisms form dark spots and are capable of destroying the woods cell structure.


    They live and feed on wood and weaken the woods substance.

    Film-forming finishes

    They trap moisture in the wood and have to be sanded when renovating.

    Wrong construction and application

    After rain, it cannot dry quickly enough and therefore shortens the durability.

    Wood needs protection and maintenance.

  • Constructive wood protection

    When installed exteriorly, wood needs to be constructed in a way so that it stays dry as long as possible or dries as quickly as possible after getting wet.

    Interior Floors are constructively protected with an initial traffic area and felt pads etc. Constructive wood protection does not result in higher costs!

    Physical wood protection

    Protection of the wood with a finish against UV-radiation and rain/moisture, i.e. against environmental-, and weather influences. All Osmo finishes have physical wood protection.

    Chemical wood protection

    Chemical agents (biocides) as a protection against algae, fungi, insects and mildew. With good constructive and physical wood protection, you can very often do without chemical wood protection. With chemical agents or not? The decision is yours.

    . . .Wood protect ion, but how?

  • . . . O u r p h i l o s o p h y

    Natural raw materials

    + All Osmo finishes are based on oils and waxes.

    + Oils maintain the value of wood as a natural raw material.

    + Natural, environmentally-friendly and harmless to health.

    + Manufactured based on purified, renewable raw materials.

    + Harmless for humans, animals and plants when dry.

    Top quality product features

    Workability and compatibility of the colour are of major importance

    + No water as a solvent due to the lack of workability at high temperature (reduced open time) and roughening of the surface.

    + No preserving agents, thus no unpleasant smell, high storage stability and low allergy potential.

    + No eco- solvents such as orange peel oil, as they are very often irritant and allergenic.

    + No normal white spirit as a solvent because the aromatic compounds are

    + With disaromatized white spirit that makes the colour more workable and minimises health risks.

    + With pigments that are registered for the food sector.

    + With linseed oil, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, sunflower oil, soybean oil and thistle oil.

    Osmo is neither a traditional varnish manufacturer nor an eco-manufacturer but keeps the balance between functionality and ecological awareness.

    8 | Natural protection for wood

  • . . . I n d e t a i l

    Open-cell character (microporous)

    + The binding agents of Osmo finishes are based on natural, vegetable oils that penetrate deeply into the wood and protect it.

    + The binding agent keeps the components of the finish together and guarantees the adhesion with the surface (oils link and net with the wood fibres).

    + Pigments and waxes as a filler are the solids of the Osmo-finishes. They are the structural substance for the binding agent and cure the finish additionally.

    + The oils fill the pores of the wood and protect it from stagnant moisture which would otherwise damage the wood, however, the oil does not form a watertight film.

    + The wood remains open-pored and can still absorb and release moisture. Colour works with the wood.


    oils and waxes good for wood and environment!

    All the goodness of nature

  • Coverage

    High-solid product

    + High solid content (up to 99 %).

    + The amount of substances remaining on the surface (oils and waxes) is very high.

    Finely ground raw materials

    + All raw materials are finely ground in bead mills.

    + Therefore an optimal penetration and filling of the pores is achieved which increases the coverage of the colour substantially.

    10 | Natural protection for wood

    due to high solid content unbeatable price per m!

    Higher coverage

  • Faster

    Osmo finishes can be renovated without sanding good value for money!


    In general, Osmo finishes need an absorbent surface.

    + Lacquers have to be sanded off before treatment with an oil.

    + Oil finishes from other manufacturers can be re-finished after cleaning (release film).

    Wood remains breathable with Osmo.

    When renovating, cleaning the surface is sufficient in order to avoid a release film.

    + Advantage for interior: easy to renovate even partial renovation, e.g. in high traffic areas.

    + Advantage for exterior: Osmo finishes do not peel off but weather over years. Thus, a new coat can directly be applied without sanding. (over time the coat of paint lightens as pigments are being washed out).

    + Prerequisite for this process is that the wood moisture is under 20% so that the oil can net with the wood.

  • . . .Osmo in compar i son to l acquer

    Lacquers and thick film finishes are film-building coatings that do not net with the wood but lay on the wood surface.

    + Resulting in a closed film that protects the surface against weathering and other influences problematical as wood lives.

    + Swelling and shrinking in connection with moisture cause small cracks to develop enabling moisture to penetrate. The film surface is not sufficient for releasing the moisture. Result: moisture damages the wood (fouling).

    + Emerging vapour pressure loosens the colour from the wood (flaking).

    + There is the risk that traces of brush marks are visible.

    Those problems do not occur with Osmo finishes:

    + The microporous finish enables the wood to work without harming it and moisture can be absorbed and released naturally, complying with the natural characteristics of the wood.

    + Optimal connection between wood and colour.

    + No flaking or peeling.

    + Prerequisite: wood moisture content below 20%.

    + No brush marks due to a longer open time.

    + Even a layman can create a professional surface.

    12 | Natural protection for wood

  • 13Osmo in comparison to lacquer |

    . . .O s m o m a ke s t h e d i f f e r e n c e

    oil-/wax-based finishing systems

    Traditional oil-based finishing systems

    Lacquers and water-based finishing systems

    Advantages of traditional oil-based finishes

    Penetrate into the wood

    Firing of the wood

    Can simply and partially be renovated

    Do not crack, flake, peel or blister



    Advantages of lacquers and water-based finishes

    The finish forms a film/layer on the top of the wood surface

    Good resistance against liquids

    Protects from abrasion

    Easy maintenance



    This system

    - protects the wood from in- and outside

    - does not form a film- does not form a protecting,

    microporous surface

    This system

    - protects the wood from outside- is film-forming- generates a thick layer

    The Osmo finishing system

    - protects the wood from in- and outside

    - does not form a film- forms a protecting,