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Organ Donation Regulations

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Text of Organ Donation Regulations

  • 200300100200300100200300400100200300400100200300400100UAGACalif. Health&Safety CMSCollaborativeJointCommission400400

  • In California an eligible donor may register his/her wishes on which registry?

  • Donate Life CaliforniaOrDone Vide California

  • The Donate Life California Donor registry is what type of registry and does not require the consent of any other person?

  • First person consent

  • The minimum time frame for a well documented diligent search to locate family or LNOK is how many hours?

  • 12 Hours

  • The UAGA has expanded the list of who can make the decision for a non-registered donor to include the following individuals

  • GrandchildrenClose friends who exhibited special careand concern for the deceased person

  • When should a hospital provide the LNOK a written statement regarding the possible brain death of their loved one?

  • When is upon request, but no later than shortly after the treating physician has determined the potential fro brain death is imminent

  • A reasonable brief period is defined as when?

  • What is the amount of time afforded to gather family or next of kin at the patients bedside?

  • A hospital must do what if a patients LNOK voices any special religious or cultural practices and concerns surrounding the issue of brain death?

  • How to make reasonable efforts to accommodate those religious & cultural practices and concerns

  • What does it mean for a hospital to notify OneLegacy about a death or imminent death in a timely manner?

  • Call within one hour

  • Imminent death is defined as?

  • Patient with severe, acute brain injuryRequires mechanical ventilationPhysicians are evaluating a diagnosis of brain deathPhysician has ordered that life sustaining treatment by withdrawn pursuant to familys decision

  • Who is responsible to screen donors for medical suitabiliity?

  • The Organ Procurement Organization(OPO)

  • The individual who initiates the donation discussion must be whom?

  • The OPO representative or a traineddesignated requestor

  • The responsibility to develop protocols for organ and tissue donation is whose?

  • The Hospitals

  • The JC requires the hospital to partner with OPOs with the what activities

  • Maintaining of patientsMedical record reviewsEducation efforts

  • Under JC regulations hospitals are responsible to do what for organ / tissue donors?

  • Maintaining a potential organ / tissue donor

  • What is required by TJC to be posted in units?

  • The National Benchmark for organ donation conversion rate is:

  • 75%

  • Donation after Cardiac Deaths (DCD) should be what percent of hospitals overall organ donors

  • 10%

  • Is a care planning meeting, takes place on every single potential donor case, prior to any discussion of donation with patients family

  • The number one reason why families say no to donation is

  • Lack of trust and caring of the hospital staffAACN, vol 22, no 6, Dec 2002